Archive | July 7, 2017

Deranged Shirtless Man Goes Into A Church, Walks Up To A Nun And Tells Her ‘I’m Going To Kill You Now And Nobody Can Help You’

A deranged, shirtless man walked into a Church in Brooklyn and up to a nun who was saying her prayer. After telling her that he doesn’t believe because ‘you don’t help the poor,’ he then looked at her and said that he was going to kill her now and nobody could help her: Police are […]

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Swedish Security Officer Stops Attempted Rape Of Christian Woman, He Loses His Job And May Face Prosecution

  “Erik” was originally from Sri Lanka. Married to a refugee himself, he came to Sweden over two decades ago, has since served in the Swedish military. Recently during one of his tours of duty, he stopped the rape of a Christian woman at the hands of Muslims. After the incident and frustrated at what […]

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