Archive | July 12, 2017

Bill Gates Declares: ‘Germany Is Taking In Too Many Refugees, It Needs To Cut Off The Flow Of Refugees Entering Europe.’

Theodore Shoebat Bill Gates has recently said that Germany has taken in too many refugees and needs to cut off the flow of refugees entering Europe. I did a video on this, commentating on how this is all part of the masterplan towards bringing the world to eugenics: Christianity Is At War, This Is Why […]

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Major Magazine Declares To Teenagers ‘Sodomy Is Good For You, Sex With Fecal Matter Is Normal And You Should Try It’

In an article publish by Teen Vogue magazine, it dedicated an entire article to “anal sex for teens,” saying that it was necessary for LGBT teens but also for anybody who wanted to try it for fun. Using graphic imagery and language, the article declares that not only is the practice normal and feels as […]

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Muslim Woman Throws Her Newborn Baby Off Of High-Rise Building To Her Death, The Judge Only Gives Mom Probation

Mubashra Uddin was from a strict Muslim family. She got pregnant at university by accident, and after the baby was born she threw her out of her high-rise apartment building to her death. She admitted the murder repeatedly in court. For her punishment, she was given “probation” and no murder charges: Twenty-year-old Mubashra Uddin was […]

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Man Walks Into Radio Station, Pulls Out Machete And Demands ‘Play Insane Clown Posse Now Or I Will Cut Myself To Death In Front Of You’

Insane Clown Posse is a rap group known for promoting depraved violence and other antisocial behavior, and it attracts fans who are interested in the same. A man walked into a radio station and demanded they play a song from the group Insane Clown Posse. When they refused he pulled out a beer and drank […]

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