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The Government Of Poland Wants To Destroy All Memorials Built In Honor Of Soviet Soldiers Who Died Fighting The Nazis. The Russian Government Is Furious And Promises A Response If Poland Carries This Out

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Poland wants to demolish and destroy all memorials that were built in honor of the Soviet soldiers who died fighting the Nazis to liberate Poland. Russia is furious and has promised a response if Poland carries this out. As we read in one report: The Russian Foreign Ministry has […]

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Read About The Catholic Man From El Salvador Who Rescued Forty Thousand Jews From The Nazis During The Holocaust

By Theodore Shoebat There is quite an amazing story that is rarely ever told, about a Catholic man from El Salvador who rescued 40,000 Jews from the Nazi death camps during the Holocaust. Read about it here:  José Arturo Castellanos was a Catholic from El Salvador who during the Second World War was sent as […]

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Christian Exodus From Iraq Continues As Eight Churches Close Forever

Even as the fighting with ISIS subsides, Christians continue to flee Iraq in record numbers and are not coming back. Eight churches have already closed forever and more are expected according to a recent report: The liberation of Mosul came after nine hard months of fighting and three brutish years of occupation. All eyes have […]

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‘Declaration of war:’ Hajj controversy widens row between Saudi Arabia & Qatar While Shiites Attempt To Bomb Mecca

By Walid Shoebat The Iran backed insurgents in Yemen recently acknowledged that they had launched on Thursday a ballistic missile towards Mecca region in Saudi Arabia, reported one Middle East news agency. Now the war over Mecca rises between Qatar and Saudi Arabia as Qatar demands that Mecca become an international city while Saudi Arabia threatens […]

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This Is How You Deal With Pedophiles And Murderers: Officers In Yemen Took A Man Who Raped And Murdered A Three Year Old Girl And Killed Him With Machine Gun Fire, Unlike In The US Where Pedophiles Are Released And Murderers Are Kept In Prison For Decades

By Theodore Shoebat Officers in Yemen executed a man for raping and murdering a three year old girl. This is how you deal with pedophiles and murderers, unlike in the US where pedophiles and released back to the public and murderers are kept in prison for decades. As we read in one report: A man […]

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