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Mass Violence And Chaos Has Taken Over South Sudan: Women Are Gang Raped, Men And Boys Are Taken And Forced To Be Sodomized By Homosexual Soldiers. A Group Of Homosexual Soldiers Tells A Blind Man: ‘Choose Death Or Be Raped.’ They Take The Blind Man And Rape Him. They Take Other Men And Shove Needles Into Their Testicles, One Woman Cries Out: “Satan Went Through Me The Day I Was Raped”

By Theodore Shoebat Mass violence and chaos has conquered South Sudan. Thousands of women have been gang raped, and even men are forced to be sodomized by homosexual soldiers. They also have taken men and shoved needles into their testicles. One woman cried out: “Satan went through me the day I was raped”. The spirit of […]

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Buddhist Man Realizes That Buddhism Is A False Religion, Declares That Buddha Is A False God And Accepts Christ As His Lord And Savior. His Brother And Uncle Tie Him Up And Brutally Beat Him

By Theodore Shoebat A Buddhist man in Laos rejected Buddhism after realizing that Christ is the Lord and Savior of Humanity, that He is the true God. His uncle and brother tied him up and brutally beat him. As we read in one report: A young Christian man in the Buddhist-majority nation of Laos said […]

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Egyptian Military Beats New Recruit To Death After They Find Out He Is A Christian

Joseph Helmy was an Egyptian Christian who joined the Egyptian military. Upon learning that he was a Christian, his fellow soldiers and army officers beat the new recruit to death according to a recent report: Egyptian military officers beat a new soldier to death on July 19 upon learning that he was a Christian, relatives […]

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Muslim Suicide Bomber Goes Into Christian Neighborhood And Blows Himself Up, Kills 26 People

A Muslim suicide bomber went into one of the largest Christian neighborhoods in Pakistan and blew himself up, killing 26 people according to a recent report: A Taliban suicide bomber in Pakistan killed at least 26 people, including nine police officers in the capital city of Lahore on Monday. The attacker was part of a […]

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L, G, B, Or T, It Does Not Matter

Right now there is a “controversy” going on because of Trump’s “ban” on men who want to pretend they are women: President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that he plans to reinstate a ban on transgender individuals from serving “in any capacity” in the US armed forces. The decision reversed a policy initially approved by the […]

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