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Seventy Thousand Christians Gather Together To Fight Against The Religion Of The Antichrist

By Theodore Shoebat Seventy thousand people in Ireland gathered together to protest against the possible legalization of abortion.This is why I say, this is a fight against the Antichrist who wants to see the destruction of human life. According to one report: At least 70,000 people took part in the All Ireland Rally for Life […]

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Seven Planned Parenthood Stations Where Babies Were Systematically Slaughtered Get Shut Down

By Theodore Shoebat Seven Planned Parenthood buildings where children were systematically slaughtered, have been shut down. As we read in one report: Seven Planned Parenthood facilities, six of which conducted medication abortions, are set to permanently close today in three states. Planned Parenthood officials noted that the closures were primarily an attempt to remain solvent […]

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Scores Of Medical Emergencies Caused By Extreme And Strange Sex Practices Are Appearing All Over Japan

Japan is known as the Land of the Rising Sun. It is also the land of bizarre sex fetishes and trends and has been for some time. However, sex fetishes in Japan have been getting so extreme that doctors are seeing more patients for injuries related to bizarre sexual activities involving ropes, wax, and pieces […]

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Hindu Shipping Minister Declares To Indian Christians ‘You Are Microscopic Minority And An Obstruction To Progress’

Christian persecution is growing slowly but steadily in India as orthodox Hindus are seeking to generate hatred against India’s Christians and Christianity by any means possible. Recently the Indian Shipping minister Nitin Gakdari called Christians a ‘microscopic minority’ and after calling them ‘Anti-Indian’ and ‘Western agents,’ said they were an ‘obstacle’ to ‘national progress’: A […]

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The City Of Boston Hosts Program Where Children Are Indoctrinated With Homosexuality By Men Dressed As Nuns

By Theodore Shoebat The city of Boston has created a program for its library in which men dressed as nuns teach children about homosexuality.   According to the story: Believing that guilt “chains the human spirit,” the group advocates that every person do whatever their passions dictate.  It uses Christian terms and contorts them to […]

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Muslim Terrorist Convicted Of Murdering US Soldier Gets $10 MILLION From Canadian Government For ‘Oppressive Circumstances’ While Imprisoned At GITMO

Omar Khadr was a teenage terrorist who was imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, having been convicted of murdering a US Soldier while engaged in terrorist activity. After he was released he sued the Canadian government for “oppressive circumstances,” and under Trudeau’s government they are awarding him $10 million according to a recent report: The Canadian government […]

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Obama Chides Americans Leading Up To Independence Day, Warns Them Not To Have ‘Too Much Patriotism’

Recently former President Obama criticized Americans leading up to the Fourth of July holiday, where he chided Americans not to have ‘too much patriotism:’ The former US president said some countries had adopted “an aggressive kind of nationalism” and “increased resentment of minority groups”, in a speech in Indonesia on Saturday that could be seen […]

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The Vatican Offers To Take In Baby That European Court Declares Must Die

By Theodore Shoebat In the war against eugenics, a Vatican owned hospital has offered to take in Charlie, the baby who a European court declared must die. As we read in one report: A Vatican-owned hospital has offered to take Charlie Gard, the nearly 11-month-old UK baby whose parents are fighting to keep him on […]

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Major Leader Of The Catholic Church Declares: Men Who Sodomize Each Other Can Take Holy Communion

By Theodore Shoebat A major leader of the Catholic Church, San Jose Bishop Patrick McGrath, has recently said that sodomites can take Holy Communion. Here is the story on this evil pervert: San Jose Bishop Patrick McGrath told practicing homosexuals that they will not be refused Holy Communion or a Christian burial in his diocese, as […]

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Dog In Ohio Sniffs Through Trash And Finds A Box, Its Owner Opens The Box And Finds The Head Of A Baby, Decapitated By An Abortion Doctor

By Theodore Shoebat A dog in Ohio discovered a box in some trash and when the owner opened it, he found the head of a baby, decapitated through the evil of abortion. As we read in one report: An Ohio state senator described holding the “absolutely perfect” head of an aborted baby as she begged […]

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