Archive | July 13, 2017

NATO Creates Propaganda Film Honoring The Nazis, Now The Russian Government Is Enraged. This Is All A Sign That Nazism Is On The Rise

By Theodore Shoebat NATO has created a film in honor of Nazis, and now the Russian government is enraged. This is another sign of the rise of Nazism. This is the subject of today’s video: We Are About To Enter A New World War, A Blood Bath Is About To Commence As The Empire Of […]

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Woman Pours Gasoline On Her Boyfriend And Sets Him On Fire, Then Pours Buckets Of Her Own Urine She Was Saving In Her House To Put The Fire Out

A Pennsylvania woman tried to murder her live-in boyfriend by pouring gasoline on him and setting him on fire while he was sleeping. When he started screaming, she grabbed buckets of her own urine which she had been saving up in the house and poured them on him to put the fire out: Authorities allege […]

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Muslim Terrorists Butcher Two Chinese Christians For Preaching The Gospel To Muslims

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim terrorists beheaded two Chinese Christians for preaching the Gospel to Muslims, as we read in one report: Pakistan’s interior ministry has said the two Chinese nationals who were kidnapped and killed by Islamic State-affiliated militants last month were preachers who allegedly violated their business visa rules. According to Reuters, the terrorist-linked Amaq […]

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Two Muslims Come To Christ, Police Arrest The Men And Islamic Court Sentences Them To Decades In Prison

Two Muslims in Iran found Christ and abandoned Islam. However, once their conversion was discovered the men were arrested and after being quickly tried in and Islamic court were jailed for a combined 25 years according to a recent report: Two Iranian converted Christians “Amin Naderi” and “Hadi Asgari” were sentenced to prison terms in […]

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Demon Possessed Hindus Riot Across India, Beat And Murder Christians For Claims Of Eating Beef

Anti-Christian violence is exploding across India as out of their hatred for Christ Hindus are inventing reasons to attack Christians. Mobs of Hindus have been attacking Christians across India over claims of “eating beef” according to a recent report: Christians in India have joined thousands to protest against mob violence and murders that have been […]

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Canadian Development Minister Says ‘The Way To End Poverty Is To Murder Children From Poor Families’

Canadian Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau gave a recent speech on eliminating poverty on behalf of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau. She argued that the best way to alleviate poverty was to kill off poor people through abortion according to a recent report: An official representing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau argued that abortion and contraception are […]

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