Archive | July 30, 2017

For The First Time In American History, Scientists Are Editing The Genetics Of Human Embryos And Then Slaughtering The Unborn Babies. This Is Only Going To Lead To The Era Of The Antichrist And The Mass Genocide Of Countless Human Beings

By Theodore Shoebat For the first known time in US history, scientists have now experimented on human embryos to edit their DNA. Nothing came out of the experiment, and the babies were simply dumped in the bin. This is something that the eugenists in America have been trying to do as they have envied the […]

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If Pope Francis Suppresses The Latin Mass He Will Have Made Himself A Tool Of The Antichrist

In order for the Antichrist to ascend to power, he has to remove the major obstacles which stand in his path. Those who focus first on politics or economics will be oblivious to his rise and may even find themselves supporting him unwittingly. Politics and economy are not obstacles to him because as sacred scripture […]

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