AMAZING: Instead Of Praying To Allah On The Temple Mount In Jerusalem, Muslims Chose To Bow To Jews Instead

By Walid Shoebat

It looks like the Palestinians will have to bow again in worship towards Jewish soldiers instead of bowing to Mecca during the Friday prayers on the Temple Mount.

Here is how this story goes. Last Friday, when three Palestinian citizens of Israel shot and killed two Israeli police officers stationed outside the Temple Mount, Israel set up metal detectors at the entrances to the Temple Mount to prevent terrorists from ever entering the compound.

Now the terror incident and these metal detectors is threatening to send shockwaves throughout the region.

The story goes that the three assailants were pursued back into the compound and were killed in the ensuing gun battle. Israel’s response was a temporary closure of the Temple Mount (for the first time in recent history) until Israeli-manned metal detectors was set up at two entrances to the Temple Mount to protect from any weapon smuggling into the holy site before people enter the compound to do their prayers. Israel says no more to weapon-smuggling into the holy compound.

But the Muslim world is irate. They want the metal detectors out.

So it is not that Israel is preventing Muslim worshippers entry, but that worshipers are told by Muslim authorities to boycott the Temple Mount and have led a week-long civil-disobedience campaign that will come to a head during Friday’s prayers (few hours from now).

So the Palestinians are now on a ‘prayer-strike’ from the Temple Mount and now the world needs to beg them to pray on the Temple Mount, but only after Israel removes the two metal detectors from the entrances.

So now the metal detectors represent a threat to peace and security throughout the region.

Got it?

One would think that such a problem would be solved by the Islamic trust, or Waqf (governing body under Sharia that govern all charitable institutions), appointed by Jordan, which oversees internal matters at the Temple Mount.

But this is not the case anymore. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Turkey’s Erdogan discussed the solutions where Abbas requested Erdogan to contact President Donald Trump to deal with the situation to pressure Israel to remove the metal detectors since the matter is now considered urgent (see Turkish Daily Sabah).

In addition, the spiritual head of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi, a friend of Erdogan is calling on all Muslims globally to kickoff the “Friday of Rage” intended to escalate the issue of Jerusalem to a global level while asking all Muslims in the Palestinian area to converge towards Jerusalem and pray in the vicinity outside the compound which always ends up with prayers in front of Israeli guards as in the photo above. This of course sells the cause to Muslims worldwide that the Palestinians are now forced to bow to Jews.

Only a drunkard can come up with such a solution to terrorism in Jerusalem’s holiest place. Scriptures teach that the world will become drunk over the matter of Jerusalem:

“Jerusalem will be like a cup in my hand. It will make all the surrounding nations drunk from the wine of my anger. Judah will be attacked by its enemies …” (Zechariah 12:2)

When God says “drunk” he means “drunk” and is exactly what we see.

But such drunkenness is not isolated to people who only follow the Quran, pastor John Hagee on CBN says that his “blood moon discovery” and “Russia” (not Turkey) is the beginning of the end.

“So the very specific thing that happened as soon as those blood moons ended was that Russia moved out to the Middle East, and Russia is not going to leave the Middle East,” Hagee warned. “They’re going to join with Iran to build… a massive army that will in time try to perform a land invasion of the state of Israel.”

Now that his blood moon theory produced no prophetic results, Hagee is now selling a different story. He says that the upcoming, rare solar eclipse on August 21 is not quite as dramatic as the four blood moons, but is an example of one of the many signs and wonders we’ll see in the sky in the end of days that have never happened before.

“The Bible says in the end of days you will see signs and wonders in the sky, and there are several signs and wonders that are happening in the sky that have never happened before,” Hagee told CBN News.

Although such signs in the Bible has nothing to do with Hagees “blood moons” he insists: “They are not quite as dramatic as the four blood moons because the four blood moons were predicted by Joel,” he said. “They were prophesied and confirmed by Jesus. They were confirmed by NASA; they were given dates — the dates of those events were Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles.”

Nothing happened on Passover or the Feast of Tabernacle as described in Hagee’s blood moons. Hagee is not a prophet but a profiteer. Joel and Jesus spoke about the sun not giving its light (not just the moon). Hagee sells a falsity including this idea that Russia is parking in the Middle East getting ready to invade Jerusalem.

“God established those dates thousands of years ago. Only God can make a blood moon happen because the sun shines through the Earth’s atmosphere to make the moon come to a reddish glow,” he continued.

Yet nowhere does scripture say anything about the sun shining through the earth’s atmosphere, but that the sun itself is completely darkened, not just the moon.

These days, few pay attention to truth and most pay attention to what sells. The world is in drunkenness over Jerusalem. Such drunkenness in our view determines cults from true Christianity. It seems that Hagee’s anti-Russia sentiment is lined up not according to scripture but to U.S. anti-Russia foreign policy.

I guess no one knew that Hagee’s God was also an agent for the C.I.A.

I can’t tell you how many signed books I got for free during my speaking engagements and tours all of which ended up in the waste basket since they were not worth to be given away.