Erdogan Wants The Keys To Mecca And Jerusalem And Will Stop At Nothing To Expand His Muslim Caliphate Agenda

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special)

The one obstacle for an Ottoman Caliphate is that Saudi Arabia holds the keys to Mecca and Medina while Jordan holds the keys to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. For a Caliphate to succeed it needs to hold both keys: the keys to the Temple Mount (Al-Aqsa) and the keys to Mecca. Erdogan wants these keys and will do everything in his power to restore what once belonged to the Ottoman Caliph which was lost when Arabia betrayed the Ottomans by allying with the British during Ottoman fall. For that, Turkey is executing plans to redraw the Middle East region back to Ottoman times. All caliphates held such keys; the Ayyubids, the Mamluk Sultans of Egypt, the Ottoman Sultans, and then to have the modern Saudi kings hold it is unacceptable for Erdogan.

The plan to regain these keys starts by using Erdogan’s ally, Qatar, under the care of Erdogan’s neo-Ottomans. Now Qatar demands that Mecca become an international city for all Muslims while Saudi Arabia threatens “war”. In reality, this is all about control of these keys. Erdogan then moves in on Jerusalem (he must obtain these keys) demanding all Muslims to begin to visit it. What westerners do not understand is that this is expanding the Hajj to also be observed in Jerusalem as an extension of Mecca via the Umrah:

Turkey’s Directorate General for Religious Affairs (Diyanet) has included the al-Aqsa Mosque [Temple Mount] into the religious Umrah program that will be effective as of April 15. One of the Muslim pilgrimages, the Umrah, which is not compulsory but is highly recommended for Muslims who can afford it, will also include the visiting of the al-Aqsa Mosque [Temple Mount] in Jerusalem, Israel.

By next year (2018), the world will begin to see the change. In Istanbul on Thursday was hosted the signing ceremony of the “Protocol of the Declaration of Jerusalem” as the Muslim youth capital in 2018. The Turkish Daily Sabah had this to say:

“The main objective of the declaration of Jerusalem being the capital of the Muslim youth in 2018 is to attract young people to Jerusalem from all over the world and defend the Islamic sanctuaries in it.”

The whole region is realizing that they need to redraw their political and governmental structure. They either be magnetized towards Turkey and its Islamism or towards secularism.

Even Israel see this. When the Temple Mount in Jerusalem had the fiasco with metal-detectors, Turkey took the lead in fomenting the violence. Israel had to make a diplomatic choice; does it cow-tow to Turkey or seek Jordan to deal with Israel’s capitulation to remove the metal detectors. And since Jordan holds the key to the Temple Mount, Israel finally reconsidered the equation of forces, responded to Jordan’s request instead of Turkey’s. This was the only way to thwart the Islamists’ plan to pour regional chaos on Israel. Arab states fearing the end of their rule, noted the Islamists’ attempt to create chaos claiming al-Aqsa (Temple Mount) was in danger. In an interview with Al-Jazeera, Sheikh Raed Salah recently demanded a coup against these Arab regimes in the name of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Israelis saw Netanyahu’s capitulation as weakness where Israelis using social media began circulating a mock-photo of the Israeli army’s entry into Old Jerusalem in the Six-Day War of 1967. The picture was created and the faces of Islamic figures were placed in place of Israeli military figures. In the photoshopped picture, the faces of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Sheikh Raed Salah (the head of the Islamic Movement inside the Green Line) and Mufti of Jerusalem and the Palestinian territories Sheikh Muhammad Hussein were installed on the bodies of the chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces during the 1967 war Yitzhak Rabin and the then Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan, and the commander of the central region of the army, Uzi Narkis; a picture that Jews consider historic, coming four hours after the fall of Jerusalem.

تداول النشطاء الإسرائيليون صورة مفبركة تم فيها تركيب وجوه كل من أردوغان (يمين) ورائد صلاح (وسط) ومفتي القدس (مواقع التواصل)

In other words, Israelis are beginning to see Erdogan’s march towards Jerusalem and Israel’s capitulation fearing Erdogan. The Islamist Turkey wants the key to the Temple Mount (al-Aqsa) and will not mind using any excuse, even the controversy over some metal detectors installed.

And to add more prophetic chips on the table, Egypt, Somalia (part of biblical Cush) and the entire Arabian Peninsula is in the cross-hairs of Turkey’s expansion. While Qatar is in Turkey’s pocket, the rift with the UAE (United Arab Emirates) is growing.

Recent leaked emails from an Emirate’s ambassador reveals that every nation in the region now is magnetized to move towards western-securalism or the neo-Ottoman Muslim Brotherhood.  The Daily Sabah reported:

“the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Turkey have strived to coexist in the Middle East since the 2013 military coup in Egypt. The Egyptian coup against the Muslim Brotherhood’s Muhammad Morsi removed the legitimately elected Muslim Brotherhood-led government, which resulted in the two sides backing opposing groups … Turkey and the UAE continue to be in each other’s crosshairs. Recently leaked emails that appear to belong to Emirati ambassador to Washington Yousef al-Otaiba clearly illuminate the extent of the animosity between the two countries.”

The emails confirm the perception that the UAE treats Turkey, along with Qatar, as one of the main antagonists with competing regional visions. Otaiba is concerned about the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and Bahrain’s future within the next 10 years.

But these countries have regulations based on Islamic sharia law. Otaiba believes Turkey, a constitutionally secular country, is a part of the Islamist axis that can undermine the UAE’s rule in the region. Otaiba, in response to a Turkish expert at the Council on Foreign Relations, said in May that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan only understands the language of power. He also encouraged the individual to write more about Turkey, saying that “most Americans have no idea what is fundamentally happening to Turkey and the long-term threat it poses to most of us.”

In the Middle East they know better. They live close by.

The UAE ambassador also seems to be very concerned about the possible Turkish and Qatari responses to Abu Dhabi and its allies’ future policies.

Future policies in the Middle East is set up via military strength. And its not only in Qatar that Turkey is setting up military camp, Somali capital Mogadishu next month will have more Turkish troops moved there. The military camp is spread over 4 square kilometers (1.54 square miles) and has the capacity to train more than 1,500 troops at a time. Turkey’s forward-basing posture is a political-military raison d’etre to serve Ankara’s foreign and defense policies. The Anadolu Agency reported:

“The Turkish forward-basing in Somalia is an integral part of Ankara’s Africa initiative, which is intended to boost Turkey’s smart-power capacity throughout the continent. Somalia has been at the epicenter of Turkey’s geopolitical perspective in the 2010s.”

So in the future, any regional fluctuation, Turkey now can twist arms by using politics plus military power in Africa and Arabia. From the Eastern Mediterranean to the Horn of Africa, Turkey has been building its sphere of political-military influence to promote a robust regional military architecture. This is Turkey’s strategic posture for the 21st century.

Somalia is part of “Cush” in Ezekiel 38:5 revealing what we see “Persia, Cush, and Put” uniting with the Gog of Turkey. If one wants to know Turkey’s agenda, they are no secret, all one has to do is read Erdogan’s mouthpieces. The pro-government daily Yeni Söz’s headline on Tuesday claimed that Turkey would even conquer Europe in just three days if a campaign were to be launched in the morning.

The paper is using arguments by George Friedman, the founder of Stratfor said that Stratfor’s calculations were wrong, that the battle would be won much faster since Europe has no will to fight:

“Friedman said the Turks can beat the Germans in an afternoon and the French, if they show the courage to turn up, in an hour. Friedman was proven wrong. According to a survey conducted by international research center Gallup that asked ‘Would you fight for your country?’ the citizens of Europe already have their white flags ready to wave in the event of a war. In the great Germany, only 18 percent of people say ‘I would fight for Germany.’ Twenty-nine percent of French, 27 percent of English, 21 percent of Spanish and 20 percent of Italians said they would fight for their country. So according to these results, if we leave for a conquest in the morning, we can do the evening prayers in Bellevue Palace! Taking into account the reality of July 15 [the day of a botched coup attempt in Turkey], we would have Rome on the second day”

It is obvious, Erdogan wants Rome.

Erdogan was furious when on the eve of the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome, Pope Francis received 27 European Union heads of state in the Vatican’s Sala Regia. Erdoğan then lashed at the E.U and the Pope saying: “the alliance of crusaders has shown itself in the end.” Erdogan calls his forces the forces of “the Crescent” and Europe whom he called “the Cross”.

Ironically, Erdogan views Rome similar to the typical Protestant ‘prophecy buff’ who lashes out at the E.U and calls the Pope as Antichrist or false-prophet. Erdoğan’s followers are mostly conspiracy theorists and these say that Rome is the center of all evil. Therefore, Erdoğan and the typical ‘Left Behind’ crowds have much in common with the ones who go roundabout warning of the ‘evils of the Vatican’. It is no wonder why scripture warns that Antichrist will work with the ones who abandoned the covenant “he shall even return, and have intelligence with them that forsake [abandoned] the holy covenant.” (Daniel 11:30). In other words, the ones who abandoned the ancient church will unite with Antichrist.

Antichrist will attempt to “change set times and set laws” (Daniel 7:25) and in Turkey all governmental systems are being revamped even including the main religious institution, Diyanet (Turkey’s religious institution). On June 31, Mehmet Gormez, a Turkish cleric who headed the Directorate of Religious Affairs (Diyanet), a government department that runs more than 85,000 mosques, bid farewell to his post he had occupied since 2010. But Gormez’s term didn’t end until 2020, which is why his early departure is signaling that in the Middle East, not only nations must now fear Turkey, but all the Waqf, Muftis, Muslim scholars and Imams must soon comply.

Within Turkey, ferocious Erdoganists, began slamming Gormez, the head of Diyanet for being soft on the Gulenists, which amounts to the ultimate political heresy in today’s Turkey. In Turkey, all the old hat must go and be replaced with Erdogan’s loyalists. The current leadership now is gone because the institution was created back in Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s time (1923-1938) under pressure from the West. Now the whole structure will change to Muftis ruling under Erdogan. And with ‘Muftism’, any Mufti all across the globe must soon adhere to a ‘Muslim-Pope’ if you will and this one will be centered in Turkey. In a few years, we will see Erdogan then demanding Saudi plus Jerusalem muftis to submit to him. It is likely to see that in Jerusalem, Mufti Sheikh Muhammad Hussein (in the mock-photo) will later be replaced by his successor, Ibrahim Shoebat (my first cousin).

The Diyanet is a government body whose budget exceeds many key government ministries, such as the Foreign Ministry, and whose influence over society is extremely significant controlling all mosques and also supervising the content of their sermons. Since the 1960s, its influence even spread to Europe, as it opened hundreds of mosques in countries like Germany with substantial Turkish immigrant communities. Now the messages and sermons will change in all mosques throughout Europe where the caliphate-message will be heard.

Turkey’s land, air and navy commanders were reshuffled on Aug. 2, restructuring the military in the Gendarmerie Forces, Air Forces and naval forces. This was all a surprising move since some of the commanders were expected to assume the role till 2019. Around 200 generals were expelled from their positions in the aftermath of the coup attempt and this year’s annual YAŞ meeting was supposed to reshape the military cadre. Some 61 colonels were promoted to general and admiral ranks. Six generals and admirals were also promoted to higher ranks.

To top it all, Arabic speaking Shiites are now looking towards Turkey giving it the lead. Iran cares for Iraq-Syria-Lebanon corridor and Lebanon’s Islamic Council President Shiite leader Mohamed Ali al-Husseini wants Turkey to manage this corridor instead of Iran: “Iran aims to draw a new map of the region, and that Turkey has a historic responsibility to prevent this” he said emphasizing that a new map is going to be drawn in the region where Iran wants to expand, and added: “Turkey has a historic duty. It should prevent this project. Turkey, which is a very powerful state, can take action.” Al-Husseini has visited many countries and met Shiites to warn them to take Turkey’s side against Iran.

Al-Husseini reveals that eventually both Turkey and Iran will take various steps to leave sectarianism aside. Even Saudi Arabia has started taking various steps to leave sectarianism aside. Qatar’s unity with Turkey against Saudi Arabia including Iran’s animosity against Saudi Arabia will soon bring Turkey and Iran to come to terms on how the Middle East region is divided.

Al-Husseini even reveals Berlin’s support for Ankara’s ambitions which is also obvious. While the media in Germany reveals a rift between Germany and Turkey, this is for the novices to read, truth is that Germany has its different interests with Turkey than Great Britain and France and wants to enlarge the European Union towards the east.

It is this which constitutes the great threat since history repeats. The Germans are well aware that their country provides luxury and industry. It seeks to open up markets in the east to export industrial products and import agricultural crops. For this to happen, this makes it necessary to join new countries such as Turkey, Macedonia, Moldova and Serbia. Yet France and Britain have large agricultural production and fear competition from crops coming from Eastern European agricultural economies, so they refuse to expand eastwards. This leaves France and Great Britain out of the picture. The rifts and new unities confirm biblical wisdom that history repeats.

“History merely repeats itself. It has all been done before. Nothing under the sun is truly new.”
What God is basically saying here is simple: if you want to understand prophecy, just study history. Therefore, why do prophecy buffs come up with fanciful algorithms as if they hold the secrets to God who is hiding in some cave? God does not speak in secret (Isaiah 45:19).