ISIS Declares It Is Sending Secret Brigades Of Fighters To Terrorize Europe

As ISIS retreats and its numbers decrease, the terror group still remains a threat. According to a recent report, the group is said to have dispatched countless number of fighters as a part of secret terrorist cell across Europe to carry out more deadly attacks:

A secretive unit of Islamic State has been training British fighters to carry out terror attacks in the United Kingdom, according to a report, which says the same unit had trained the jihadists behind the Paris and Brussels attacks.

A fighter of Islamic State, also known as IS, ISIS, ISIL or Daesh, captured by Kurdish forces in Syria, revealed that a group known as the al-Kharsa brigade has inducted European would-be suicide bombers and subjected them to a grueling training program at a secret camp in Syria before sending them home to carry out attacks, according to The Times (of London).

The unit is part of Amniyat Amniyat al-Kharji, the external operations arm of ISIS and which is currently focusing on working with sleeper cells.

“It takes seven months to be trained in al-Kharsa brigade,” the fighter was quoted as saying. “It is very hard. Every European who crosses the border to Syria, they are offered [the opportunity] to join. If 20 start the training, only five finish it. Then after that they go back to Europe and attack.”

He added that about 50 people from countries, including the U.K., Belgium, France and Germany, have gone through the training, which involves bomb-making, ISIS religious ideology and physical endurance. All recruits are required to be willing to die for the ISIS goal.

One-third of an estimated 5,000 European jihadis who were trained in Syria and Iraq have returned to their home countries, according to Gilles de Kerchove, the EU Counterterrorism Coordinator. Authorities have not been able to detect many of them.

“There are largely two categories of returnees: those in the majority who will drift back and those who will be sent back on specific missions, which are of most concern,” De Kerchove was quoted as saying.

However, in May, British intelligence officers said that the U.K. is home to 23,000 jihadist extremists who are potential attackers. (source)

As important as this news is, it also needs to be viewed in light of the numerous stories we have done about ISIS. We can state as fact based on previous stories and reports that:

-The US Government admits that ISIS is a pet project between the CIA and the Saudi Government. (source) In fact there is so much collusion between the US Government and ISIS that Hillary Clinton herself admitted in the WikiLeaks email dumping scandal that ISIS was created by our own government. (source)

-The US Government has directly backed ISIS by having talks with them and then attacking the people who are fighting against ISIS. (source) It is similar to how the anti-Islam movement was created by the same people who are supporting this Islamists. (source)

-The US Government built the tunnels which ISIS is using for ISIS. (source)Not only that, but the US Government is shooting down planes of what should be regarded as friendly forces who are attacking ISIS and destroying them. (source)

-The US Government sent special forces soldiers to train the leaders of ISIS who participated in the genocide of Christians. (source)

-Turkey refuses to fight ISIS in spite of them operating directly in their own country. (source) In fact, Turkey is directly helping ISIS stay in power. (source) We have copies of the transcript themselves of Turkey giving direct military aid to ISIS. (source).

-Turkey is in so deep with ISIS that President Erdogan’s own son-in-law, Berat Albayrak, is directly facilitating the sale and acquisition of assets between ISIS and the Turkish government. (source)

Sources have been provided for each of the statements made above, and even still, this is but survey of just part of what we have covered over the last several years about ISIS. You can read more information about ISIS and the collusion between foreign governments in the archives or elsewhere.

The point in bringing up all these facts is that when ISIS comes out with a statement or another media outlet, reporting on some move that ISIS is supposedly doing says it is about to reveal a MAJOR THREAT or other horrible danger, first take a step back an look at what is being said by who and about what, and then place it into context of what is going on.

As you can see above, it is pretty obvious that if there are provable, well-documented facts and repetitive patterns of behavior about a certain group or person, then anything that group does has to be viewed in light of the statements.

Take for example the situation of the “sexual abuse crisis” in the Catholic Church. We know for a fact that while Catholic priests have the lowest sexual abuse rate of all Christian religious sects, based on the John Jay Study as well as other studies we can say definitively that over 80% of all the sexual abuse of minors in the Church was caused by homosexual men attacking boys, most of whom were between the ages of 11 and 14. Likewise, as we have pointed out in our many articles, the Catholic Church always was and still is the biggest opponent of homosexuality because its doctrine clearly articulates based on the words of sacred scripture and sacred tradition for its entire history reflect this, and as the Church herself has stated, no matter what one wants or would like to give the appearance of having taken place or will take place, doctrine cannot change because it is a matter of divine, absolutely revealed truth.

Therefore, when one looks at the Catholic Church’s situation, one must conclude based on simple reason that there is a group of infiltrators who are homosexual and bent on using the Church from within and if need be destroying it in order to advance their own power. This conclusion, in fact, reflects what many prelates in the Vatican have been saying for years in that there is a “gay mafia” who is at war with the Church from within:

recent paper by a Ph.D. priest from Poland has been circling the globe in recent weeks and given heightened prominence by the recent revelations of a Vatican inquiry into a “gay mafia” inside the Vatican. “Standing with the Pope against homoheresy,” was written in late 2012 by Fr. Dariusz Oko, Ph.D., a priest of the Archdiocese of Krakow and Assistant Professor at the John Paul II Pontifical University in Krakow.

Fr. Oko notes that his discovery of a “huge homosexual underground in the Church” came from his work in philosophical criticism of homosexual propaganda and ideology, a study he was encouraged to undertake by various bishops and cardinals.

“I began my work as a struggle against a deadly, external threat to Christianity, but then gradually discovered,” he said, that “the enemy is not only outside the Church, but within it, as well,”

In his essay, the philosophy professor reveals his own run in with a homosexual clique in the Roman Catholic Church blocking justice for those abused by homosexual clergy, in this case a homosexual bishop.

“I learned about Bishop [Juliusz] Paetz [Archbishop Emeritus of Poznań] by accident, from a seminarian who told me, all trembling from emotions and terror, about his having been molested by his own ordinary. He was at a brink of losing faith, as well as mental and spiritual integrity,” relates Fr. Oko.

“Our interventions at various levels of Church hierarchy were of no avail, however; we encountered a wall that could not be overcome, even in a case as self-evident as that,” he explained. What finally broke through the wall, he says, was “a tremendous commotion in the media and reaching the Pope himself.” (source)

But back to the issue of ISIS, view whatever statements they make in the same way described above, through the lens of the facts that are known about them. If ISIS is a creation of the Western governments, funded by Western governments, trained by Western soldiers and economically supported by the Western powers and their allies in the Middle East, what is to be said of these “threats” that ISIS is going to invade the USA? It is an oxymoron to say they will invade because they have already invaded in that their organizations and the plans which they would execute were conceived in Washington. All that the men on the ground do who carry out the barbaric acts is simply to operate in accordance with the license given to them by their real masters who gave them the power in the first place.

So yes, that means that all of the horrors that ISIS did- the destruction of thousands of years of ancient history, the genocide of Christians, the displacement of millions of people throughout the Levant region leading to the creation of the manufactured refugee crisis, the rise of Turkey, the power vacuums where hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions have perished, and the instability of today- were all either directly created by or the product of actions that were given license to by the Western governments. That means that we, the West, are responsible for the destruction of millions of people’s lives. Likewise, if there is an actual threat from ISIS, it means that the threat is first coming internally from our own societies, not externally, which likewise corresponds with what we have been saying per Bernard Connolly:

“Europe” as people discuss, while it includes many nations, is essentially Germany because Germany is the power behind the European Union, with France coming in at a distant second place. What Germany wants is what Germany will get be it for economics or politics. As we pointed out in a presentation from 2009 given by British Economist Bernard Connolly, the European Union (Germany) wants to use and if need be, to create major crises in order to assert and grow its own power: (source)

Now put this into the context of everything that we have been saying. The EU wants terrorism and has been backing ISIS. We have done multiple special articles discussing how the “refugee crisis” and all of the “migrant crime” was allowed and promulgated by the very government who are not being invaded, but consciously allowing millions of people to enter into their nations. This is at the same time they are also pushing for the rise of a new pagan nationalism in a direct reflection of the National Socialism of oil.

After looking at these facts, and then understanding the nature of what ISIS is (a tool of government policy) and the surrounding facts to the greater geopolitical situation, what else is there to conclude? Just as ISIS was used for policy reasons in the Middle East to set up the current European situation, if it is used again in Europe and does carry out terrorist attacks, it will be done solely for the purpose of pushing a new nationalism. The real danger therefore is not coming from ISIS, but from those who control the financial and logistical string which like a marionette on a string are pulled at the will of their masters to achieve a particular end.

The less of this story is to take note of what one says, but pay special note to the context in which it is being stated and how that context aligns with the rest of what is being said or done. Failing to do this is simply opening oneself up to manipulation as a pawn by evil men for their own selfish ends, regardless of the situation, because while situations change human nature does not.