Christian Pastor Makes Headlines After Sermon Calling Out ‘Stupid White People’ For Charlottesville Protests

Writer’s Note: What I have written about in this article regarding the dissemination of propaganda has come true hours after this story reached the news. See the update at the end of this article for more information. 

Christian pastor Glen Berteau has made headlines after giving an impassioned sermon criticizing the protests at Charlottesville, saying it was done by ‘stupid white people’:

Glen Berteau, senior pastor of The House church in Modesto, California, became an internet star this week after a clip from his church service Sunday in which he declares only “stupid white people” think God supports racism, went viral after his church posted it online Monday.

The clip, which had racked up more than 4 million views on Facebook Thursday morning, shows Berteau venting during a baby dedication ceremony in the wake of Saturday’s deadly protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, where white supremacists and neo-Nazis clashed with anti-fascist counter protesters.

James Alex Fields Jr., 20, an alleged Nazi sympathizer, reportedly plowed his car into a crowd of activists in Charlottesville killing one person and injuring 19 others.

“For anybody to use the word of God and say you’re gonna use the word of God to hate somebody of a different color, you’ve got to be the dumbest person on this earth to go ahead and say something like that,” Berteau said to cheers.

“There’s a bunch of stupid white people, I’m just telling you, that are stupid and telling people that God is into this, and God is not into this at all. There is not one person better than another person, I don’t care what color you are, that is not the Word of God. That is not what Heaven is like, that is not what this church is, and that’s not gonna happen,” he told his multi-racial congregation.

“Bunch a stupid white folks doing that, what’s wrong with them. Acting like that’s God, I take offense to that. Using our Bible to go ahead and use to hate people is wrong. It’s wrong, it’s wrong, it will always be wrong. It will never be right, it’s gonna be horrible and I totally detest that what they did,” he continued.

He then walked up to a black father holding a young child and declared while touching his arm: “We both bleed red.”

He further added: “He’s got the same heart I got, he’s got the same mind I got, there’s nothing different about us. This is my brother. Will always be my brother, I’ll die for my brother. I’ll stand with my brother…”

Speaking with FOX40 on Wednesday, Berteau reiterated that it is ignorant for anyone to think God supports racist ideology.

“If you’re going to believe that God is a God that ordains hate and do hateful acts, then yeah, that’s ignorant. That’s not right,” he said.

Gary Montoya, communications director with The House church, said he posted the video to Berteau’s Facebook page because he felt it was a message America needed to hear in light of the Charlottesville unrest.

“I mean the people are standing up, it was everyone just felt it and it was during child dedications so it was totally unexpected,” Montoya said. (source)

The essence of what the pastor said- that racism is wrong and that those who believe that God hates other races which He created and are in danger of condemning themselves- is exactly what we have been saying at in nearly the same way.

However, beware the National Socialist propaganda.

What happened at Charlottesville was but a public manifestation of what we have been warning about for a long time now at, but few people bothered to pay attention to. We were mocked, scorned, and lost a considerable number of our followers because we warned that National Socialism was coming back and we were the first website on the Internet to conduct a systematic investigation into the connections between Turkey and Japan and the new Silicon Valley eugenicist elites who are currently working on projects now that Joseph Mengele could scarcely dream of. The identitarianism that the synagogue elite of Jesus’ time used as the justification to murder him was the same philosophy of Germany during the second world war and is now once again showing its ugly and genocidal face in the world today. The propaganda that was used during the Second World War has now again become in fashion with only a few simple updated due to technological advancements and different social nuances.

The essence of all socialist propaganda is to promise an earthly utopia that is able to achieved by eliminating a certain class of people. International Socialists, known popularly as Communists, target the wealthy classes of society and use claims of economic oppression as their justification for a revolution. National Socialists target different ethnic group, and use the destruction of culture as their justification for a revolution. Both groups are evil and want the exact same ends, and as the 20th century has shows, it does not matter if it is Socialism of the International or National type, all end in eugenics and death camps. However, the National Socialist propaganda is far more insidious because ethnicity is an intrisic quality that cannot be changed, as opposed to wealth, which is an extrinsic quality that can be achieved. Because of this, National Socialists do not have to lie in the same way that International Socialists do in order to agitate the masses. All a National Socialist has to do is to find if there are any facts in society which are considered “taboo” and make the propagation of those facts their personal cause. They will invite persecution and scorn, but eventually people of reason will come to realize that the facts the National Socialists are speaking are true because they are objective in themselves. It is at this point that the National Socialist will deliver his poison, because having gotten the attention of people of good will seeking truth, they will then respond that the answer to the problems which the facts present is to follow National Socialist teachings.

It is no secret for anybody who reads the news or has attended public school in the last 30 years that American schools have been taken over by people with International Socialist ideas. This is very well documented by many different groups. As I mentioned above, International Socialists lie just as National Socialists do, but because their point of revolution is based around wealth, which is an extrinsic quality, they have to lie more openly in order to propagate their message, and the lies they say are far more easily perceived by anybody who wants to think. Many times in order to maintain the facade of power, International Socialists will have to lie to egregiously that it is to the point of complete absurdity, yet they will say their lies with a stoic face. This eventually and naturally breeds the idea among people that they are being lied to by the people who claim to represent their best interests in society.

Take for example the current fiasco with “bathrooms” and “transgendered” people. Transgendered is just another way to justify mental and spiritual illness because the assumption is that basic human biology can be changed at will because a person “feels” that is can be changed. Yet even the simple can see this is an absolute lie. A man who chops off his penis and puts a dress on does not become a woman- he is just a man wearing a dress with no penis. Yet the International Socialists will march with these “transgendered” people simply because they believe their “cause” is a way to continue to justify and expand their power base, and they will violently persecute people who criticize this.

Jack Donovan. He is a homosexual Nazi, but he is OK because for them, he is a “masculine” homosexual, not a “feminine” one. LGBT is for the left, LGBT not the T is for the right. But L, G, B, or T, all ways lead to H-E-L-L.

Now as we have pointed out, the National Socialists are also pro-homosexual just as the left wing is. They also believe in all the evils of the left except the difference is that while the left emphasizes, as the “transgender” idea teaches, a feminized version of homosexuality, the National Socialists have no problem with a “masculinized” form of homosexuality. This is the reason why the National Socialists will support men such as Jack Donovan, or the same haircuts with dyed peroxide blonde beard tips and hair tips one will find among “feminized” homosexuals on the left one will find on “masculine men” on the right, who are also homosexuals. The issue is not whether homosexuality is evil, but rather how that homosexuality is presented. As we have said, the National Socialist is pro-LGB, just not the T.

This social division is especially apparent in American politics. For years, and especially since the presidental election of 2008 and Barack Hussein Obama, that race has been used in particular by the left, who openly associates with the cause of International Socialism, as a way to divide society. Make no mistake, it has also been used by the right in this time period, but in a far less obvious manner, usually through the cause of “anti-immigration” laws, which we and many others have documented were historically used in American society to propagate National Socialism and outright eugenics. The lies of the left were then and now, such as the example with the “bathroom issue” but also many others, become so flagrant they are laughable, and yet the violent reaction of many of the social miscreants on the left fuels in the minds of the general public the need to respond with equal force. This comes also at a time when “white males” are and have been for decades criticized, villified, and insulted in public education, popular culture, as well as employment, again coming at the hands of the same International Socialists for the same reasons.

National Socialism never died, it simply became Operation Gladio. One cannot understand the rise of National Socialism today without understanding the events of Operation Gladio.

With each passing decade as these ideas penetrated popular culture, it naturally created a fertile ground for the seeds of National Socialism to be sewn. Make no mistake, this was not merely an accident, but was very likely intentional, for as we at have exclusively documented, the US and European government have been working immediately since the end of the Second World War at reviving, propagating, and preparing the way for the re-emergence of National Socialism through a decades-long program called Operation Gladio. To think that National Socialism simply “emerged” as an organic movement is absolute nonsense, and any organic movements of it that have arisen today have done so based on the foundation that was planted and still is maintained by government agents and their wealthy backers in finance and industry.

The stage has been prepared and the people have been herded as a society towards National Socialist ideas, as they have been made comfortable with them as an “appropriate” response to the current social climate. But make no mistake, they will only lead to the same evil ends. So while the pastor’s words are good and true, be aware that a response to them will come in the form of National Socialist propaganda.

Following the model I have above, in a case such as this, all the National Socialists have to do is to take this pastor’s words and put them in comparison with all of the propaganda that has existed for years from public education and popular culture, they can take all of the “immigration” statistics which says that, most likely in an objective sense, “white people” will become a minority in the USA. They can cite a plethora of facts that are objectively true, and they will win the hearts, minds, and respect of such angry and disaffected men. At that point they just have to deliver the poison, which is that National Socialism is the answer. Because this was a “Christian pastor” speaking, they will take the opportunity to sow anti-Christian hatred into the hearts of those men and opens up the way to the delivery of another National Socialist poison, which is that of the paganism so inseparable from National Socialist philosophy.

Several months ago, Ted at debated against Martin Sellner, who is a major leader of the National Socialist movements in Austria and all of Europe.

If you have not watched this debate yet, you need to.

When you watch the debate, notice that when we debate with Martin, the debate is not focused on “facts” per se about immigration, Islam, or any other and very real threats that Europe is facing. The issue is not whether or not such facts are true, for as we pointed out above, hard facts are embraced by National Socialists. What we argued and the way to call out National Socialism without getting pulled into a debate over real facts that cannot be debated because they are true is to call out the conclusions of National Socialism. It is not to ask whether or not immigration is an issue, but instead why the National Socialists laud men such as Yukio Mishima or Shiro Ishii. It is to ask them why they think it is OK to have sex with teenager, or to ask them why they feel that defending the “white race” means carrying around pagan symbols such as the swastika, rune symbols, or the black sun disc. It is to ask them why they are against Islam but are working with groups and governments who directly aid the mass immigration of Muslims to their own nations.

Note especially the “sun disc” on the far right side. This is an outright National Socialist, anti-Christian, pagan magical symbol. The new National Socialists need to be confronted over things such as this.

The way to attack National Socialism is not to attack the facts they patronize because it simply feeds their narrative, which is that they have the truth that nobody wants to say and also the answer too.

The way to defeat the National Socialist is to attack the philosophy itself- that any form of government, philosophy, or ideas that deny the intrinsic dignity of man or those who support such ideas are unacceptable- is the way to win the argument as well as to avoid being pulled into the propaganda machine.

The infamous National Socialist Gary Lauck once noted that the purpose of propaganda is to get followers, and the purpose of followers is to make propaganda. Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer said before his website was taken down a similar statement, that it did not matter what the facts were or were not, but so long as the message was delivered clearly. He even bragged about selling National Socialism to teenagers, calling them “Generation Zyklon” because so many have been indoctrinated into the message.

So in this time of division when facts are used as tools to propagate evil ideas, one simply should keep in mind the simple words of Pope Pius XII:

Whoever exalts race, or the people, or the State, or a particular form of State, or the depositories of power, or any other fundamental value of the human community – however necessary and honorable be their function in worldly things – whoever raises these notions above their standard value and divinizes them to an idolatrous level, distorts and perverts an order of the world planned and created by God; he is far from the true faith in God and from the concept of life which that faith upholds. (source)

UPDATE (11 PM 8/18/2017): I was just on a well-known National Socialist Blog, Fuherious88, and what I wrote about in this article regarding the words of this pastor being used as National Socialist propaganda as well as to promote anti-Christian hatred and pagan revivalism have come true. You can read the post here entitled “All Religion Has Become A Deadly Enemy Especially Christianity,” as well as view the screenshot below: