Homosexual Priests Slaughter Catholic Bishop And Throw His Body In A River For Saying ‘Homosexuality Is A Sin’

Catholic Bishop Jean-Marie Bala of Cameroon was known publicly for standing against homosexuality. His murdered body was found floating in a river with a note nearby, and according to sources close to him, he was murdered by homosexual priests in his own diocese because he refused to bend over for the homosexual agenda according to a recent report:

Clergy in a Cameroon diocese were publicly accused during a memorial service earlier this month of masterminding the assassination of their bishop.

The current administrator of the diocese said during the homily that the bishop did not commit suicide but was killed because he stood up against homosexuals in the Church and the priesthood.

“Shame to all those people in black suits and black spectacles always sitting in the front rows of the Church,” Monsignor Joseph Akonga Essomba said during the August 3 service for deceased Bishop Jean Marie Benoit Bala of Bafia, Cameroon.

“Shame to all those priests who have come here pretending to sympathize. These are the people who killed our bishop, because he said ‘no’ to the homosexuality perpetrated by those priests,” said Akonga, as reported by Crux Now.

The Monsignor said that while those who actually executed the bishop were people in positions of power, he pointed his finger at unnamed homosexual priests present at the service whom he said betrayed their spiritual leader.

Bishop Bala, 58, disappeared from his residence on the evening of May 31. His car was eventually found parked on a nearby bridge spanning the Sanaga river. A handwritten note was found in his car that said: “I am in the water.” The bishop’s body was found two days later by fishermen, about 10 miles from the bridge.

While the Cameroon government maintains that “drowning is the most probable cause of the death of the bishop,” the country’s bishops say Bala “did not commit suicide; he was brutally assassinated.”

The monsignor said during the service that Bishop Bala could not have drowned because he was a very good swimmer.

The country’s bishops said in a statement last month that they have “moral certitude” that their brother bishop was assassinated.

“The moral certitude of the Bishops is based amongst other things, that the body they saw and recognized as the remains of Bishop Jean Marie Beniot Bala, on the banks of River Sanaga and at the mortuary of the General hospital of Yaounde, bore marks of physical violence,” they stated in a July 10 press release. (source)

The Old Testament lists homosexuality as one of only four sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance. The New Testament says that homosexuality is one of gravest of evils, a sign of a debased mind given over to Satan. Both Testaments say that homosexuality is a sin worthy of death. In Sacred Tradition, homosexuality has been and is roundly condemned as one of the gravest sins a man can commit. The great Catholic Saints say that homosexuality is so foul of a sin that it even makes the demons who induce men to commit this sin sickened. St. Peter Damian, one of the greatest saints of old and who had a large part of his ecclesiastical career defined by fighting against homosexuality in the priesthood wrote an entire book against this one sin.

Homosexuals were behind the “Catholic sex abuse crisis” that was exposed beginning in 2002 and has since continued to unfold throughout the world. The crisis is more accurately called a “homosexual abuse crisis” because the overwhelming majority of the abuse that took place was the kind that homosexual predator and conservative pundit Dennis Prager says he supports, which is the sexual abuse of teenagers. This was confirmed by the John Jay Study on the scandal, which found that approximately 80% of abuse was gay men assaulting teenage males. However, homosexual abuse does not just include teenagers, but even little children.

Because of the evil nature of homosexuality, homosexuals are also disproportionately represented among the most heinous kinds of other crimes. For example, approximately 70 percent of serial killers are also active homosexuals. As we have reported on Shoebat.com, homosexuals also engage in disturbing acts such as cannibalism at a higher rate than other groups, and this includes groups such as ISIS, which have large numbers of homosexual members in them. The spread of the HIV virus began in homosexual circles, and it was homosexuals who are responsible for the normalization of the HIV virus as well as behind the efforts to create a vaccine because they want to stop the virus only so much that it allows them to continue to engage in the same behaviors by which they contracted it. It is like cleaning a wound only to rub it in dirt again because it feels good.

High ranking members of the Catholic Church who have been battling the evil of homosexuality have also spoken out about how right now there is a “gay mafia” that is controlling many offices in the Vatican and attempting to give the appearance that Catholic teaching on this act has changed. This has been going on for many years, and there are many high ranking members of the clergy who are active homosexuals and are doing so to the disgrace of their office and attempting to lead many astray by their actions.

Homosexual “pride” parades are known for being very loud and flashy, and their participants dressed in clothes of demons, strange animals, or other forms of bestial activity.  This is simply a reflection of who they really serve, which is the devil. This is not a projection, but a fact, since the satanic temple admits that at least half of its members are LGBT.

Given all of this information, is it not a surprise that even a bishop who speaks out against homosexuality would be murdered by fellow priests who are more in love with the actions of sodom than their vocation?

Likewise, this is not the first time that homosexuals have murdered members of the clergy for opposition to homosexuality. Such was the case of Fr. Alfred Kunz.

Fr. Kunz was a priest in the diocese of Madison, Wisconsin. He was also an exorcist and a friend of the famed Malachi Martin, who has written extensively about the infiltration of the Catholic Church including having exposed evidence of a demonic ritual that took place during the second vatican council in which several major American clergymen took part. Fr. Kunz was found brutally murdered, with his throat cut ear-to-ear as though somebody had attempted to ritually sacrifice him:

“On March 4, 1998, at 7:00 a.m., the body of Fr. Alfred J. Kunz, DOB 4/15/30, was found in the hallway of St. Michael School. The school is in the Village of Dane, population approximately 600, located in rural Dane County 5 miles northwest of Madison, Wis., the state capital.

“Fr. Kunz was the victim of a homicide. His throat was cut with an edged weapon severing the carotid artery. He died as a result of blood loss. The body was discovered by a teacher arriving at the school and was found lying in the hallway near the door to the father’s living quarters in the school. All the doors to the school were locked and there was no sign of forced entry. (source)

There were allegations that Fr. Kunz was involved in sexual relationships with women, but there have yet to be any publicly confirmed cases. Instead of drawing attention away from this case, such charges without public proof only attract more attention to it, especially in light of the fact that he was investigating homosexuality and homosexual abuse from priests. To add to this, the local sheriff added later that Fr. Kunz did not commit any kinds of “impropriety,” and that the case is still considered active. The police even later admitted they have a suspect and know who he is and where is his living, but will not investigate him further.

Now while we do now know if it was a homosexual who killed him, this investigation raises many questions in light of the evidence above that it was done either by or at the order of a homosexual. Keep in mind that Fr. Kunz was murdered in 1998, which was only a few years before the entire homosexual abuse scandal was brought to public attention.

Let’s also remember another story from our own Ted here at Shoebat.com, when a homosexual priest attempted to lure and sexually assault him. In Ted’s own words:

The action of this bishop is like night and day in comparison to the very corrupt diocese of Austin which did nothing against Fr. Robert L. Kincl (AKA Fr. Bob Kincl), a canon law judge who teaches that two men can masturbate each other and still take Holy Communion the next day, and that they commit no mortal sin when committing these sodomite depraved acts.

For years we have seen how the Vatican covers up for sexual predators and deviants, heretics and debased theologians. But we have never seen how the agents of the Vatican cover up for such evildoers in their private conversations. Well, Shoebat.com is now giving you this exclusive video showing you how the conniving is really done.

I confronted Deacon Ron Walker, an official of the Vatican, asking why the Church has done nothing to punish Robert L. Kincl, a priest and canon law judge who was appointed by the Pope himself, who teaches that if two men masturbate each other they do not commit sin, and who himself defended confirmed child molester priest, Fr. Robert Hrdlicka. This is after Shoebat.com filed a complaint against Kincl after we caught him teaching us depravity. (source)

If you have not read the entire story, you need to because this is the situation that Christians are finding themselves in today. As the Faith has been eclipsed from Western society, the darkness of the ancient world is once again casting its evil shadow over the corpse of Christendom. Indeed Christendom has been dead for several centuries, but the remnants of it are being finally eradicated and it is giving way to a new dictatorship grounded in the relativistic hedonism of our day, where passion is the rule and law is defined by what the collective of men will to be truth at the given time. In the infamous words of the occultist Aleister Crowley, “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law,” but as the law is defined by the collective, it is rephrased into what the “collective wilt” instead. It is the same evil, just recontextualized for the times and place.

We at Shoebat.com have the proud distinction of maintaining Catholic teaching on homosexuality as a strong voice in a world that has overwhelmingly submitted itself to the homosexual agenda. This is among our other articles in which we discuss Islam, drug cartels, human sacrifice, socialism (both international and national varieties), and many other evils which soil the face of the Earth and yet so few are willing to speak about in a candid manner. However, we noted that of all the issues which we discuss, none so rouses the agitated sentiments of readers of the site as does the issue of homosexuality and in such a blunt, crude manner. We get lots of hate mail, but the hate mail we get from homosexuals is unique in how aggressive and, for lack of a better phrase, joyfully sadistic are the writers of the messages. This is not an exaggeration, but a simple truth. Even in our years that we have spent writing again Islam, never have we received messages from Muslims as those which we have received from the LGBT or LGBT supporters.

Understand that the ultimate anger which the LGBT has against those who criticize them are, as in the case of the bishop above as well as many others, an issue of sin. The anger comes from the fact that homosexuality is a sin that cries out to Heaven, and those who confront it for the evil that it is will be opposed because of how serious the sin is. While indeed all men are fallen from the grace of God and no man is perfect, sin is still sin and it has to be stopped regardless of who does it.

If anything is uncharitable it is not the person who says that sin is wrong, but he who would cover up sin and refuse to address it for fear of popular appeasement. Such actions do not appease God but only the evil one, as it simply helps to expedite a man’s descent into the abyss.

As for the good bishop, not only is he a martyr, but a sign of the future. Be on guard, because the time is drawing to a close when simply maintaining Christian teaching on morality for such a fundamental issue as homosexuality may result in not just social ostracism, but imprisonment or even death.