Grown Man Cusses Out School Boy In Classroom, Threatens To Beat Him Up

In a video released from a cell phone camera, it shows a grown man cursing out and threatening to beat a young teenager in the classroom. An older teacher has to step in between the man and the boy before a fight breaks out:

This video was originally posted at World Star Hip Hop, and is one of many videos of its same type. The website, which is geared towards an American Black audience, is one of the most popular blogs on the internet, where its user-submitted videos document in real time music, culture, and just general life. While the blog is interesting and can be entertaining, it has had more of a negative effect than a positive one, since it has elevated to the eyes of all the world the dysfunction that is pervades all too much of daily life in Afro-American communities.

David Carroll is a Black American commentator known for his discussion of hard issues affecting the American black community. This video has been banned repeatedly from Youtube but reposted by various people because of his discussion about the economic and sexual exploitation of black communities and black women by the “corner stores” that populate black neighborhoods throughout the USA.

Anybody who has lived in America for a length of time in a predominately black area or who has spent considerable time with American blacks understands in varying degrees the serious dysfunction that pervades these areas, of which the great majority is self-inflicted. It is an understood and easily recognized among many open secret that “black America” is essentially an urban version of the Indian Reservations out in many Western states where drugs, crime, and disorder are normal, where the economy consists predominately of small trinkets or foodstuffs, illegal drugs, stolen merchandise, prostitution, and the sale of state handouts such as food stamps. Homosexual behavior is rampant and accounts for the disproportionate proliferation of AIDS, and it is not uncommon for men and women to have multiple STDs and have slept with dozens of people. Fatherless families are “normal,” and abortion is used as a method of “birth control” by the same women who dislike their own children and raise them to become reflections of their own dysfunction. Ignorance is equally rampant, and in combination with the fact that a large amount of public money is spent of giving black Americans an economic and social edge but no improvement ever seems to be made, met only with calls for more money, it aggravates what is already a very distressing situation.

The formation of the current situation with the black community began during the 1960s with the modern welfare state, where no-fault divorce was legalized and through the state benefits system a single woman with children could receive continual and increasing benefits including free food, housing, career training, and cash assistance (contrary to the popular knowledge, the black family survived the slave period and prospered up until the cultural revolution of the 1960s, even under the era of Jim Crow). This support system allowed the government to act as a substitute Husband/Father/Provider in a woman’s life, and gave her a distinct economic advantage over a man. In combination with the feminist propaganda that women are absolutely equal in both dignity as well as function to a man, many women believed they could be both a mother and a father to their children, and that they could raise a boy into a man as well as or better than a man. In response to the influx of benefits and attempting to justify their own pride and control over their families, fathers were cut out of their children’s lives, either by divorce or simply not being allowed to participate, yet if a woman could easily take the father to court and force him to pay child support to her for up to 18 years if she wanted to, and sometimes even if the child in question was not even his.

The greatest effect this had was on the children of these women. Since these boys had no father figure, and many times these women would insult the children’s fathers in front of them (as goes and oft-quoted line among many black women said to their children, “Yo daddy ain’t sh*t”) or have nothing kind to say about them. This antisocial behavior was the earliest method that these children learned for how to converse with people, especially over matters they disagree with. It was bad enough for girls, but was even worse for boys because the fussy behavior common to women arguing with each other became the standard that black boys learned for how to disagree likewise. However, these boys are not women, and since women cannot be made into a man and vice versa, it feminized the boys and taught them that they can disagree with each other by name-calling and fighting.

The two people arguing in this video- the young man and the early teen- can almost be guaranteed to have been raised by single black women and either never knew or barely know their fathers, and most definitely did not have a father as a strong figure in their lives when raising them. This is made clear by their behavior. It is bad enough that a young teenager would try to start a fight in class and throw chairs around. It is even worse when a full grown adult male engages in the same behavior as that teenager in a school classroom, and it has to be an elderly man who breaks up what may have become a fight.

There is also another side to this video, which is the comments section. You need to read them because they are as telling as the video is itself.

There are two patterns you will notice in the comments. First, is that of name-calling and arguing just like how these men are doing so in this video. The catty, foolish behavior remains the same, except this time it is done in writing as opposed to being said out loud. There is also a lot of comments against white American people made in the context of the same insults.

However, there is a second point and less immediately noticeable point with the comments. Again, one does not know exactly who is saying them (as if in the person is white or black, his persona beliefs, etc.), but that pattern is that there is a distinct group of people who absolutely hate this behavior and, having seen so much of it, show a tendency to support the idea that the black people in this video (and other locations) act in sub-human ways because they are genetically inferior to others around them. I emphasize the issue here is not they are saying that “whites are superior,” even if that is what they are thinking, but that if these are people who believe or once believed that all people are equal in dignity, that opinion is changing based on the scenarios presented in these videos.

We have been constantly warning at that there is a war for people’s minds today being waged in a highly insidious manner that actually uses facts as a weapon to promote evil. This methodology, which is being executed almost flawlessly by the National Socialists, is to take real facts and make oneself the champion of them, to invite the subsequent persecution, but to hold to those facts for a long time. After people begn to realize in time (and this can take decades) that the facts are indeed true, that person will naturally trust the one who told them the fact, and it is at that point that the National Socialist will deliver his poison, which is to offer his “answer” to the facts, which is National Socialism.

The situation demonstrated here as is also on World Star Hip Hop’s many videos is slightly different but with the same effect. The website, having become known as an outlet to exhibit all of the dysfunction of the American black community, has been very eye-opening to people around the world because they are able to see what happens on a daily basis or in some cases, real time in these areas. When most people see this behavior, they are naturally and rightly horrified and disgusted, and their disgust and horror is simply reinforced by more videos that are continually posted by the same people who commit these acts.

America has a veritable love affair with eugenics going back to the earliest days of the nation. Eugenics in various forms defined many of the economic and social policies of the government, and while it has changed forms based on the times the essence of the evil itself has not changed. The new eugenics movement that we at have been documenting is actually the natural progression of that which has existed in the USA for centuries, except that whereas in the past it was in the form of slavery and forced sterilization, it is now described in terms of intelligence differences and biochemistry.

In order to sell his ideas, the eugenicist of the past would have to speak about and create books or presentations highlighting negative characteristics of whatever group he wanted to attack. Blacks were always a target, but so were Catholics, Jews, Italians, Greeks, Poles, Chinese, and many other peoples. The obstruction to the eugenicist argument historically was that all of these people, and especially the recent immigrants, would work very hard at attempting to “Americanize” so much that many times they became more prosperous than “native” Americans. While this prosperity did cause anger among people with nativist ideas, it also divided the eugenicists because one could not say that such people were “inferior” since they became prosperous by the fruit of their labors and did not consistently exhibit blatant acts of antisocial behavior. Even in black communities where there was considerable dysfunction (although certainly not to the extent that it exists today), they could still hide bad behavior in their own neighborhoods away from the eyes of eugenicists who would exploit it for gain.

The Internet has completely changed this because thanks to smart phones, there is a camera recording wherever anybody has a phone, which is everywhere and the majority of the population. What was once hidden is now made public, and while this is beneficial in showing the reality of what happens in the world, it also has bolstered the Darwinist arguments of people who have for a long time supported ideas such as eugenics.

The Darwinist today does not need to think up or promote negative ideas about in this case black people because the black people have made themselves their own worst enemies. By uploading all of the negative, antisocial, dysfunctional behavior that takes place in these communities, all the modern eugenicist has to do is to continue to proclaim what he has already been saying about intelligence and biochemistry because the actual difficulty of convincing people that (in this case) black people are genetically inferior has already been justified in the minds of those watching these videos. The sheer savagery, lack of compassion, inability to agree to disagree on minor issues, tendencies to violence, poor grammar, and inability to use basic critical thinking skills are all very real, and so all the eugenicist has to do is to explain this behavior in terms of the Darwinist ideas that he is promoting and people will be inclined to believe it and more.

However, this can be applied to any race, group, or people. An excellent example of this can be found in the Protestant Revolution. Nobody is going to deny that the Catholic Church during the 16th century had many problems that had built up for a long time and that the problems had traceable roots that could be solved. Likewise, Luther’s criticisms of the abuses of the Catholic Church were correct. However, what made Luther and the other revolutionaries and those who supported him and his ideas of his time evil was that he used the real facts of the corruption taking place in the Church to justify the formation of his own nationalist form of Christianity.

While facts are always facts, the danger always remains  that real facts will be used to support evil causes. Facts are important, but even more important is for what purpose such facts are being stated. Evil will always present itself as something good and beneficial, and it will use whatever facts are available to justify its causes. But just as how Jesus said that a tree is judged by the fruit it bears, so it is with these movements- their judgment is not based on what they use to support themselves, but in the conclusions they offer regardless of what supports the justify them with.

So when looking at this video from World Star, yes, the violence and dysfunction that defines black America for so many is real and needs to be addressed. However, substituting one evil for another- in this case the justification for eugenics- is always wrong because God made man in His image and likeness and not in reverse.