Archive | September 22, 2017

Major Japanese Politician Declares: ‘Japan Is Increasing Its Military Might Now More Than Ever Before Since World War Two.’

By Theodore Shoebat Major Japanese politician, Maro Taro, Japan’s Defense Minister, declared recently that Japan is increasing its military might now more than ever since World War Two. According to one report (From Newsweek): Recently appointed Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono announced Thursday that Tokyo would be seeking a greater role in world affairs, including […]

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France Just Gave Seven Hundred Kilograms Of Plutonium To Japan, Enough To Make One Hundred Nuclear Bombs. Nuclear War Is Coming

Theodore Shoebat Seven hundred kilograms of plutonium travelled from France to Japan, enough to make one hundred nuclear bombs. Its only sign of future nuclear conflict. One report states: On Thursday, a shipment of 700 kilograms of plutonium arrived in Japan after a journey by sea from the French port of Cherbourg. That’s enough material […]

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Shinzo Abe, The Prime Minister Of Japan, Wants War With North Korea, And Declares That The Days Of Dialogue With North Korea Are Over

By Theodore Shoebat Shinzo, the Prime Minister of Japan, just said that the days of dialogue with North Korea are over. Translation? Japan wants war. And its not just about North Korea, its about using the situation of North Korea as a pretext for reviving Japanese militarism. According to one report: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo […]

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Trump Declares That He Will Totally Destroy North Korea, North Korea Now Plans On Firing Nuclear Missile Over The Pacific Ocean. Japan Will Be Using This Situation To Empower Its Military And Revive Its Empire

By Theodore Shoebat Trump just recently declared that he will “totally destroy” North Korea. North Korea is now planning on firing a nuclear missile over the Pacific Ocean. This is all being used by Japan to empower its military and revive its empire. This is the subject of my latest video: Christianity Is At War, […]

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