Archive | September 27, 2017

Nazi Cult In Germany Is Murdering Children, Cutting Them To Pieces, And Conducting Human Experiments On Them, And It Is Being Paid Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars By The German Government To Do These Experiments

By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat   “Let us not cut it, but let us cast lots for it” (John 19:24). Such are the words of the malicious who, seeing the unity of the Church, the wholeness of her virtues and laws, her valor and her truth, and knowing that no one can dismember what […]

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The Counter Jihad Movement Supports Witch Doctors Kidnapping Children, Ripping Their Teeth Out, Cutting Off Their Lips And Genitals While They Are Still Alive And Sacrificing Them To Appease “The Spirits” To Get Money And Power

Times are tough in east Africa, and many people are turning to witchcraft to try and help themselves. Many times these rituals involve mutilation or human sacrifice, especially of small children: Jackline Mukisa sobbed as she described how her 8-year-old son was found in a nearby swamp in February without teeth, lips, ears and genitals. […]

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