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Major Filipino Archbishop Says ‘We Will Teach The Gospel Regardless Of What Anybody Says, And If We Die For Christ Our Voice Will Only Be Stronger’

Archbishop Socrates Villegas of the Philippines, who is famous for his standing up for Catholic teaching even if it means going against the government, said that all priests and bishops must continue to speak out against the policies of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, saying that the message of Christ must be preached and that death […]

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Chief Of Counter-Terrorism In The European Union Declares: ‘Expect More Massacres Done By Islamic Terrorists.’

By Theodore Shoebat The chief of counter-terrorism in the European Union, Gilles de Kerchove, has declared that we should expect more jihadist massacres in Europe. This, in my observation, further proves that Germany and the rest of the EU knew already that past terrorists were going to happen, and they want these attacks to happen. Its […]

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Muslim Workers At Refugee Camp Tell Christian Children ‘Convert To Islam If You Want Food Or We Will Watch You Starve To Death’

Almost three-quarter of a million Christians from South Sudan are in refugee camps right now. Most of them are starving, and many are children. A report has come out that Muslim workers are telling the children if they want food, they have to convert to Islam or they will let them starve to death just […]

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FEMA Gives Aid To Witch Shops And Strip Clubs After Hurricane Harvey But REFUSES To Help Christians, Says ‘Churches Cannot Receive Taxpayer Help Because They Preach About Christ’

After the destruction caused by hurricane Harvey, three churches are suing FEMA for refusing to offer aid because they are ‘religious institutions’ yet FEMA is freely giving money to witch shops and strip clubs: Three churches in Texas have sued the Federal Emergency Management Agency over its policy of not providing aid to religious institutions […]

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The Government Of Great Britain Passes New Eugenist Law: ‘You Are Prohibited From Claiming Tax Credits For Any Child After You Have Two Children.’

By Theodore Shoebat  The government of Great Britain passed a eugenist law, prohibiting parents from claiming tax credit for any child after having two children. According to one British journalist: In April this year the Government reformed child tax credits, introducing what is commonly referred to as the “rape clause”. From now on, a woman will […]

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Scientists Are Now Making Human Embryos In A Lab Just To Do Experiments On Them

By Theodore Shoebat Scientists are now making human embryos just to do experiments on them, under the pretext of ‘fighting disease.’ As we read in one report on this horrific war on humanity: Catholic observers and others are raising ethical questions about the work of an international team of scientists who report that they were […]

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Criminal In California Tries To Rob Items At Store, Man Offers To Pay For Them, The Criminal Gets So Mad That He Repeatedly Hacks The Man’s Skull With An Axe

By Theodore Shoebat A criminal in California hacked a man’s skull with an axe after the man offered to pay for items that he was trying to steal. According to one local report: A man who attacked a person with an ax just outside a West Hollywood 7-Eleven store on Saturday has been taken into custody, […]

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