Archive | September 13, 2017

Satan Worshipping Homosexuals Openly Are Working With Planned Parenthood To Promote Murdering Babies And Christians Are Defending Their Abominations

We warned that it was only a matter of time before groups such as satanists would attempt to use America’s “religious freedumb” laws to propagate their evil beliefs and spread murder and destruction. That is currently happening now, as satanic groups are filing lawsuits claiming that abortion is part of their ‘religion,’ and they have […]

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Muslim Mob Apprehends Mentally Challenged Christian Teen, Beats Him Until He ‘Confesses’ To ‘Blasphemy’ Against The Koran, He Is Arrested And May Be Executed

Muslims apprehended a mentally challenged Christian teen after claiming he broke a tax-collecting box placed inside a shrine. The mob beat him severely and were going to burn him alive but the police intervened. In police custody, the man ‘confessed’ under ‘interrogation’ to ‘blasphemy’ by allegedly burning pages of the Koran. He is now in […]

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Major Leader Of Planned Parenthood Admits: ‘Yes, The Majority Of The Babies We Abort Are Black Or Hispanic.’

By Theodore Shoebat The major leader of Planned Parenthood has stated that the majority of abortions are done to babies of African or Hispanic backgrounds. Its just another evidence of the eugenist ideology of Planned Parenthood. As we reads in one report from Jay Hobbs:  Like a broken clock that’s right twice a day, you […]

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Archeologists Declare That They Have Discovered The Bones Of St. Peter In One Thousand Year Old Church In Rome

By Walid Shoebat Archeologists have declared that they have discovered the bones of St. Peter in a one thousand year old church in Rome. According to one report: Bones that allegedly belong to St. Peter, one of Jesus Christ’s apostles, who is also considered by Roman Catholics to be the first pope, have been uncovered […]

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