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DACA Is Nothing Special, Many Past Presidents Allowed Immigrants To Live In The United States. The People Who Have Been Allowed To Live In America Because Of DACA Should Be Legalized. The Very People Complaining About Immigration Are The Same People Who Believe In Tolerating Homosexuality In Society

By Theodore Shoebat DACA is nothing special. Numerous presidents in the past allowed immigrants to live in the US. For the most part, since these people have been living in the US for most of their lives, and since its not their fault that they were brought into America, they should be made naturalized citizens. […]

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Israeli PM Netanyahu Makes Panicked Visit To Russia And Begs For Help From Putin

It has come out in Russian media that two weeks ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a surprise visit to Russian President Vladimir Putin while Putin was on vacation. A very senior Israeli intelligence delegation, a week ago, visited Washington. Then, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu broke into President Putin’s summer holiday to meet […]

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Islamic Terrorists Hunt Down Christians Living In Their Homes, Drag Them Out Of Their Houses And Slit Their Throats

Islamic terrorists from Al-Shabaab hunted down four Christian men, dragged them out of their homes, and beheaded them before fleeing: Suspected militants from the Somali group al Shabaab beheaded four men in two different attacks in Lamu County on Kenya’s north coast on Wednesday, authorities said, a month after 12 people were killed in similar […]

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