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The LGBT Is Complicit In The Spread Of Horrible Diseases, The Sodomy Laws Need To Come Back For The Sake Of Public Health

The Pew Forum recently released a study about the Sodomy Laws in the USA, arguing over whether or not they should be further repealed: The laws, which date to the 1980s and ’90s, vary greatly from state to state. Most impose criminal penalties on people who know their HIV status and potentially expose others to […]

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Muslim Terrorists Massacre 20 Christians Including Children And A 3-Month-Old Baby Just Because They Could

Muslim terrorists violently executed 20 Christians, including children and a 3-month-old baby. They said is was for “revenge” for the death of a Muslim child that happened over a year ago in another village and had nothing to do with the people they killed according to a report: Muslim Fulani herdsmen in central Nigeria’s Plateau […]

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Mother Stabs Her 8-Day-Old Baby In The Face With A Kitchen Knife, Says ‘God Told Me To Stab The Baby In The Face And Dismember Him Because He Is From Satan’

A woman was arrested after stabbing her eight-day-old baby in the face with a kitchen knife. She told police that God told her to kill the baby and dismember him because he was the ‘devil’s child’ according to a recent report: A mother is facing charges after police say she stabbed her one-week-old baby in […]

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Boy Begs His Parents To Become A Girl, His Parents Agree And Start Giving Him Hormones, Two Years Later The Boy Says ‘Actually I Am A Boy And Want To Be One- Stop Giving Me These Drugs’

12-year-old Patrick Mitchell went up to his parents and told them he felt like he wanted to be a girl. Simply consenting to the demands of their son, they had him medically diagnoses with ‘gender dysphoria,’ started giving him female hormones and dressing him as a girl. Well, two years later, the boy has come […]

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