Archive | September 25, 2017

Major Division Not Seen In Catholic Church For Centuries Erupts As 60 Major Catholic Cardinals, Priests, Bishops, And Laity Issue Declaration Of Heresy To Pope Francis

Sixty major Catholic Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, and laymen have signed a declaration issuing a formal “correction” to Pope Francis for preaching heretical teachings and ask him to clarify statements he has made or repent of heretical teachings. The document is the first time in at least five centuries- before the Protestant Revolution- that this has […]

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Police Bust Killer Cannibal Couple Who Have Been Kidnapping People, Dismembering Their Bodies And Eating The Remains For TWENTY YEARS

Russian police arrested a couple who have eaten at least 30 people over the last two decades. The gruesome finds included pictures the couples had taken posing with the dismembered bodies, including body parts on a food platter as well as canning human meat in jars according to a recent report: Blood-chilling photos on a […]

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