Archive | September 26, 2017

Homosexual Meets Man For Gay Sex, He Kidnaps Him And Slowly Tortures Him To Death For Seven Hours, Then Sets His Apartment On Fire To Hide The Evidence

Police have arrested at 29-year-old man following new evidence of a video which showed him torturing another homosexual man for seven hours, then as he was dying, taking a liquid, pouring it on the floor, and setting his apartment on fire to cover up his crime: A serial killer has been jailed for life for […]

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Mega Outbreak Of Anal Cancer Ravages The LGBT, Doctors Announce ‘This Is The Next Great LGBT Health Crisis And We Don’t Know How To Stop It’

HIV/AIDS was normalized in the the LGBT community because, as they admit, are the prime transmitters of HIV and AIDS due to sexual practices such as sodomy. According to scientists, there is another major health crisis that is about to befall the LGBT and they have “no idea’ how to treat it, and that is […]

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