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Muslim Terrorists Murder Two Chinese Christian Missionaries, Atheist Chinese Government Responds By Raiding CHURCHES And Arresting Christian Pastors

Two Christian missionaries were murdered this year by Muslim terrorists in Pakistan. In response, the Chinese government has done nothing about the terrorist, but instead has tried to appease Pakistan and responded by arresting pastors and raiding Churches because the atheist government ‘felt embarrassed’ that Christians were preaching the Gospel according to a recent report: […]

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Major Egyptian Christian Leader Declares ‘ISIS Is Evil, But You Must Forgive And Pray For Them Because That Is What Jesus Commanded’

Being a Christian is not easy, especially because Christ said that men have to love, forgive, and pray for all, even one’s enemies. This is whas Bishop Anba Angelos, head of the Coptic Church in the UK reminded Christians of, saying that while ISIS is horrible and evil and must be confronted, Christians must forgive […]

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The Government Of Turkey Is Now Confiscating Christian Property And Prohibiting Christians From Worshipping In Their Churches

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Turkey is now confiscating Christian property and prohibiting Christians worshipping in their churches, which have also been confiscated. This is happening in certain areas of Turkey, but soon it will be widespread. Here is the report: The severe persecution and widespread “hatred” that Christians and other minorities experience in […]

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Grown Man Cusses Out School Boy In Classroom, Threatens To Beat Him Up

In a video released from a cell phone camera, it shows a grown man cursing out and threatening to beat a young teenager in the classroom. An older teacher has to step in between the man and the boy before a fight breaks out: This video was originally posted at World Star Hip Hop, and […]

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Nigerian Gunmen Kidnap Priest And Murder Him In Cold Blood, Attack Another Priest Driving And Riddle His Car With Bullets

Rev. Cyriacus Onunkwo Nigeria has been ranked as the most dangerous place to be a Christian. Between constant fighting with Muslim terrorists, war, and robbers, being a Christian and especially a priest is a very risky proposition. Many clergy have been and continue to be kidnapped, tortured, and murdered. Such was what happened in Nigeria […]

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