Iran Announces It Has Infiltrated American Command Control Centers And Is Going To Now Test A Massive Bomb

A senior Iranian military officer has just stated that Iran has been infiltrating American Command centers and is now preparing to drop a major bomb as part of a test according to a recent report:

A senior Iranian military leader claims the Islamic Republic has developed the “father of all bombs,” a 10-ton bomb that is said to rival the United States’ ‘mother of all bombs,” or MOAB, according to regional reports.

Iranian General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp’s airspace division, claimed in an interview over the weekend with the country’s state-controlled media that Iran has developed the 10-ton bomb and has the capability to drop them from aircraft.

The announcement coincides with other saber-rattling comments by senior Iranian military officials claiming that they have infiltrated the American military.

“These bombs are at our disposal, can be launched from aircraft, and they are highly destructive,” Hajizadeh was quoted as telling Iran’s state controlled Fars News Agency.

Hajizadeh described the weapon as the “father of all bombs,” a clear reference to America’s recent use of the MOAB, of Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb, which is capable of delivering an 11-ton blast.

The comments come amid a tense standoff between the Trump administration and Iran over the landmark nuclear deal. U.S. officials have been pushing Trump to formally declare Iran in violation of the agreement, a move Iran has fiercely warned against.

The conflict over the nuclear agreement has led Iran to issue a range of threats and move forward on its construction of ballistic missiles, which could be used to carry a nuclear warhead.

Hajizadeh also claims that Iran has infiltrated the U.S. military and has sensitive documents in its possession.

“We have infiltrated into the Americans’ command control centers over the recent years,” he was quoted as saying in a television interview broadcast on PressTV, another Iranian-controlled outlet.

“We have been present there,” Hajizadeh continues, referring to U.S. command centers in Iraq and Syria. “We saw what locations they were observing and targeting.”

The Islamic Republic is gearing up to launch at least three new satellites as part of its contested space program, which is believed to provide cover to an advanced long-range ballistic missile program. (source, source)

It sounds like a major threat. After all, there has been talk for years about Iran attacking Israel with a nuclear weapon.

However, before going further, take a step back and look at this from another angle.

We recently did a piece about how Israeli President Netanyahu had a veritable meltdown and actually intruded in on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s vacation home while in order to talk to him about forming a military alliance. As we pointed out, this was due to the fact that as Israel supported ISIS along with the USA and Saudi Arabia. We have been warning that Saudi Arabia’s goose is cooked, that they are hated by most Muslims, and that Saudi Arabia’s neighbors are actively plotting to carve her up like lions to a gazelle, and that America is not going to help because America both lacks a permanent physical presence in the Middle East (one can move a military base- one cannot move an entire nation) as well as has no respect for anybody so long as they are willing to sell her cheap oil like how a prostitute will turn cheap tricks for drugs. Since Syria won the war with ISIS, this has now placed Israel into a very vulnerable position, and as she basically has no allies left in the Middle East, she is now looking to any power to help her, the nearest of which in the region is the Russians:

The real losers here are Saudi Arabia and Israel. Saudi Arabia is in decline and simply at a point of trying to hold off death, while Israel is now more isolated than ever. Unlike the Americans, there is no place for Israel to retreat to. If anything, as the article has mentioned, by he alliances and support of what were immoral and illegal conflicts in the region that have failed to garner the desired results, Israel is now forced into a position of weakness and is trying to seek out a strong power that it can ally with. Iran and Syria are out of the question, due to the Israeli government’s push for war against them, and as the article notes, the Syrians and Iranians are going to extract as many concessions as are legally possible from the Israelis. Any alliance with the Turks will be dangerous because it could reduce Israel to being an Ottoman vassal. Egypt is weak and not an option. (source)

Iran is not a world power, but it is a regional power. Iran has nuclear weapons, yet so does Israel, Turkey, and most likely Saudi Arabia. The Russians also have nuclear weapons. Iran is allied to Qatar, Bahrain, the UAE, Syria and Lebanon, tentatively to Russia, and as we have noted is building now and will be going forward to Turkey:

Turkey and Iran, though historical enemies, are working together right now to build relations in a way that has not been done in likely centuries. Qatar, while a small nation, is a major economic and political player in the region just as is the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, and all three of these nations have close ties to Iran as well as hate the Saud Family. Of all the Middle Eastern nations, Turkey is the most powerful and also the most dangerous historically speaking in the same way that Germany has been for Europe or Japan for the Far East. Turkey has the largest military, it has a younger population with respect to its neighbors, and given its imperial history, it is attempting to restore its glory days of the past, which in a Turkish context means the revival of the Ottoman Empire and all of the horrors that came with it. (source)

On the contrary, while Israel in a sense has *no* allies in the Middle East, she is allied still to the USA and Saudi Arabia, and if Israel were attacked by one of her neighbors, it would automatically start a war that would bring the full force of the USA upon the attacker, and as America has clearly shown with ISIS as well as the revolutions she started in Libya, Ukraine, Syria, and Egypt, she has no respect for human life and will utterly and mercilessly destroy by any necessary means anybody who stands in the way of advancing her goals. Not only that, but Israel has also promised that if she is ever attacked by a nuclear weapon, she will immediately fire nuclear weapons at all of her neighbors in the Middle East, something which goes back to the Six-Day War in 1967:

On the eve of the Arab-Israeli war, 50 years ago this week, Israeli officials raced to assemble an atomic device and developed a plan to detonate it atop a mountain in the Sinai Peninsula as a warning to Egyptian and other Arab forces, according to an interview with a key organizer of the effort that will be published Monday.

The secret contingency plan, called a “doomsday operation” by Itzhak Yaakov, the retired brigadier general who described it in the interview, would have been invoked if Israel feared it was going to lose the 1967 conflict. The demonstration blast, Israeli officials believed, would intimidate Egypt and surrounding Arab states — Syria, Iraq and Jordan — into backing off.

Israel won the war so quickly that the atomic device was never moved to Sinai. But Mr. Yaakov’s account, which sheds new light on a clash that shaped the contours of the modern Middle East conflict, reveals Israel’s early consideration of how it might use its nuclear arsenal to preserve itself.

“It’s the last secret of the 1967 war,” said Avner Cohen, a leading scholar of Israel’s nuclear history who conducted many interviews with the retired general. (source)

Let us also recall the situation of Turkey, who is a historical enemy of the Russian that is allied to Germany, Japan, and the USA, and tentatively allied to Israel. Turkey is looking to restore its old Ottoman empire, and as we have discussed in our series on eugenics and the “counter jihad” movement, Turkey is an old axis power that is working with its former allies of the second world war as well as the Americans to realize their vision of empire. Turkey was also critical to the US support of ISIS, as they armed and trained fighters as well funded and laundered money for the group on such a level it goes up to President Erdogan’s son-in-law, Berat Albayrak. which came out as part of the WikiLeaks scandal and can be read on the site under “Berat’s Box.”

The presence of ISIS and their subsequent destruction was necessary to cause the “refugee crisis,” which as we have discussed for well over a year now has been proven to be manufactured because the people are not just “crossing” into Europe like nomadic invaders, but they are being actually guided and in many cases directly transported by boat and vehicles into Europe by NGOs being directly funded by the Americans and the Germans:

People in the West have known for years that their governments have betrayed their trust. But in a new scandal just uncovered in what is looking like one of the biggest betrayals of trust in Western history. Gefira, a company that specializes in European politicay analysis has outed a huge scandal- there is an active collusion between dozens of major companies, NGOs, and humanitarian organizations doing the European Union’s dirty work by providing direct transportation for the millions of Muslim invaders into Europe and they are all being funded by your tax dollars and charitable organizations.

The list of organizations is formidable. These are not just obscure entities, but major organizations such as Doctors Without Borders and Save The Children. A cadre of nations are involved including not just European nations such as Germany, Italy, and Holland, but also nations such as Belize, the Marshall Islands, and Panama, and there are even some boats who act as veritable pirates, providing no identifying information in direct violation of international laws of the sea.

This is possibly the biggest human trafficking operation in modern history taking place right before our eyes. The very governments meant to protect the people the claim to represent along with like companies also who say their goals are to look out for the good of their societies have sold their souls for money and are destroying their own nations for the almighty pursuit of an easy profit. (source)

We have referenced this video many times before, but its importance cannot be underestimated. The “refugee crisis” is entirely manufactured. The “invasion” taking place right now is not an “invasion” at all, but rather an “invitation” because the Middle Eastern and African “migrants” today, as we have pointed out, have no way of getting to Europe in terms of finances or logistics. The only way they could get in is if they were directly trafficked in, which is what is happening.

Given the alliances, any war that starts in the Middle East could automatically trigger a world war. Indeed, the signs are clear that right now the world is in the process of an arms race that will bring terrible new advances to war, namely the introduction of robotic soldiers that will forever change the nature of warfare in the same way that the machine gun in World War I and the atom in World War II changed for their times.

All of these nations- big and small- are aware of this. The small ones know that if the larger nations start fighting with each other, they will be pulled into war. However, at the same time, the small one also know that if any one of them makes a rash move, in the interest of avoiding a greater conflict the larger nations may back off and let the smaller one suffer the consequences of its actions.

This can be seen today in the situation with North Korea. As we laid out, there are one of three scenarios as to what is going on- (a) Kim is acting out on his own, (b) Kim is being paid by the Chinese and the Russians to act out, or (c) the Americans and the Japanese are paying him to act out. Our assessment is the most likely answer is (c) because if Kim actually were to attack Japan, it would automatically start a war with the Americans and the Japanese, and since neither the Russians nor the Koreans are looking to start a war, they would either back down and allow North Korea to be destroyed or else they would take initiative and invade North Korea themselves. Either way, Kim would be destroyed and likely put to death. Kim doesn’t want to die, and he is not going to do anything to give up his power. As we noted, it is likely that he is acting out this way at the initiative of the Americans in order that the USA might have a justification to permit for Japan to re-arm itself as part of the coming Turco-Aryan alliance that we have discussed:

North Korea knows full well that it cannot defend itself against a foreign army. It does not matter if it is the Russians, Chinese, or Americans- he is the leader of a sick and sad nation that is already collapsed and waiting to be overrun. China has already said that if Kim attacked China they would invade, and Russia would back her. North Korea would not attack the USA because while he may be crazy, he is not about to give up his power, and any attack on ANY American military installation would be used automatically as a causus belli by the USA- one only needs to look at the absolute lying and fabrications the Americans did to invade Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, and were trying to do with Iran using false “color revolutions” and fake attacks, including the fact as we have repeatedly pointed out that ISIS was fully funded and trained by the USA with Israeli and Saudi help.

Think about a scenario like this. The Americans go to North Korea. They give Kim a huge amount of money, promise him all of the dress-up anime prostitutes and unlimited visits with Dennis Rodman that he wants. They tell him that he can keep his power. They even help him with his nuclear program and tell him “fire a nuclear weapon over here- we will watch and make sure it does not hit anything.”

The effect of this would be exactly what we see happening with Germany and Turkey. Germany and Turkey’s public spat is just a farce meant to justify remilitarization, and it would not be any surprise that North Korea and America/Japan’s spat is also a farce meant to push for the remilitarization of Japan as part of the Turco-Aryan alliance, which the USA is directly helping in the formation of.

Again, one can only speculate, but given the fact that the USA created North Korea’s nuclear program, that he is firing missiles and we have not invaded him but instead there is being made a push for the rearmament of Japan makes this entire situation highly suspicious. As mentioned, if North Korea were to attack a US base, they would be immediately invaded and destroyed by the USA. Why not simply then maintain the “threat” of a North Korean attack and just use the fear generated from it to empower Japan? (source)

Iran, like North Korea, is in a similar situation geopolitically. If Iran were to actually attack Israel, it would set of an automatic war with the USA and Israel, and it is possible that Russia, Turkey, or both would overrun Iran and destroy it even before the US could. Either way, it would mean complete and utter destruction for the Iranians. Iran knows this, and there is no way they are going to attack Israel because there would be too much at stake for them to lose, especially in light of how Israel has been aggressively trying- and failing- at getting the USA to invade Iran. Likewise, Israel can say it is going to attack Iran all they want, but they will not for the same reasons. The USA would likely abandon them, and Iran and her allies- including Russia- would jump on Israel, and at that point it would not matter how many nuclear weapons they have or do not have. They would not be able to remotely win a war against all of their neighbors and major foreign military powers.

So if Iran knows that it cannot start a war and win, and Israel cannot start a war and win, what is going on here?

The answer lies with former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Look at Ahmadinejad. He was known for his bombastic statements, expressive gestures, and general flamboyancy. However, he never actually started or even attempted to start a war in any way. In fact, one may argue he actually worked aggressively to avoid a war while giving the impression he was about to do something.

Do you see what he was doing?

Ahmadinejad was doing on an international and political level what people do on online message boards by posting obscene, shocking, or irrelevant yet provocative statements, photographs, or videos to upset the atmosphere in question without actually destroying the integrity of the board itself.

Ahmadinejad was trolling Israel and America. Except instead of on a message board, it is just political.

As mentioned above, Ahmadinejad knew there would be no way for him to win a war in the current context. Likewise today, it is almost impossible that the Iranians have “infiltrated American control centers.” Please. If this actually happened, the USA would have already set up a false flag attack or generated social unrest in order to cause an internal revolution like what happened in Syria, Ukraine, Libya, and Egypt. Iran isn’t controlling any US military centers just like how Ahmadinejad was not the Muslim antichrist that the American conservative media portrayed him to be.

Make no mistake, I am not saying that Ahmadinejad was a good man or Iran is not a potential threat . We are clear that Iran is a threat in terms of its alliance with Turkey as we have discussed before. 

What I am saying is that like Kim in North Korea, he is not stupid. These people understand very well how international politics work, they are just as power hungry as anybody else, and they are not about to commit suicide. They know their strengths as well as their limits. After seeing how aggressive the USA has been in the Middle East and around the world, and knowing that the USA is looking for any reason to overthrow or invade Iran, that nation is not about to do anything to give the USA a reason to invade. Since they have no other means of recourse if they were attacked, knowing the could not survive an invasion, it is to their advantage to harass the USA and Israel and just aggravate them while explicitly avoiding anything that could actually start a war, and using every legal opportunity to press them into a corner but without going any further. A case in point is with ISIS- Iran used the US support of ISIS to bolster its prominence, solidify regional allies, and now extract concessions from Israel without ever having needed to launch a military attack against that nation or the USA.

If Iran is going to attack any nation in an aggressive way, as we have noted, it will most likely be in an alliance with Turkey, which as we have discussed is part of a Turco-Aryan union with American support. That said, outside of a situation such as this any “rogue” attacks would be veritable suicide. However, that is not the context of the current story.

This story is a good exercise in international relations in a practical sense. Iran has not infiltrated anything other than the minds of Americans and many other people who, while rightly understanding the potential threats at stake, overestimate the nation to be something more than it is, playing off of people’s fear and exaggerating them to their political benefit. They are not going to be dropping bombs on American allies in the Middle East other than verbal bombs meant to explode in the minds of people who do not see through the greater picture of what is taking place.

There is nothing to see here, just another troll.