Major Japanese Politician Declares: ‘Japan Is Increasing Its Military Might Now More Than Ever Before Since World War Two.’

By Theodore Shoebat

Major Japanese politician, Maro Taro, Japan’s Defense Minister, declared recently that Japan is increasing its military might now more than ever since World War Two. According to one report (From Newsweek):

Recently appointed Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono announced Thursday that Tokyo would be seeking a greater role in world affairs, including a boost in its military force in response to a mounting nuclear crisis between its ally, the U.S., and longtime foe, North Korea.

Speaking at Columbia University in New York, Kono said Japan would continue to expand its international presence since “rising from the ashes of the war more than 70 years ago.” Japan has kept only a modest self-defense force after being defeated by Allied, mostly U.S., forces in World War II and has largely relied on post-war security agreements with the U.S., but threats from nuclear-armed North Korea have compelled lawmakers to push for new laws giving Japan more freedom to defend itself and potentially even launch a first strike.

“Japan is assuming more responsibility in the area of security and defense than ever before, Japan has increased its defense budget for five consecutive years, upgrading our defense capability, such as Japan’s ballistic missile defense system, ” Kono, who was appointed to his post last month, told his audience.

“Furthermore, we are prepared to do more to contribute to the stability of the world. Recent security legislations have enabled us to expand our security cooperation with the U.S. and other partners,” he added, including China and Russia as potential players.

Our colleague, Andrew Beiszad, recently wrote on North Korea and how the fears being fomented are being spread deliberately to help Japan. Its relevant that I post his article here:


Lots of people are upset about North Korea. They see their leader, known for haircuts as strange as his personality, firing large and nuclear weapons around Japan, an American ally.

However, before being pulled into a state of fear, anxiety, or calling for giving lots of weapons to Japan or invading Korea. Let’s take a deep breath together and think critically before acting. God gave us mind to think with, and while feelings are important, man is not an animal. He has a mind to think with and that is what he must use first.


Let’s address the state of North Korea first.

North Korea is a very, very poor and backwards place. The nation has sealed itself off from the world since 1953, and like Cuba, North Korea exists in a veritable state of suspended animation. But unlike Cuba, the nation is even more isolated with no natural resources, no industry, and scarcely any agriculture. Food shortages are widespread, almost all of the 25 million people are desperately poor save the army, which is about the only way to guarantee oneself a meal, and hence is the reason why it is over a million people strong, because they buy weapons with what little money they have instead of investing in food production.

The only two nations that North Korea has any direct relations with are China and Russia. Otherwise, they are pretty much by themselves. They have nothing, and is enough for the majority of people to get through life while staying alive because of the food problems. This does not even mentions issues of technology or urban development, because for most people it does not exist as they are completely impoverished.

North Korea’s biggest problem is getting food. That is a problem not going away any time soon.


Let’s address the North Korean army

As mentioned above, the army is over a million people strong. However, the people join so they can get a hot meal since food is such a big issue. Well fed nations are able to fight others. A starving nation fights just to stay alive.

A North Korean man gathering grass to eat. As mentioned above, these people can barely feed themselves, even in the army. Starving people worry about their next meal, not about taking over countries much stronger than they are on the other side of the world.

The North Korean army is armed by primarily by surplus weapons supplied from China and Russia. These are mostly used AK-47s or AK-74s, and associated grenade launchers and rocket launchers. They have a small air force, made again of old Soviet and Chinese aircraft. Likewise, the North Korean navy is of about 780 small ships and is a strictly brown-water navy, meaning they operate withing 50 KM of North Korea’s borders.

North Korean soldiers pushing a broken down military vehicle. Yet this is a common occurrence in the North Korean military. It is an utter joke to think that the North Koreans could even successfully attack a US military base, let alone invade the USA, with equipment like this.

Some people are scared that North Korea might try to “invade” America. However, does one really think that an army made up of used military surplus weapons, technology of which dates to almost a century ago, is going to be able to launch a World-War II style D-Day invasion of ANY state in the USA? Given that the USA provides military defense to South Korea and Japan, does North Korea ever actually stand any change against the US military, let alone the Chinese or Russians? Given America’s highly aggressive attitude towards attacking nations it wants to invade for political purposes such as Ukraine, Libya, Syria, and Iraq, does one not think that if the US actually saw North Korea as a real threat or something that she wanted to invade that she would have not found a justification to invade already?

A war between North Korea and the USA would be the equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel, and North Korea would be the fish.


Let’s address the nuclear weapons issue.

North Korea has nuclear weapons. We know this to be a fact. However, the question is: How did this country, which is dirt poor and whose military is comprised of starving people with last century’s weapons and technology, get modern nuclear power? Clearly it had to have been given to them, and as we have clearly pointed out on, it was none other than the USA and former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld working with American businessmen who sold and set up North Korea’s Nuclear Program:

North Korea is in no position to attack anybody. Their ruler is a petty man who for all purposes seems to view North Korea as his personal playground, and for most of his life he was more concerned with indulging himself in childish fantasies. Yes, he has nuclear weapons, but former American Defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld himself was involved in the transaction. This was no accident, just like how the rise of the Taliban and ISIS were no accident either. These things were done with the purpose of manufacturing a specific outcome. In the case of North Korea, we are seeing that with the anti-Russian and anti-Chinese statements coming out of the Trump administration, the purpose is clear, that “North Korean aggression” might be used as a flashpoint to trigger a war against the Chinese and even more importantly as far at the US is concerned, against the Russians. (source)

North Korea’s nuclear program came from the Americans. It was an American gift to them from Donald Rumsfeld, the same man who was part of the Bush administration that named North Korea as part of the “axis of evil.” They make nuclear bombs because the USA gave them the ability to do so and helped them to make these weapons.

Donald Rumsfeld, former Defense Secretary who sold North Korea its nuclear program.

All this talk about how “evil North Korea” got nuclear weapons was because the USA gave them the means to. It was not an accident, and it was not considered an act of treason because that was done in accordance with official policy .

This nuclear exchange was not a secret, and it was a publicly acknowledged transaction. Donald Rumsfeld was not prosecuted for treason, so this was clearly a GIFT from our government to the Kim government.


Let’s address the recent nuclear missile firing from the article above.

Here is a picture from the article of the missile pathway:

Here is a picture of the location of all the US military bases in Japan:

With the exception of one small air force base in Misawa, the entire US military presence in Japan is in the south near South Korea.

Here is a picture of the population density in Japan:

Judging by the missile path, the missile passed over scarcely a strip of land in Japan that is both sparsely populated and is the least populated area in Japan.

Likewise, note this missile was shot from Pyongyang, and the path it took was very far out of the way from where the majority of the population of Japan lives.

If Kim really wanted to “scare” the USA or Japan, why would he not shoot this missile over a WAY OUT OF THE WAY path when he could shoot it from a much shorter path where more people would see it and it would garner the effect of scaring people?


Notice there is a consistent theme that people are supporting, and that is that Japan needs to defend itself against North Korea.

But isn’t that what the US is supposed to do?

Yes, unless there is a greater plan here.

If you look back through the archives, you can read as we wrote the following warning that Japan is attempting to bring back its old empire and is looking for a reason to justify re-arming itself so it can return to its hegemonic ways of conquering its neighbors, namely China and Korea but also parts of Russia and they will use North Korea as the justification for rearming her:

On account of fears about Russia, China and North Korea, the Americans will break the chains imposed on Japan and thus enable them to revive their military strength. This is reflected in recent statements by Donald Trump in regards to fears about North Korea. Donald Trump, who is very likely to be the next president of the United States, has suggested that Japan be allowed to have nuclear weapons in order to keep the North Koreans in check. The United States, according to an agreement made with Japan, is suppose to be the aid of Japan in the case of any military conflict that would put the Japanese in danger. Donald Trump does not want to follow the initial plan, but rather it appears that he will allow Japan to fight out any conflicts on its own. (source)

This fits exactly into the Turco-Aryan union that we have been warning about, which is the unholy alliance between the Aryan nations of Germany and Iran alongside the Turkic nations of Turkey and Japan to form a Eurasian, nationalistic empire in which they would share power with each other and control the majority of the world’s people.

We wrote on that Germany and Turkey, while they are being presented today as “enemies, are actually very close friends and historical allies going back to the Fall of Constantinople, as it was Germans who helped destroy the Byzantines by selling weapons to the Turks. It is a fact that people do not like to discuss, but it was Turkey who provided major financial support to Luther’s Protestant Revolution and later to Protestant mercenaries waging war against the Catholic Church. The support was so great that it became known as a phenomenon called “Turco-Calvinism.” It was Calvinist Protestants who helped the Turks take over Hungary and well as who fought AGAINST the Christians and for the Muslims. Turkey and Germany remained allies through the First and Second World War. As we have pointed out in our exclusive articles at Turkish and German industrial complexes and finance go together like a hand in a glove.

The entire “spat” between Merkel and Erdogan is a farce. Their “argument” is just for public consumption like a reality TV show- it’s all scripted. The reality is that Turkey and Germany are best friends and economic powerhouses who are working together to rebuild their old alliances. Likewise, since Japan is a mutual ally, they have all been working together in recent times, just like during the Second World War. The collaboration is so great that Japan is right now working with Germany to create the world’s largest free trade zone while they are helping Turkey to build nuclear weapons:

Recently, the Foreign Minister of Turkey, Mevlut Cavusoglu, in a joint press conference, declared that: “Japan is our biggest economic partner in the Asia-Pacific region,” indicating the deep economic relationship between Japan and Turkey.

Cavusoglu expressed his praise for Japanese industries for their current building of the Sinop Nuclear Power Plant on the Black Sea. Cavusoglu also stated that currently steps are being taken to create the Turkish-Japanese Science and Technology University, which was approved in the Turkish parliament this year on June 12th.

The plan for the creation of this university goes back to 2014, when Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Shinzo Abe met together in a meeting to discuss the erection of the Sinop Nuclear Power Plant, in which they agreed to the establishment of the institute. That they agreed to this in a meeting on the creation of a nuclear power plant in Turkey is not coincidental. The university will be built in Istanbul and will only accept an elite select group of post-grad and doctorate students, and they will learn “nuclear science and reactor engineering, architecture, construction and earthquake engineering.” Japan will be paying $100 million for the construction of the university, while Turkey will be providing the land owned by the State near the Sabiha Gökçen Airport. (source)

Germany, Japan, and Turkey are reforming their military alliances and engaged in a massive arms race right now. The US knows this as does China, Russia, and certainly North Korea.

North Korea knows full well that it cannot defend itself against a foreign army. It does not matter if it is the Russians, Chinese, or Americans- he is the leader of a sick and sad nation that is already collapsed and waiting to be overrun. China has already said that if Kim attacked China they would invade, and Russia would back her. North Korea would not attack the USA because while he may be crazy, he is not about to give up his power, and any attack on ANY American military installation would be used automatically as a causus belli by the USA- one only needs to look at the absolute lying and fabrications the Americans did to invade Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, and were trying to do with Iran using false “color revolutions” and fake attacks, including the fact as we have repeatedly pointed out that ISIS was fully funded and trained by the USA with Israeli and Saudi help.

Notice that we have not done the same with North Korea yet as with these countries. Why? There are three possible explanations.

First is that North Korea is actually conducting tests and making displays of force towards Japan on its own. This is entirely possible. However, as noted above, it is all talk because any attack- even if a waste chunk of metal from a missile explosion lands on Japanese or Korean soil- it will be used as a reason to start a war. As mentioned above, this would be suicide for Kim.

Second, North Korea is being paid to conduct tests and making displays of force towards Japan because the Chinese and the Russians are compelling them to do so. This is highly unlikely because as with above, any even slight attack on Japan, if it could be proven came from Chinese or Russian influence, would be an immediate cause for war, and as we have mentioned, neither China nor Russia want a war with the Americans or especially their historical nemesis of Japan.

Third, is that North Korea is being paid to conduct tests and make display of force towards Japan because the Americans and even possibly the Japanese are compelling them to do so.

Think about a scenario like this. The Americans go to North Korea. They give Kim a huge amount of money, promise him all of the dress-up anime prostitutes and unlimited visits with Dennis Rodman that he wants. They tell him that he can keep his power. They even help him with his nuclear program and tell him “fire a nuclear weapon over here- we will watch and make sure it does not hit anything.”

The effect of this would be exactly what we see happening with Germany and Turkey. Germany and Turkey’s public spat is just a farce meant to justify remilitarization, and it would not be any surprise that North Korea and America/Japan’s spat is also a farce meant to push for the remilitarization of Japan as part of the Turco-Aryan alliance, which the USA is directly helping in the formation of.

Again, one can only speculate, but given the fact that the USA created North Korea’s nuclear program, that he is firing missiles and we have not invaded him but instead there is being made a push for the rearmament of Japan makes this entire situation highly suspicious. As mentioned, if North Korea were to attack a US base, they would be immediately invaded and destroyed by the USA. Why not simply then maintain the “threat” of a North Korean attack and just use the fear generated from it to empower Japan?

North Korea is a toothless tiger, a joke of a nation run by a joke of a leader. But Japan is no joke. If Japan remilitarizes, which she is actively working towards doing right now, then it will just be another step towards a third world war and all of the horrors that came with it.

A Russian woman taken captive and experimented upon by Japanese war criminals during World War II. Under the command of Dr. Shiro Ishii, who was later exonerated of all crimes and employed by the Americans after the war, during the war thousands of Korean, Chinese, and Russian people were vivisected, tortured, and dismembered alive in the name of bizarre “science experiments” conducted by Unit 731, which was the Japanese equivalent of the German Aktion T-4.

Look well on this photo, because this is what re-arming Japan will lead to.