Denmark And Iceland Have Become Absolute Nazi Nations, As They Are Exterminating All Children With Down Syndrome

By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat

Denmark and Iceland have become absolute nazi nations, as they are exterminating their entire Down Syndrome populations. As we read in one report:

A conservative law group has accused the abortion industry in countries like Iceland and Denmark of carrying out “evil eugenics,” pointing to very high abortion rates for unborn babies with Down syndrome in a statement before the U.N.’s Human Rights Council.

Doctors in Iceland have disputed the international media’s coverage of the abortion situation in the country, however.

“The abortion industry is once again using abortion to accomplish an evil eugenics agenda worldwide. One nation even claims to have used abortion to eradicate Down syndrome — proudly slaughtering innocent babies,” the American Center for Law and Justice wrote on Wednesday, referring to Iceland.

The ACLJ reported that its affiliate, the European Center for Law and Justice, has delivered an oral intervention at the 36th regular session of the U.N. Human Rights Council, speaking out on the plight of unborn children affected with Down syndrome.

The ECLJ told the Council of the Durban Conference in paragraph 73 from the report of the World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, which declares that states must take measures “to prevent genetic research or its applications (…) from being used for discriminatory or racist purposes.”


James Dobson, a Christian psychologist and founder of Focus on the Family, suggested that Iceland is practicing “Nazi-era eugenics.”

Why are parents, specifically mothers, wanting doctors to slaughter their children if they have Down Syndrome? Its because in these eugenist societies, human beings are seen as resources. If someone is seen as ”useless’ then they are seen as worthy of death. In the Nazi extermination camps, it was not all just, “Lets kill people for fun.” Rather, it was pure utility. ‘This person is not useful for our factory,’ they would say. ‘He cannot work any longer. Therefore he should not live.’ Nazi scientists did experiments on humans because people were seen as disposable resources for the purpose of profit. It did not matter if they killed millions of people, as long as your industry or factor made profit, you were on the right.

These poor children being butchered in Denmark and Iceland are the victims of a profit obsessed society. Since people with Down Syndrome are seen as a nuisance, or as not resourceful, they then are deemed as worthy of death. And the society applauds this, because the whole religion of the land is profit and capital gain. Countries like Iceland and Denmark are nations possessed by the protestant obsession with financial gain. In the death camps of Protestant Nazi Germany, only those who could work, could live. If someone died while working (and this happened innumerable times), then that was his own fault because he could not work. If someone could not work, then it was better to kill them because they were no longer a means to financial gain. “For the desire of money is the root of all evils” (1 Timothy 6:10).

Why do I say Protestantism? Because with Protestantism came the ignoring of the Church’s order not to make money through sinful means, and that included doing commercial deals with anti-Christian or Islamic governments. Hence why many Protestant Northern European merchants, and merchants from Catholic nations who no longer cared about what the Church had to say, made much money from doing deals, even selling slaves, to the Ottoman Empire.

With the decline of Christendom came the rise of industrialism. Profit was put on a pedestal at the expense of virtuous valor. Hence, in the 16th century, with the rise of Protestantism, the gradual cultivation of nationalism, and the indifferentism of much of the Catholic States, we find France, Naples, Venice and Genoa, making alliances with the Ottomans for commerce; we find Calvinist Hungarians fighting Catholics with Ottoman favor; we find the Calvinist Dutch attacking Catholics in Tunisia; we find the French making military incursions in alliance with the Ottomans against Catholic Christendom; we find Dutch pirates capturing Christians for sex trafficking (selling both women and young boys) under both the Dutch flag and the Crescent banner of the Ottoman Empire.

The Dutch protestants even chose to continue profiteering with the Ottomans, and made trade with them right in the same proximity wherein Catholic slaves were held in Muslim ships.

This was the mark of the rise of commercialism and industrialism, and the shift towards the slow death of Christendom. Remove Christendom, and you are left with the worship of industry and profit.

Hence why, today, we have major pharmaceutical industries and financial companies that are making profit from the murder and the experimentation on unborn children. Its all reminiscent to how the Nazi death camps depended on the innovations of its major medical and engineering companies, as well as major banks both in Germany and in the US. Where there is industrialism, there is genocide.

As merchants in the 16th century and beyond did not mind making money from the Islamic slave trade, so today the Northern European nations like Iceland and Denmark, which left the Church, do not mind slaughtering Down Syndrome children for the cause of profit. Since the way by which they value human life is financial, then human life is no longer innately sacred. Only money is sacred, and doesn’t matter if the blood of millions of enslaved people are killed at the altar of profit.

It is the Malthusian evil of these demonic elites who view themselves as gods that sees humanity as a resource for one’s own gain. Which is why the whole of Germany’s industries and financial institutions were involved in the Nazi Holocaust: to make money. The SS became a2 government organization that sold slaves from Nazi occupied territories to industries. It had Jewish slaves, slaves from Poland, Ukraine, Russia and France. Big companies like IG Farben bought the slaves, and the work camps for these industries were looked after by SS guards who took pleasure in slaughtering people who could no longer work. The Nazi death camps were all part of the belief in seeing man as purely a utility.

“Let us not cut it, but let us cast lots for it” (John 19:24). Such are the words of the malicious who, seeing the unity of the Church, the wholeness of her virtues and laws, her valor and her truth, and knowing that no one can dismember what God hath joined together (Mark 10:9), desire to conquer and extinguish the light that dispels the darkness. In their war against humanity, their aspiration is the destruction of all that is good, of mercy, of charity, of justice. But will the world ever listen? Perhaps not, perhaps just a few. 

In the name of order, they bring disorder; in the name of law, they bring lawlessness; in the name of objectivity, they bring nothing but uncertainty while describing every one of their deceptions with full certainty; in the name of justice, they bring injustice. Like shadows lingering on a wall that is gleaming with the flicker of a candle, they wish to eclipse every glimmer of hope. “Let our strength be the law of justice: for that which is feeble, is found to be nothing worth.” (Wisdom 2:11) These are the words of the enemies of God and mankind, who boast themselves as being men of justice, being so filled with themselves that they vie to destroy humanity itself. These words of evildoers, which we learn through the inspired Solomon, are the words of the modern eugenist movement. This extensive research is the beginning of a series on how this verse from King Solomon is a prophecy and how it will be fulfilled. 

We deceive ourselves, thinking today that Nazism and eugenics are dead. We fool ourselves with marketed cliches, such as “Never again,” thinking that never again will there ever be another holocaust done by Germany. We reduce the image of the Nazi to what we have seen in Holocaust movies, while the nazis of today walk around with white lab coats, their faces bearing smiles and their mouths speaking of “science” and “human innovation”.

We think that Germany, Turkey and Japan will never unite again. We ignore the historical truth that Germany united with Turkey in World War One, and with Japan in World War Two, and think that this will never repeat again. Yet, as we shall show in this series, there is a racial ideology — pan-Eurasianism — that the German government is advancing to help strengthen the alliance between Germany, Turkey and Japan.    

While the world today is fixated on rumors of wars with North Korea, or controversies within football, they ignorantly slumber before the extremely organized, well funded and professionally operated elitist organization, that is both an occult group and a major eugenist cult. It is directed and funded by the government of the country that started Nazism: the German government. 

This establishment contains highly revered scientists who conduct human experiments, and are part of a network: evil scientists, engineers and dark ideologues, that operate from all throughout Europe, Turkey, Asia and the United States, having connections with the highest echelons of political power, from the CIA to the tops of the German government. This is the Max Planck Institute, the scientific wing of both the German government and the European Union. The Max Planck Institute is directly funded by both the German government and the European Union which give the institution hundreds of millions of dollars. As the Institute itself says:

“The German federal government together with the state governments each assume half of the funding for the budget of the Max Planck Society (budget A). … In addition to the grants provided by the German federal government and its states for institutional support, the Max Planck Society and its institutes receive project funding from the German government and state ministries, from the European Union, grants from private individuals, in the form of membership fees, donations and remuneration for services rendered.” 

Above is a direct image from the official Max Planck Institute website

Why is the world not talking about this? Why is the only site exposing this cult? The current news headlines obsessing over North Korea and other things, are merely there to distract people from the reality of the eugenist elites that are ushering in Armageddon and another mass Holocaust.

This article is Part 1 of a series never before done, exposing and revealing the not talked about evil and diabolical experiments and occultism of this sinister organization. This series will reveal that Nazism never left Germany, but was simply repackaged by the guise of ‘respectable’ modern science. We are not speaking of nice scientists doing simple research, but demons in lab suits.

I began researching the Max Planck Institute after reading on how they are holding the brains of tens of thousands of people with deformities who were murdered in the Nazi Holocaust. I wrote an introductory article to this series on the Max Planck Institute back in July. In this we discussed on how the Max Planck Institute was involved in atrocities during the Holocaust, when it was called the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute. After the Second World War, it was renamed as the Max Planck Institute, and made relations with the CIA which invested a deep interest in its research on the human brain and nuclear science. The Max Planck Institute continued its studies on the brains of Holocaust victims, keeping their “research” under the radar.

However, in the 1980s, the Max Planck Institute decided to take this collection of brains of victims killed from 1933 to 1945, and bury them in a Munich cemetery. When the year 1990 came, the Max Planck Institute built a memorial for the victims, and in 2001 issued an apology for its involvement in Nazi human experiments and for its research on the brain samples after the Second World War. But, as it turned out, this was all for show. For, in just the year 2015, it was revealed that 24,000 pieces of brain tissue, from Holocaust victims, are still within the storage rooms of the Max Planck Institute. Now, instead of burying them, the modern day nazis at the Max Planck Institute have decided to “study” the brain samples, as if they want to resume from where the old Nazis left off. And if we can’t call the Max Planck Institute Nazi, because supposedly that was just in the past, then we can’t use the argument that American conservatives rightfully use, and say that the KKK were Democrats.

After reading and writing about all of this, we have decided to make a thorough investigation on the Max Planck Institute, what evil experiments they are conducting, who is funding them, and how they are at the forefront of developing nuclear weapons for Germany.

This is Part I of this long series on the Max Planck Institute, revealing how eugenics never left, but continues on and is thriving tremendously.






While the Max Planck Institute pretends that their keeping of and studying on the brains of Holocaust victims is all being done for “science,” they are heavily involved in slaughtering and experimenting on human babies. We know for a fact that the Max Planck Institute is involved in taking tissue from babies that have been murdered through abortion. Planned Parenthood sells the organs of the babies they murder in the womb to scientists who do their evil experiments on them. Well, the Max Planck Institute is one group of eugenist scientists that does experiments on the tissue of slaughtered unborn children.

In 2015, the Max Planck Institute scientists took part in an experiment in which human brain tissue, taken from aborted babies in Germany, was studied on. The babies were twelve to thirteen weeks post conception, and their condition was even checked through ultra-sound before being slaughtered. Their brains were taken from the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus at the Dresden University of Technology which worked in harmony with the Max Planck Institute in the human experiment. In the official report, it reads:

“Human fetal brain tissue was obtained from the Klinik und Poliklinik für Frauenheilkunde und Geburtshilfe, Universitätsklinikum Carl Gustav Carus of the Technische Universität Dresden, following elective pregnancy termination and informed written maternal consents and with approval of the local University Hospital Ethical Review Committees. Fetuses were 12–13 wpc as assessed by ultrasound measurements of crown-rump length and other standard criteria of developmental stage determination. Human fetuses were placed on ice immediately after abortion, and neocortices were dissected in ice-cold Tyrode’s Solution.”

Image of report written by Max Planck Institute scientists

The entire experiment was approved by the Max Planck Institute, and the official report on what took place gives us the names of the Max Planck Institute scientists, some of whom have high positions in the group, who were involved in the support of this human experimentation. The report reads:

“Research involving human tissue and human embryonic stem cells was approved by the Institutional Review Board of the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, composed of the following people: Jussi Helppi (Chair, Head of the Animal Facility), Barbara Langen (designated veterinarian and animal welfare officer), Ronald Naumann (Head of the Transgenic Core Facility), Anke Münch-Wuttke (Animal Care Expert), and Ivan Baines (Chief Operating Officer, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics). In addition, the Universitätsklinikum Carl Gustav Carus of the Technische Universität Dresden Ethical Review Committee approved the research with human fetal tissue … Human fetal brain tissue (12–13 wpc) was obtained with ethical approval following elective pregnancy termination and informed written maternal consents.”


Notice that many of these scientists listed as approving the use of murdered human flesh are animal researchers. Why? Because they see human beings as animals worthy of nothing but their own sadistic ideas.  The experiment was a study on the genetics of the brains of the babies that were killed. The scientists observed the neocortexs (which they refer to as “human neocortex specimens”) of the babies’ brains, and analyzed the genetic make up of their cells. The report from the scientists reads “we first dissected the cellular composition and lineage relationships in human fetal neocortex. We analyzed 226 single-cell transcriptomes from 12- and 13-wk postconception (wpc) human neocortex specimens …and performed principal components analysis (PCA) on all variable genes (variance > 0.5) expressed in more than two cells to survey cell diversity in this dataset”. Notice the callous way of writing when describing how they dissected the babies that they murdered. It is no different than how the Nazi scientists of old would write on their human experiments.

There is an image taken by the scientists illustrating the deconstruction of “cell composition in the fetal human neocortex”, with an explanation on the experiment:

Should it surprise us that this Max Planck Institute is involved in experiments on unborn humans now, when they they were doing experiments on already born people during the Nazi Holocaust? It should not cause us to marvel that the Max Planck Institute is still holding the brains of the Holocaust victims they murdered, when they are still taking the brains of unborn children today. One of the reasons why the Max Planck Institute is doing experiments on babies is because they can get away with it. If they could, these evil scientists would not hesitate to commit atrocities on already born people. 


After the Second World War, the idea that certain peoples are descendants of a superior Aryan race became taboo. To hide their eugenist beliefs, a new type of race theory had to be pushed, that of the neanderthal. The eugenists of our time now say that certain peoples — Europeans and Asians — are the result of “ancient humans” mating with neanderthals, and that Africans are of a different level of human evolution since they are absent of neanderthal blood. By having neanderthal blood, Europeans and Asians gained genetic advantages, become fitter for climates outside of Africa. These race theories are being elusively pushed today. For example, John Anthony Capra of the Vanderbilt Genetics Institute, recently stated:

“We hypothesize that roughly 50,000 years ago, when the ancestors of modern humans migrated out of Africa and into Eurasia, they encountered Neanderthals. Matings must have occurred then. And later.

One reason we deduce this is because the descendants of those who remained in Africa—present day Africans—don’t have Neanderthal DNA. … Maybe those of us of European heritage should be thinking, ‘Let’s improve their standing in the popular imagination. They’re our ancestors, too.'”



It is for this strange obsession about neanderthals that the scientists at the Max Planck Institute will murder and experiment on unborn children. The Max Planck Institute scientists, when explaining why they conducted the horrid experiments described above, say they did so to find out the neanderthal genes that cause certain diseases.

Such ideas are truly bizarre, akin to the weird beliefs in the Third Reich. The scientists dissected the brains of unborn babies in order to supposedly extract genes and inquire more into genetic disorders they believe somehow originated through ancient humans from Africa having sexual intercourse with neanderthals many millennia ago. As the report states:

“We next collected genes that …encode proteins with fixed amino acid changes in modern humans since divergence with Neanderthals (modHuman) … are mutated in human genetic disorders affecting neurogenesis (OMIM; …are located nearby evolutionarily conserved sequences that have been specifically lost in the human lineage (hCondel) … and …are nearby human-accelerated regions overlapping brain-accessible chromatin (haDHS)”

The human experiment was conducted to supposedly learn more about neurodevelopmental diseases, or disorders that impair the growth of the brain or the central nervous system. They dissected the brains of infants murdered through abortion, for the purpose of studying diseases, and to learn more about darwinian evolution. The report states:

“Elucidating the cellular and molecular basis of human neocortex development and evolution has profound importance for understanding our species-specific cognitive abilities as well as our susceptibility to neurodevelopmental diseases.”



Murder, human experimentation and Darwinism; such are the same evils the Max Planck Institute did to people during the Holocaust, in which they took the brains of their victims. Social-Darwinist Nazis murdered disabled people to take their brains and study them; the Max Planck Institute kept the brains, and still wants to study them; and now, they are taking the brains of unborn children for the reason of studying human “evolution.” As long as the Social Darwinist religion is imprinted in the souls of people, genocide, human experimentation, and the degradation of human beings to the level of farm animals will always ensue.

Take notice that these evil experiments done on babies are being conducted for their diabolical studies on the “neanderthal.” This obsession with the neanderthal is, in reality, a repackaging of old race theories. Just as the Nazis made their pride about being Aryans into a religion and a cult, so today the Max Planck Institute wants to make a religion out of the neanderthal. 

They believe that Neanderthal DNA is found mainly in Europeans and Turkic peoples in the Altai Mountains. Scientists of the Max Planck Institute say that DNA from these humanoid creatures called Neanderthals help people adapt to cold climates, and they even say that Neanderthal genes give the ability to stop smoking. 

These scientists teach that humans, hundreds of thousands of years ago, who migrated out of Africa, entered “Eurasia,” or Europe and Asia, and encountered a strange race of beings, humanoid creatures that looked something like the monsters from the Time Machine. These humans from Africa had sexual relations with these humanoid creatures, and from this point began the development of the European and Asian races.

With their neanderthal genes, white and Asians were able to adapt to the cold and to various diseases. This mixing of human genes with Neanderthal genes, is described as “introgression” or the transferring of genes from one species to the other. This introduced what is called “alleles” or a gene that arises through mutation. Through this mutation, coming from humans having sex with neanderthals, Europeans and Asians are better adapted to cold climates and certain diseases. As bizarre as this sounds, the Max Planck Institute believes this, and are pushing such ideas for their own eugenist agenda.

There is a paper written by Janet Kelso, a researcher for the Department of Evolutionary Genetics at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, for a study funded by the Max Planck Society, on Neanderthal DNA in humans, of which she was a leading director. In this paper it reads, with unnecessary complex language (code talk to sound intelligent in order to cover their evil scheme):

“Archaic humans, who lived in Europe and Western Asia for more than 200,000 years, were probably well adapted to this environment and its local pathogens. It is therefore conceivable that modern humans entering Europe and Western Asia who admixed with them obtained a substantial immune advantage from the introgression of archaic alleles.”   

Janet Kelso

The paper goes on to say that genes from these “archaic humans” or neanderthals provide immunity against parasites, fungi and bacteria:

“Here we document a cluster of three Toll-like receptors (TLR6-TLR1-TLR10) in modern humans that carries three distinct archaic haplotypes, indicating repeated introgression from archaic humans. Two of these haplotypes are most similar to the Neandertal genome, and the third haplotype is most similar to the Denisovan genome. The Toll-like receptors are key components of innate immunity and provide an important first line of immune defense against bacteria, fungi, and parasites.”

The Max Planck Institute also talks a great deal about the “Denisovan genome,” or genes that come from another humanoid creature, the “Denisovan,” which they have conceived in their warped minds. These other humanoids, Denisovans, as they say, mated with people in Papua New Guinea. The DNA from these humanoids, Neanderthals and Denisovans, made people stronger and more adaptive. According to the paper from the Max Planck Institute, “interbreeding with Neandertals and Denisovans contributed alleles to the modern human gene pool.” To these modern day Darwinists, “humans entering Eurasia” “benefitted from the introduction of alleles that existed in archaic humans who were well adapted to the environment.”

The same paper says that Tibetans have genes from the Denisovan humanoid creatures, and, as these eugenist scientists write, this shows “to confer altitude adaptation in Tibetans”. This work of modern day eugenist literature says that these ancient humanoid genes have “been shown to have some signatures of recent positive selection in certain non-African populations” and that this includes an “innate immune system” that  “provides a first line of defense against pathogens and is involved in the early detection of micro-organisms as well as in the activation of the adaptive immune response.” This “innate immune system”, the paper reads, is “known to detect bacterial, fungal, and parasite components”.

The report states that Neanderthals distributed their genes to “the ancestors of all non-Africans,” and “the ancestors of present-day Asians” and that these Neanderthal “haplotypes” “are largely restricted to populations outside Africa”. The publication affirms that Neanderthals were living in Europe and Western Asia (which is Turkey, the Arabian peninsula, Iraq, Iran, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan) and transmitted their genes through sexual intercourse with humans, and that this provided these people with a genetic advantage. 

“Neandertals lived in Europe and Western Asia for more than 200,000 years and were probably well adapted to the environment and local pathogens. It is therefore conceivable that admixture with Neandertals contributed alleles that conferred a substantial immune advantage on modern humans expanding into Europe and Western Asia. The presence of not one but three distinct introgressed haplotypes, whose sequences are closer to the genomes of two different archaic humans, suggests that maintaining these introgressed alleles is likely to have been advantageous.”

These scientists, as their own publication says, observed the remains of two ancient persons found in Stuttgart and Loschbour, which they claim to be seven to eight thousand years old, and assert that Neanderthal genes is in them. They also studied the remains of Ust’-Ishim man from Siberia, which they claim is 45,000 years old, and affirmed that he too had Neanderthal blood. 

Getting beyond all of the pseudoscientific claptrap, from this way of writing, its obvious that they are elevating the European and Asian races by distinguishing them in their description of whites and Asians as being the only ones with this special DNA that came from these mythological beings. Notice which races they mention: Europeans and Asiatics, specifically the Turkic people of the Altai mountains. The elite scientists of Germany are designing a scientific ideology by which to make distinct the Turkish, Middle Eastern, and and Indo-European races. This is pan-Eurasianism (the elevation of the European and Asian races) cloaked by bizarre pseudoscientific theories. This is the Nazi, Islamic and Turkic alliance taking form.

As the Nazis murdered and dissected people for the cause of their research on the Aryan race, these Max Planck scientists are also murdering and dissecting unborn babies for the cause of their neanderthal studies. In the future, these very types of people will be doing the same atrocities to already born people.

Svante Pääbo, a genocidal homosexual and Swedish scientist who heads the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, in an interview talked about how neanderthal genes gave people outside of Africa, such as Asians and Native Americans, “advantageous” genetic adaptations.

Svante affirms that Asians and Native Americans, from their ancestors having sex with these humanoid ape like creatures, received a genetic variant that gives them the ability to endure starvation, and he continues on to say that because of this, when Natives and Asians eat too much they will get a type of diabetes that is innate within their own genetic makeup. In this belief, Natives and Asians don’t get diabetes because they are weak, but because they are going against their genetically strong neanderthal genes. Svante also says that eighty percent of all Tibetans have these neanderthal genes, and that when Asians received these advantageous genes, the genes rose “to high frequencies”. In other words, people outside of Africa, Asians and Europeans, inherited a superior genetic disposition since their ancestors had sex with humanoid creatures in far antiquity. Its something straight from a science fiction novel. To quote Svante:

“some genes that are involved in regulating the immune system … have been contributed from neanderthals and relatives of neanderthals in Asia to present day people. And one can easily imagine that that has to do with that these modern humans came out of Africa and meet these groups that have lived for several hundreds of thousands of years in other environments and have adapted to infectious diseases there. When they then mix a little bit and genes come over that are advantageous to fight those infections, they rise to high frequencies that are advantageous. There is a risk variant that they found this January, for Type 2 diabetes, a type of diabetes you get at old age that is high frequency in Asia and in Native Americans, that also come from neanderthals. One can easily imagine that that is some adaptation to starvation; to store energy better, and today we get diabetes when we store energy too well, we eat well all the time. … people in Tibet who live on the high plateau in Tibet are adapted to living at a low oxygen tension there have gotten a variant that helps with that ability from relatives of neanderthals that we have discovered, these denisovans in Asia. And 80% of Tibetans have that [genetic] variant today. …genes come over from these other groups, some of them are advantageous, and will then rise to high frequencies, and will actually have its impact.”

Svante Paabo

Notice how many times this nazi uses the word, “advantageous” when writing on how Asians and European inherited neanderthal and denisovan genes. Its all about trying to push this idea of an advanced human, distinguished by his ancient overman genes. That Svante is both a homosexual and a Darwinist is not coincidental. Sodomites are very genocidal people, and many of the Nazis were homosexuals themselves. The hatred for human life is ingrained in the callous hearts and reprobate minds of those who God has given up. Do not forget what St. Paul wrote, that those who leave the natural use of the women are “filled with all iniquity, malice, fornication, avarice, wickedness” and are “inventors of evil things” (Romans 1).

To the depraved and fantastical mind of this perverted Darwinist, people have inherited genetic advantages because their ancestors had sex with anamorphic humanoid creatures. There is a mythology here that they are trying to develop and advance. It appears like a sci-fi novel. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the non-Africans mated with these stronger, more robust humanoid creatures, and from this lineage came the European and Asian races. This is what these people believe. Paabo describes the neanderthal as robust and adaptive, and says that everyone who has neanderthal blood inherits advantageous genes. The neanderthals become these ancient super creatures, and their ancestors, the Europeans and the Asians, become their supermen descendants.

Continuing on in expressing his dark science fiction fantasy, Paabo says that neanderthals are not totally extinct, but still live in all non-Africans. In an interview, Svante said: 

“I think in general people are quite fascinated by the fact that neanderthals are then not totally extinct, if you’d like. They live on, a little bit, in many of us today, if your roots are from outside Africa.”

This perverted sodomite then goes to say that “40% of neanderthal genome is still around.” The interviewer then asks, “All good qualities I’m sure”, to which Svante says, “Absolutely.” The idea that only non-Africans have this special humanoid neanderthal blood, is said under the guise of “science.” But the reality is that its pure eugenist. If humans first began to evolve in Africa, as they say, then the underlying message is that Africans are still at a lower stage of evolution, and that Europeans and Asians, because their descendants left Africa, mated with neanderthals and inherited “advantageous” genes, evolved to a higher level of the Darwinist hierarchy.

In the pseudo-science of these devils in the elite circles of the church of natural selection, the Africans are still stuck in an early stage of human development, while Europeans and Asians have the robust genes of the neanderthal. In fact, the Max Planck Institute believes that the people who migrated out of Africa were not humans, but a different species of human, and that humans, as we know them today, appeared only after their ancestors mated with neanderthals, and modern human beings became their spawn. Its pure science fiction fantasy, but this is what they’re promoting; its their mythology, their religion. Since “modern humans” came as a result of “ancient humans” mating with neanderthals, then that means that Africans are still lower than present day humans. 

The New York Times did a piece, in 2017, on the work of Johannes Krause, the director of the Max Planck Institute for Human History in Germany, in which they explain how the Max Planck Institute says that humans did not really appear until they were spawned as a result of humanoid creatures coming out of Africa and mating with neanderthals:

“In a study published Tuesday in Nature Communications, Dr. Krause and his colleagues report that Africans did indeed walk out — over 270,000 years ago.

Based on newly discovered DNA in fossils, the researchers conclude that a wave of early Homo sapiens, or close relatives of our species, made their way from Africa to Europe. There, they interbred with Neanderthals.

Then the ancient African migrants disappeared. But some of their DNA endured in later generations of Neanderthals.

‘This is now a comprehensive picture,’ Dr. Krause said. ‘It brings everything together.’ 

Years ago, Dr. Krause and his colleagues started their search for ancient Neanderthal genes in a fossil by looking for mitochondrial DNA. After discovering mitochondrial DNA in some fossils, they later managed to find nuclear DNA.

The genes held some surprises. For example, bits of DNA in living people of non-African ancestry come from Neanderthals. When modern humans expanded out of Africa, they seem to have interbred several times with Neanderthals.

Those children became part of human society, passing on their genes.”

Johannes Krause

According to the Max Planck Institute, “early Homo sapiens, or close relatives of our species” left Africa and mated with neanderthals and thats how humans in Europe came to be. But what of the Africans? They did not mate with neanderthals, as the sodomite Svante Paabo affirms. So, therefore, in the minds of these evolutionists, Africans are in an inferior state of evolution.

Anytime one brings up Darwin’s racism to the evolutionists, they will recognize Darwin’s racist beliefs, but argue that we should not throw the baby with the bathwater and that we should still believe in evolution. Yet the reality is, the racism of Darwin is still being advanced. The Darwinists at the Max Planck Institute preach this racism in a very cunning way, but they are still teaching, in this elusive and sneaky manner, what their prophet, Charles Darwin, taught, that there are different types of humans, and in this teaching, that whites and blacks are different humans. Darwin believed that soon the “civilized races of man” — or the superior humans — will exterminate the inferior races — or the lower humans — those who he deemed as “anthropomorphous apes,” or creatures who have both human and ape like appearances. This extermination of the inferior beings of the human species, according to Darwin, would bring man to “a more civilized state,” in that he will evolve through the slaughter of the lower peoples. Read the words of Darwin, the hero of these modern “anthropologists,” and know that they are but mouthpieces for genocide:

“At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate and replace throughout the world the savage races. At the same time the anthropomorphous apes, as Prof. Schaafhausen has remarked, will no doubt be exterminated. The break will then be rendered wider, for it will intervene between man in a more civilized state, as we may hope, than the Caucasian, and some ape as low as a baboon, instead of as at present between the negro or Australian and the gorilla.”(1) 

Now, instead of being proud about one’s “Aryan blood,” you can be proud about your “Neanderthal blood.” It is the old Nazi race theories, remarketed as nuanced science. As the Nazi theorists made the Aryan race into a religion, so today the Max Planck Institute wants to make the Neanderthal into a religion.

Jean-Jacques Hublin, the director of the Department of Human Evolution for the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, sees evolutionism, with the focus on the neanderthal, as a new mythology, with its own creation myth, stating:

“You can see the field of human evolution like a sort of substitute for mythology, a myth of origin. Of course its a science, but it has this mythological dimension also.”

Jean-Jacques Hublin

What such insidious people desire is domination over the world, to create their own kingdom, their own messiahs, their own empire, their own prophets and mysticism. Wherever man is seen as an animal, there will always be a hierarchy who will treat him worse than an animal. Anyone who is obsessed with evolution, is obsessed with death. For in this insidious belief, through death and genocide, the genetic makeup of man advances to a superhuman state. 

The Max Planck Institute, by fragmenting humanity, splitting man in their own sick mythologist fanaticism, between those who are neanderthal and those who are not, present mankind as though it has different forms of people, as if the African is a different species, simply because he does not have the blood of a creature whose existence was conceived in the minds of sinister fellows, false prophets whose dismal religion will usher in a dark era, an era that we have seen before, only it will be darker, devoid of the light of true faith, filled with technocratic doctrines and evil sciences.    


If you don’t believe that this ideology is dangerous, or that it is a belief system that leads to genocide, then lets go to the fact that Svante Paabo himself has partaken in murder, in human experiments, just like the Nazis.

 In 2016, Svante and his team of Max Planck scientists, including German scientist Barbara Treutlein, did an experiment to compare the human brain with the brain of an ape. In conducting this experiment, the good researchers needed a human brain, so they took human brains from unborn babies, murdered through abortion. They published a paper on September 26 of 2016, documenting their findings, entitled, Differences and similarities between human and chimpanzee neural progenitors during cerebral cortex development. The title has a fancy name, but its all a way to intellectualize the genocidal agenda behind it. By normalizing the making of comparisons between humans and apes, human beings become nothing. This is exactly what they demonstrated in the experiment, for the scientists took the brains of slaughtered unborn children, who were 11-13 weeks in development. Svante was a major figure for the sinister experiment, as the document, which names him as just “SP,” writes that he authored the paper itself and conducted much of the experiment itself: “SP, Conceived the study, Designed the experiments, Provided intellectual guidance in the interpretation of the data, Wrote the paper.”

The report describes the use of murdered human babies as such:

“Human fetal brain tissue (11–13 weeks post conception (wpc)) was obtained with informed written maternal consent followed by elective pregnancy termination, and neocortex was dissected at room temperature, as described previously (Florio et al., 2015). Research involving human fetal brain was approved by the Ethical Review Committee of the Universitätsklinikum Carl Gustav Carus of the Technische Universität Dresden (reference number EK100052004). In addition, research was approved by the Institutional Review Board of the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics.

Mice were kept pathogen-free at the Biomedical Services Facility of the MPI-CBG. … All experiments using mice were performed according to the German Animal Welfare Legislation.”

Murdered baby at over 20 weeks of development. The Max Planck Society is murdering children at this age

Babies are treated as material for experiments in a lab, but mice are treated with care, “according to the German Animal Welfare Legislation.” What is this but a manifestation of the very evil of the Nazis of old? The Nazis cared for animals more so than they did humans, with Heinrich Himmler expressing his hatred of hunting with these words: “Its pure murder.” (2) As Chesterton said: “Wherever there is Animal Worship there is Human Sacrifice.” And this is what you are seeing here done by the despotic and eugenist establishment of our time, the Max Planck Institute.

For this diabolical experiment, the Max Planck Institute received the brains of the unborn babies from one Richard Leon Sidman of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Imagine that, a Jew is providing the brains of murdered children to German scientists, who are also holding the brains of Holocaust victims. It just goes to show, evil has no race. In the document, the Max Plank Institute names him as “RL” and writes: “RL, Provided human fetal tissue, Provided information relevant for the interpretation of the data.”


Sidman has been involved in the use of unborn human children for experiments, for quite some time. In 2007, Sidman was part of a team that took the bodies of unborn children murdered through abortion, extracted their brain cells and injected them into the brains of monkeys that had been infected with Parkinson’s disease. The experiment was recounted in a report:

“In the current study, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers isolated stem cells from the brains of aborted fetuses and grew them into large numbers in the laboratory. The cells were then injected into the brains of monkeys with a severe form of chemically induced Parkinson’s disease.

Before the treatment, the animals couldn’t walk unaided, struggled to use their hands and were sometimes unable to move at all. But two months afterwards, they could walk, feed themselves and move more normally. “They’re not as good as normal monkeys, but the improvement is still dramatic,” says team-member and neuroscientist Richard Sidman from the Harvard Institutes of Medicine, Boston, Massachusetts.”

Even when governments outlaw the making of human embryos in State laboratories, these government labs will simply purchase embryos from private labs in their own countries or abroad.

Robert G. Edwards, the British scientist who made the first test tube baby, and a member of the British Eugenist Society, spoke of this reality:

“Recent ethical decisions mirror those emerging over preparing human stem cell lines in Bourn Hall. The same ethics engulfed the US president and government, and now the German government (Ludwig, 2002), who opposed using human blastocysts for making embryo stem cells in governmental laboratories. They decided instead to purchase them from private clinics or from abroad.”

When asked how related we are to apes, Svante Paabo said, “I don’t think there’s any way to calculate a number… In the end, it’s a political and social and cultural thing about how we see our differences.”

Did you read that one? The whole idea of trying to make a relation between humans and apes is politically motivated. It is ideological, and at the same time a manipulative strategy to get society desensitized to genocide and human experimentation. Evolutionism is nothing but a scam, advanced by scientists so that they could change societal norms, become the moral authorities. As David Berlinski, a secular Jew and a mathematician who rejects evolution as a fraud, explains:

“Academics throughout the Western world form a native conspiracy class, and they are very akin to a criminal class. … Darwinian theory was accepted in the academic world way before it entered the public relations world (the world of media, the world of newspapers and television), and it was accepted because it was a form of power. It was an advantageous acquisition to be able to say, ‘Well, you guys out there in the Bible belt don’t understand a thing, but we understand life.’ Knowledge is power in the academic world and that was a devastating acquisition. But more so, since it allowed academics to pave a cultural war against religion. A rival center of power.”

By getting people to believe that we came from algae or primates, atrocious crimes like homosexuality, cannibalism and genocide can be declared as acceptable by the new prophets of natural selection, since according to them, such evils are natural. These wicked and conniving reprobates will at first pretend to be objectively focused on science, but then, once they gain a foothold in society, they will leave science and begin affirming transgressions against morality. For example, Richard Dawkins is a scientist, but he will also defend cannibalism, homosexuality and euthanasia. Darwinism is an extension of the protestant revolt against the Church. If Calvin rejected the Sacraments of the Catholic Church, then Darwin rejected the story of creation taught in the Scriptures. The end result is death.   

In our next issue of this series on the Max Planck Institute, we will get into the Nazi roots of the institution, we will also show further details on its current day human experiments.

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(1) Darwin, Descent of Man, vol. i, ch. vi, p. 193

(2) See Goldberg, Liberal Fascism