Shinzo Abe, The Prime Minister Of Japan, Just Dissolved The Lower House Of The Japanese Parliament. And The Japanese Government Now Wants To Create A Cashless Society And Establish A Digital Currency. Be Prepared For The Coming Of The Antichrist

By Walid Shoebat & Theodore Shoebat

Shinzo Abe just dissolved the Lower House of Parliament, which is a major shift in the political situation in Japan. Shinzo Abe and his Nazi Japanese nationalist pagan partners are taking over Japan. According to one recent report:

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has dissolved the lower house of the parliament ahead of a snap election.

The poll, announced on Monday and which comes a year early, which will take place on 22 October.

Mr Abe is seeking a fresh mandate amid a rebound in his approval ratings and the ongoing North Korea nuclear crisis.

The right-wing hawk became prime minister in 2012, and his Liberal Democrat Party (LDP) leads a ruling coalition that controls the Diet.

On top of this, the Japanese government has approved that by 2020 it will have a cashless society with digital currency, which is all part of the eugenist transhumanist agenda, pushed by major eugenist industrialists like Peter Thiel. As we read in one report:

A consortium of Japanese banks are set to launch a new national digital currency in a bid to wean citizens off cash, the Financial Times reports.

The FT says that a consortium led by Mizuho Financial Group and Japan Post Bank plans to launch the new digital currency in time for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

For years has been warning you on the rise of militarist and imperial Japan (click here, here,  here, here, here) And for years, the media has been putting doubt on this prospect, by saying that Shinzo Abe is not liked by his people or that he is losing popularity. But Abe and his nazi nationalists just keep on advancing and destroying the democracy that America established after the Second World War, and replacing it with their envisioned nationalist government.

For years we at have been forewarning on the evil trio of Turkey, Japan and Germany, facing much criticism and ridicule for our affirmations. This is another step towards this very trio, which will be filled with devisings of genocide, eugenics, racialism, heresy and the occult. has been discussing the horrific atrocities that were conducted by Japan, with its killing of millions throughout East Asia, and its diabolical experiments which were done by Imperial Japan’s Unit 731 (atrocities which Shinzo Abe denies). Well, all of this evil will be happening again.

Also, at, we have been warning about the rise of pan-Asianism, or the elevation of the Japanese, Turkic and other Asiatic races, and about how Japan is currently working to build a nuclear facility in Turkey, thereby helping their Turkish ally have nuclear weapons. Last night we wrote a very in depth piece on how Germany’s Max Planck Institute — the scientific wing of the German government — is pushing evil race theories to promote pan-Eurasianism.

Just days ago posted on how France gave seven hundred kilograms of plutonium to Japan, which can be used to make one hundred nukes. But this is nothing, given the fact that Japan in 2012 possessed 44.3 tons of plutonium, 9.3 tons of which were kept within the country, while 35 tons were kept abroad in countries like the United Kingdom and France. This is enough plutonium to create more than 5000 nuclear bombs.

Just this month, wrote on how there is currently forming an alliance between Turkey, Japan, Germany and Hungary. You know what this means? The revival of the Ottoman Empire, Imperial Japan, militarist Germany and a Magyar Hungarian government akin to that which formed within the Austro-Hungarian Empire which fought in alliance with the Ottomans and Germans in World War One.

Fanatic religion, filled with the spirit of the Antichrist, is rising up. Sufi Islam and Turanism (Turkish nationalism) is growing immensely in Turkey. In Japan, as we have been saying for years, militarist Mahyana Buddhism and Japanese nationalist religion (filled with Shintoism), is being openly promoted by Shinzo Abe and other politicians. Shinzo Abe’s Social Democrat Party is in coalition with the Komeito Party, which is the Japanese Buddhist party, on which we have also been writing for years as well. Komeito is part of the Soka Gakkai Buddhist cult, which is extremely wealthy and politically powerful. The current governor of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, was a member of the Diet members’ group to promote Yasukuni Shrine visits where politicians and other Japanese worship the souls of Japanese war criminals who butchered millions, with Abe fully supporting doing the worship himself. Shinzo Abe is a major figure within the Nippon Kaigi cult which wants to revive Sun worship and emperor worship in Japan. All of this is a sign of a coming major nuclear war.

Shinzo Abe is paralleling his Turkish partner, Erdogan, who as we said, is working to completely dissolve the parliament. But Abe is getting to this goal faster than Erdogan, it seems, dissolving already the Lower House of Japanese Parliament. The evil trio of Japan, Germany and Turkey, is becoming more and more apparent. The prophet John saw three impure spirits that looked like frogs and which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty. (Revelation 16:13-14) These three frogs could just be this evil trio.


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