The Islamic Government Of Turkey, And Its European Allies, Are Making Plans On Committing Mass Genocide Against Christians, And Enslaving Entire Populations, And They Are In The Process Of Creating Killer Robots To Slaughter Human Beings

By Theodore Shoebat & Walid Shoebat

The rise of eugenics is not just being led by people in the West, but in the East as well, in pagan Shintoist Japan, in Sufi Muslim Turkey and the Middle East. The evil elites conspire for the next mass genocide, creating killer robots under a network of the technological elite. This is no conspiracy theory. President Eisenhower himself warned about a technological elite taking captive democracy.  

Amongst the greatest delusions of our time is that humanity will never see a world war again. Myriads of stories surround us, all as distractions to cover our intellects from what is truly occurring: the rise of diabolical superpowers, like Turkey, Japan and Germany, and alongside all of these governments, the emerging of eugenics and genocidal aspirations, to the interests of these superpowers. To quote Pope Francis, “the world once more is at war and is preparing to go even more forcefully into war.”

All three of these powers are with the technocracy, or the use of technology to establish power over other human beings, even so far as to enslave and exterminate, all so that an elect body of people, in the name of their cults, may stand on an illusional summit of godhood, and declare with the Antichrist, “I will be like the most High.” (Isaiah 14:14)

In our deep investigation on the rise of eugenics and the revival of German militarism, we have done three articles on Germany’s most prestigious scientific institution, the Max Planck Institute, and how it has Nazi roots, is eugenist and currently conducts experiments on human embryos. This article will now be going into more detail on the eugenist network, the corporations involved; how militarism is surging back to prominence; how the technocracy, pharmaceutical and biotech companies are bringing the world to another mass genocide, and on how deep this rabbit hole really goes.

This is part 4 of our series on the Max Planck Institute (If you have not read the first parts, here is the Introduction, part 1 & part 2, and part 3)






Section 1:


America was warned about the technocracy going all the way back to President Eisenhower. Many remember Eisenhower for his 1961 Farewell Address in which he warned against a “military industrial complex,” right after his warning about this in the same speech, Eisenhower warned:

“… In holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.”

These words caught the attention of someone very close to Eisenhower, Herbert York, the director of the Research Engineering Department at the Pentagon. York wrote:

“Scientists and technologists had acquired the reputation of being magicians who had access to a special source of information and wisdom out of reach of the rest of mankind”

Eisenhower was warning that the military industrial complex, which is deeply intertwined with the scientific technological elite, will be preventers of peace, and thus would bring us back into major war. In the mid-1960s, York visited Eisenhower and asked him on what he was referring to when he mentioned the technological elites.

Herbert York

“I asked him to explain more fully what he meant by the warnings, but he declined to do so,” recounted York. “I pressed this line of question further by asking him whether he had particular people in mind when he warned us about the ‘the danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.’” Eisenhower gave York two names: “(Werner) von Braun and (Edward) Teller [father of the hydrogen bomb].” (See Jacobsen, Operation Paperclip, part 5, ch. 20, pp. 378-379)

Werner von Braun was a major Nazi technocrat who oversaw the enslavement of tens of thousands in the construction of the V-2 rockets that devastated Europe in the Second World War. According to V-weapon historian Michael J. Neufeld: “The SS began, in effect, a rent-a-slave service to firms and government enterprises at a typical rate of four marks a day for unskilled workers and six marks for skilled ones”.

Werner von Braun

Slavery was part of industry, as it is today. As the Nazi Hans Kammler told his staff in charge of the slaves digging tunnels: 

“Pay no attention to the human victims …. The work must proceed and be finished in the shortest possible time.”

Hans Kammler

Such are the words of the technocracy, the placing of machine over human, taking no regard for the sacredness of life, but only fixated on power by any means.

On May 6th, 1944, Georg Rickhey, the general manager for the German company, Mittelwerk, convened a meeting in which was present Werner von Braun, to discuss the most efficient way to continue the flow of slaves for hard labor. It was agreed in the meeting that a further eighteen hundred skilled French workers would be brought in to replace the slaves who were worked to death. Von Braun never objected. (See Jacobsen, Operation Paperclip, part 1, ch. 1, pp. 15-16)

Georg Rickhey

It was this Nazi, Werner von Braun, who would eventually come to America after the war, under the protection of the United States government, to conduct areospace research and such activities would lay the foundation for the current day technocracy that we now see in the United States, be it in Silicon Valley or in other places.

The military industrial complex, and the technological scientific elite, are leading the way in making nations that were once considered enemies of humanity, become even more powerful, all the while making them out to be our friends. The world began to see this not too long after the Second World War. Not so long after so many millions died in that horrendous conflict, the elites of the United States wanted to make sure that the dollar would remain supreme.

They needed countries who would keep the dollar powerful, through their own currencies, in Asia and Europe. Which countries did they pick? Germany and Japan, the very enemies that hundreds of thousand of soldiers gave their lives away to defeat. The US picked these two nations, reindustrialized them, and made them economic powerhouses so that the German and Japanese currencies could back up the American dollar. For this reason, Germany is the most powerful country in Europe, and Japan the most powerful in Asia. (See Varoufakis, who explains this very well in his book, And The Weak Suffer What They Must?)

Turkey is the most powerful country in the Middle East, and in the entire Islamic world, for similar reasons as to why Germany and Japan are so powerful. As we have said numerous times, Turkey’s military superiority goes back to Operation Gladio, in which NATO secret service agencies worked with Turkish Nazis and armed Turkey to the teeth all under the pretense of defending the Middle East against Russia. 

Turkish soldiers

Whether it is Turkey and its Sufi ideology of reaching a demonic state where one can say, “I am god” as was taught by the Sufi wizards; whether it is Japan with its Shinto Buddhist cult of emperor worship and removing all moral accountability while committing murder; or whether it be the social-Darwinist ideology of the Western Europeans who “have forsaken the covenant of the sanctuary” (Daniel 11:30) and who, like the Nazis of old, put profit, science and technology above the sacredness of human life — all of these errors and evil beliefs are coming back at their most intense states, leaving behind them, not betterment nor light, but fields of dead bodies and darkness.

It is this subject that this article so intensely focuses on. The rise of eugenics is not just being led by people in the West, but in the East as well, in Japan, in Turkey and the Middle East. The eugenist conspiracy of our time, and the current rise of fascist superpowers, are being done through a network consisting of very powerful corporations, governments and leading figures of the technocracy, such as the elites of Silicon Valley.



The president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, met with Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, and a major Silicon Valley figure. The two got together to talk about some of Turkey’s biggest technological companies working with SpaceX to launch Turkish satellites using Musk’s technology.

Erdogan with Elon Musk

This meeting took place just a few days after five major Turkish businesses, under Erdogan’s urging, discussed the creation of a Turkish automobile. The launching of Turkish satellites Turksat 5A and Turksat 5B, is an enterprise that Turkey plans on accomplishing by 2020 and 2021. The satellites will be launched using SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets, under a $500 million agreement between Turkey and Musk’s company.

A meeting was held in which Türksat, Turkey’s sole communications satellite operator, signed an agreement with Airbus, and SpaceX was a sub-contractor in the agreement. Turkey’s Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, was present at the meeting and said:

“Our friends decided to launch our satellites with the Falcon 9 rockets of Airbus sub-contractor SpaceX, and I congratulate them”

Ahmet Arslan

According to one report the agreement was signed “by Airbus Defense and Space Systems France President Nicolas Chamussy, Airbus Defense and Space U.K. Managing Director Colin Paynter, TÜRKSAT Chairman Vecdi Gönül and TÜRKSAT General Manager Cenk Şen, along with Minister Arslan.” Chamussy said:

“We are also very happy to be a long-term partner of this agency [TÜRKSAT]. It is also an exciting day for Airbus and Turkey because we are here for the future of TÜRKSAT 5A and 5B satellites”

Chamussy also remarked:

“The TÜRKSAT 5B satellite will be built at facilities located in Ankara. Institutions such as ASELSAN will make important contributions to this project regarding parts to be produced in Turkey …We promise to realize this technology with TÜRKSAT and Turkish partners in France at exactly the right time and performance. We all look forward to the launch in 2020.”

Nicolas Chamussy with German chief executive of Airbus, Tom Enders

Here we have European industry helping Turks in advancing in their military. But how is this different from the past? How is this different from when German and Hungarian engineers created the cannon for the Ottoman Empire that the Turks would use when taking over Constantinople? There is no difference. From Renaissance clothing to modern suits, the spirit never changes.

Elon Musk came to Turkey last week on Wednesday, and was received in the presidential complex in Ankara, to talk about the launching of the Turkish satellites. Erdogan’s spokesperson, İbrahim Kalın, said:

“Elon Musk came to Turkey to discuss the launching of the TÜRKSAT 5A and 5B satellites”

İbrahim Kalın

Also present in the meeting was Turkey’s Science, Industry and Technology Minister Faruk Özlü, and Ahmet Arslan.

Faruk Özlü

SpaceX is launching Turkish satellites for one ultimate reason: military technology, technology that is only going to assist in the reviving of Turkish power, that is, the Ottoman empire. We look at cell phones and think its just a nice gadget, but how little do we know that every mechanism within a cellphone is designed for the purpose of military technology. Will war ever happen again? To reference George Friedman, we carry war in our pockets every day.

Earlier this year we wrote an article on how SpaceX is helping the militaries of both Germany and Japan by providing the rocket technology to launch their satellites. In a 2013 report, it says that SpaceX will be providing the launching services for the German military’s satellite system, “SARah,” which will be operated by the German armed forces (Bundeswehr).

The satellites will be provided by Otto Hydraulic Bremen or OHB, a major German technology company that works for the European Union, and will be launched into orbit in 2018 and 2019. In 2016, SpaceX launched the Japanese CSat-16 satellite. Its interesting how this parallels to how in the 19th century, the Americans taught the Japanese about coal power, and how this helped Japan become the preponderate nation of East Asia that would eventually take a seat in the table of superpowers when it defeated Russia in 1905.   

While launching satellites is an exciting spectacle for the masses, behind the curtains are all of the discussions on how such technology will be used for killing people. We know this from the reason as to why Japan launched its Hayabusa satellite in 2010. While it seemed like great innovation for Japan, the Hayabusa launch was done for military purposes. “That’s the behind-the-scenes reason Japan decided to develop Hayabusa,” says Toshiyuki Shikata, a former lieutenant general in Japan’s military and currently a Teikyo University professor and Tokyo Metropolitan Government adviser. “It sent a quiet message that Japan’s ballistic missile capability is credible.”

From what we have been reading regarding the future of warfare, war will not just be with guns, tanks and planes, but with robots as well. Both the Turks and the Germans are working on creating killer robots for the battlefield. The German government’s top scientific institution, the Max Planck Institute, hired a Turkish engineer by the name of Metin Sitti, from the University of Istanbul, to help in the development of killer robots. In one document from the Max Planck Institute, it states that Sitti wants to design small robots that will have the capabilities “to perceive, act and learn autonomously in response to a complex environment based on their physical design, processing, adaptation, reconfiguration, self-organization, and control.”

Metin Sitti

In 2015, Sitti hosted a conference for the Max Planck Institute in Stuttgart, for Korean engineer Kyu-Jin Cho, on military robots. In a Max Planck report on the event, Cho said:

“In this talk, I will give an overview of various soft bio-inspired robotic technologies and some of the robots that are being developed at SNU Biorobotics Laboratory. These soft robotic technologies will be helpful for robots that need to perform in rough or uncertain environments with a limited size, such as military robots and biomedical robots.”

While Elon Musk was in Turkey, he went onto Twitter and quoted a line from Kamal Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish Republic. The quote from Ataturk stated: “If one day, my words are against science, choose science.” This echoes from the Muslim prophet Muhammad who has a quote attributed to him: “Seek science, even in China.” Ataturk’s dangerous fixation on science (which led him to accept Darwinism), then, is not contrary to Islamic culture.  Musk also visited Ataturk’s mausoleum, posting a photo of it and writing a poem that praised Ataturk’s military battles:

I placed the flowers

Three broken ribs
A pierced lung
And still he fought
For peace at home
Peace in the world

Elon Musk is an ardent atheist, and here he is praising Ataturk — a Turkish eugenist and darwinist who supported and partook in the Armenian Genocide — for his devotion to “science.” If there is one historical person that all of the Turkish elites respect, its Ataturk, even though he himself was not a fundamentalist, but a Darwinist, and to see this Silicon Valley technocrat praising this mass murderer as one who “fought” for “peace in the world” it leads us to foresee nothing good coming out of this.

In this article we show how evils were done, and are still being done, all in the name of science, by major corporations and governments, and how this evil will accompany humanity’s entering into the realm of the Antichrist, that is the tyrannies of the Turks, the Japanese and the Germanians.



While we talk about eugenics as a Western problem, what nobody is pointing out is that Turkey (even though it is a Muslim country) is also heavily interested in eugenics. This is because, while it is deeply Islamic, it accepts theistic evolution.

In 2015, a team of Turkish scientists did an experiment on aborted human babies. The use of the murdered human embryos was accepted by the Ethics Committee of Celal Bayar University, indicating that such experiments are allowed by the government of Turkey. A document authored by the scientists recounts:

“The endometrial tissue samples of 15 unwanted pregnancies (5–10 weeks’ gestational age) and 19 missed abortions (6–11 weeks’ gestational age) were obtained with informed consent and in accordance with the requirements of the Ethics Committee of Celal Bayar University. The mean age of the women in the normal pregnancy group was 27.53 years, and the range was 21–37 years. The mean age of the missed abortion group was 28.74 years, and the range was 18–41 years. The abortions were diagnosed by transvaginal ultrasound and confirmed by repeat ultrasound prior to the dilation and curettage procedure.”

One of the scientists who headed the experiment was Dr. Coşkun Atay of Izmir University of Economics, who is a member of TÜBİTAK, or the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, which is the scientific and technological wing of the Turkish government. Essentially, TÜBİTAK is the Max Planck Institute of Turkey. What makes this even more significant is that TUBITAK is also responsible for all nuclear technology development in Turkey. So, not only are they involved in eugenics, but making Turkey into a nuclear power.

Coşkun Atay

One of the scientists who headed the experiment described above was Dr. Tayfun Özçelik, professor at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at Bilkent University in Ankara. Tayfun·is the winner of the 2012 TÜBİTAK Science Award. Both TUBITAK and the European Molecular Biology Organization funded a scientific study of Tayfun’s on “Uner Tan syndrome,” which, in his own words, “is associated with cerebellar ataxia, mental retardation and disequilibrium syndrome”. Tayfun’s writing on Uner Tan syndrome references a piece by the Turkish scientist Uner Tan (after whom the syndrome is named), in which he describes people who suffer under this condition as being backwards in the process of human evolution:

“The genetic nature of this syndrome suggests a backward stage in human evolution”   

Tayfun Özçelik

Anytime people want to push the idea of “human evolution,” and they speak of certain people as being in a “backward stage” of evolution, what they are really trying to say is that they want to commit genocide. Tayfun is officially a liaison member between the Turkish scientific establishment and the European Society of Human Genetics, as we can see from this image of an official document from the European Human Genetics Conference of 2011:

The same document contains an account written by Turkish scientists from the Medical Genetics Department at Kocaeli University, on an experiment that they conducted entitled, Amniocentesis after established carrier status of balanced structural chromosome abnormality. In this account it describes the use of murdered unborn babies, who were killed because they had abnormalities, in order to test methods on how to detect physical deformities in human embryos. The account states:

“Materials included nine fetal tissues which are from terminated pregnancies that are diagnosed in Gynecology and Pathology departments of Kocaeli Medical Faculty. Whole genome analysis was performed in Medical Genetic Department of Kocaeli Medical Faculty. …  We confirmed the abnormalities of fetal tissues with parental chromosome analysis.”

These scientists are bent on detecting physical abnormalities because, no doubt, they want to exterminate them. Its the Young Turks type of eugenics in continuation, and the next genocide that will be done by Turkey will be for more horrific than the Armenian Genocide. One of the scientists who headed the human experiment in the Kocaeli lab was Seda Eren Keskin, a Turkish scientist who is under TUBITAK. In a 2015 report written for the Turkish Journal of Medical Sciences (the official publication of TUBITAK), Keskin advocated for faster ways to detect retardation in unborn children, because, as he says, if a pregnant woman has her unborn baby checked for abnormalities later in development, abortion (what he calls “termination”) is more difficult to perform. As Keskin recounts of his experiment:

“The anxiety levels of the expectant mothers undergoing applied amniocentesis increased during this period. Moreover, time is of great importance in the later gestational weeks, because termination becomes harder in the case of a possible anomaly if amniocentesis is applied in this period. Therefore, techniques to get results more rapidly have been developed. Quicker methods, requiring less endeavor, are needed for microscopic karyotype analysis in order to obtain results within the targeted period in prenatal tests.”    

When Keskin writes “anomaly,” he is referring to retardation. He wants to develop faster way of prenatally detecting abnormalities to make the process of killing in the slaughter mills of abortion more convenient. The title of the report has the presumptuous title of, “Investigation of the diagnostic value of chromosome analysis and bacterial artificial chromosome-based array comparative genomic hybridization in prenatal diagnosis”. Translation: ‘How we can find retarded children easier to kill them more conveniently.’ The devisers of genocide hide their evil behind complicated words.

The study was done by scientists under the Turkish government, and we must ask ourselves why would the state of Turkey be interested in how to detect retarded children faster to kill them easier? It all goes back to the Ottoman nationalist objective of creating a pure Turkish race. The Ottoman Darwinist, “Devlet Matbaasi, wrote:

“The Turkish race of which we are proud to belong has a distinguished place amongst the best, strongest, most intelligent and most competent races in the world. Our duty is to preserve the essential qualities and virtues of the Turkish race and to confirm that we deserve to be members of this race. For that reason, one of our primary national duties is to adhere to the principle of leading physically and spiritually worthwhile lives by protecting ourselves from the perils of ill health, and by applying the knowledge of biology to our lives. The future of our Turkey will depend on the breeding of high valued Turkish progeny in the families that today’s youth will form in the future.”

And if you think that this is all history, just recently Erdogan appointed Ismet Yilmaz to be Turkey’s Education Minister. Yilmaz stated that evolution “is a theory, a valid one,” and in one of his latest interviews, he said:

“We are not against evolution. If science says something, it is impossible to resist it. Also, the subjects on inheritance, mutation, modification and adaptation are still present in the curriculum. These are all within the theory of evolution”

It is true that Turkey has regulations on abortion, but its not for reasons of being “pro life” as many would assume in the United States. The Turkish government does not want abortions for healthy children, but allows abortion for embryos with defects, and it permits women who can prove a history of mental illness to have abortions. This is all allowed to keep the Turkish race “pure” of biological abnormalities. In one essay that talks about Turkey’s 1965 regulation on abortion, it reads:

“The 1965 Law allowed addressing these “concerns” in that the law and the regulation on abortion exemptions which went into effect in 1967 state, diseases or mental disorders which could be transferred to the future generations as well as the potential of the child having mental retardation, and the mother having been exposed to X-rays or cortisone treatments could be used as a reason to have a legal abortion. In other words, abortion exemptions in the law passed without any contention also because these exemptions addressed eugenic ‘threats’ and allowed abortion to be used as an eugenic tool.”




The Turkish company Turksat signed its agreement with Airbus at a major technocratic event, called the Global Sat Show, which took place in the Halic Congress Center in Istanbul, Turkey. Present in the meeting were numerous technocrats and other people involved in big industry. One person that was there was Hideyuki Oto, general manager of the Civil and Commercial Space Department in Mitsubishi Electric Corp.

Hideyuki Oto

Mitsubishi has been a significant partner in Turkey’s satellite enterprise. In 2014, the TURKSAT-4A satellite was launched into orbit. But who launched it? It was Mitsubishi. According to one report:

“Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today that it completed the in-orbit delivery of the TURKSAT-4A satellite to Turksat Satellite Communication, Cable TV and Operation Inc. Co. (Turksat A.S.) on March 29.

TURKSAT-4A was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on February 15 (Japan time). After the launch, Mitsubishi Electric confirmed performance in a series of in-orbit tests while the satellite maintained a predefined geostationary orbit about 36,000 kilometers above the equator. Upon successful completion of the tests, the satellite was handed over to Turksat A.S. to provide communication and broadband services over a wide geographic region west of China and east of the UK, including Turkey as well as Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Meanwhile, this year Mitsubishi Electric also is preparing to launch TURKSAT-4B, as part of an ongoing effort to expand the company’s space business both in Japan and in other countries.”

Mitsubishi Electric (MELCO) in fact designed the Turksat-4A and -4B, while Turksat-5A and -5B are being designed and built by Turksat and Turkish Aerospace Industries. This shows a cooperation between Turkey and Japan, specifically between two of their major corporations, Mitsubishi and Turksat. While these industries present their projects to the masses as good technology for everyday uses, ultimately they are being built for military purposes. Lets remember that Mitsubishi was the company that designed the fighter aircraft for the Japanese imperial empire during the Second World War.

The Japanese planes that the Americans and their allies were having to fight in the war for the Pacific was called Mitsubishi A6M Zero. The chief designer of Japanese military aircraft was Jiro Horikoshi, who designed the Zero not just for air combat, but for Japan’s suicide squads — the kamikazes — as well. Jiro once wrote:

“As I have witnessed the birth of the Zero, I know there is nothing to fear, since we have created an aircraft worthy of its task and the Kamikaze Special Attack Forces to do the job that must be done.” (See Smiye, Kamikaze, p. 87)

Jiro Horikoshi

Jiro was proud that his planes were in the conquest of China which eventually ended up in the slaughter and rape of millions of Chinese people. Jiro wrote:

“The lack of pilot armour plating and self-sealing fuel tanks simplified our task in striving to achieve high flight performance. Although there later appeared good cause to regret this omission, at the time our pilots preferred not to sacrifice maneuverability through increased weight of armour plate and self-sealing fuel tanks. Agility in arial combat in China more than justified this view, our Navy fighters enjoyed over-whelming superiority over the enemy’s planes.” (See Klinkowitz, Pacific Skies, p. 23)

Mitsubishi, like what IG Farben was for the Nazis, was heavily involved in genocide, running slave labor camps in conjunction with the Japanese government, and had an association with Unit 731, the death cult scientists who conducted human experimentation on people from Japanese occupied countries and American and allied POWs. To provide a description of how connected Mitsubishi was with the eugenists and military industrial system, here is a quote from British World War Two historian, Mark Felton:

“Mitsubishi, like many other Japanese companies, and similar to famous German enterprises like Siemens, lobbied their respective governments to give them Allied POWs for use as virtual slave labourers. Mitsubishi owned and operated the hell ship that brought the prisoners to Manchuria from Manila, and a mine in Japan where some of them were later dispatched for punishment. The company was basically a war profiteer that was in cahoots with the Japanese government through complex historical relationships, and it was extremely ruthless in its illegal exploitation of Allied POWs as nearly free labour. The camp was also far enough away from Pingfan so as not to arouse any suspicions of an association with Unit 731, but sufficiently close to the Mukden Military Hospital, an out-station that did conduct research for Unit 731. The camp was also nicely isolated from other similar POW centres, but still well connected to the all-important regional transport grid.” (Felton, The Devil’s Doctors)

Victims of the Japanese work camps


Another vi

Near the end of the war, on a Mitsubishi work camp, the Japanese buried alive close to 400 American and European POWs. On another camp also ran by Mitsubishi, one thousand Korean slaves were also buried alive. As Rodney Stitch writes:

“On August 2, 1945, days before Japan ended hostilities, nearly 400 American POWs were buried alive on the Japanese island of Sado, apparently to prevent them from revealing their work at one of the caves containing the plundered gold. Japanese lieutenant Tsuda Yoshiro later described the event to investigators, describing the mine operated by Mitsubishi using slave labor. In another mine operated by the company on Sado in the Philippines, a reported one-thousand Korean slave workers were buried alive.”  (Stitch, Japanese and US World War II Plunder and Intrigue, p. 16)

Japanese soldiers burying Chinese people alive

Historian Sterling Seagrave writes that 387 American, British, Australian and Dutch POWs were buried alive in the Mitsubishi camp. They were forced down a mine, four hundred feet below the surface, and they did not know that the Japanese placed explosives in the mineshaft two hundred and three hundred feet below. “[Then] the demolition detail entered the mine to set more explosive charges just inside the entrance” writes Japanese lieutenant, Tsuda Yoshiro. “It was while returning to the prison camp that I heard a loud explosion. Looking back, I saw an avalanche of rock and earth completely cover where the mine entrance had been.” The American and European soldiers were buried alive. Seagrave also recounts that:

“More than a thousand Korean slave laborers working another Mitsubishi gold mine on Sado Island also vanished without a trace at war’s end. Their existence only became know in 1991 when official records were released of Mitsubishi Corporation’s distribution of cigarette rations to its wartime slave laborers. It is perverse to be remembered as a victim of mass murder only by a tally of cigarette butts.” (Seagrave, Gold Warriors, p. 62)

Mitsubishi has a pharmaceutical branch called Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma. This company was initially called Takeda Kasei but then in 1964 it changed its name to the Green Cross Corporation. One of the founders of Green Cross was Kitano Masaji, a scientist who conducted human experiments for imperial Japan’s Unit 73, which was responsible for committing some of the most sadistic actions on people — such as dissecting people alive and infecting prisoners with plague — all in the name of ‘science’ of course. Masaji was not just any member of Unit 731, but the commanding officer of the eugenist group. After the war, the “Allies” (really, the Americans) granted immunity to Masaji, and in 1959 he would become the head of Green Cross which would eventually be known, as it is now, as Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma.

Kitano Masaji

Masaji conducted experiments in the Mukden Military Hospital which, as we have shown above, was located very closely to a Mitsubishi slave labor camp. Historian Sheldon H. Harris tells us that “Kitano [Masaji] was personally responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people in tests conducted for ten years, 1932-1943, at the Mukden Army Medical College, at Unit 731’s headquarters in Ping Fan, and in the waning months of the war, in Shanghai.” (See MacLeod, Science and the Pacific War) If one of the persons who laid the foundations for Mitsubishi Pharma was a mass murderer, then we have an idea as to what atrocious things these industrialists would do if the conditions for imperialism were established: enslavement and genocide.



While the world praises Japan as an ally and as a leading country in ‘innovation,’ little to no one is talking about the fact that the largest collection of aborted (murdered) babies in the world is kept in Japan, in the University of Kyoto, in what is called the “Kyoto Collection” or the “Congenital Anomaly Research Center,” directed by Shigehito Yamada. Many of these murdered babies were slaughtered simply because they had deformities. This crime against humanity is deeply tied with the industrialism of Mitsibishi which has been greatly invested in unethical science. 

Shigehito Yamada

Prior to 2007, Mitsubishi’s pharmaceutical company, Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma, was simply Mitsubishi Pharma, but then it merged with Tanabe Seiyaku and now has the title it holds today. In the early 2000s, Tanabe got permission from the Japanese government to use “domestically created human embryo stem cells” for “medical research.” We read in one 2004 report: “Kazuwa Nakao, a professor at Kyoto University, will try to have the stem cells generate blood vessels for test implantation in mice.”

We learn from a 2002 report that Tanabe filed an application to Japan’s Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, in order to gain approval for the project. According to one report, Tanabe co-sponsored the project and it was “planned by the Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine (Professor Kazuwa Nakao).”

Why is Kyoto involved in this? Because Kyoto is one of the most major centers for infanticidal activities in the world.

What little to no one in the ‘pro-life’ movement is bringing up is the fact that the largest collection of aborted babies, on earth, is in Japan, in the Kyoto University. It contains over 44,000 human embryos, most of whom were slaughtered through abortion, and they are kept for human experimentation. According to one report on the “collection”:

“The Kyoto collection embryos were mostly procured after artificial termination of pregnancy (D & C) given to healthy women for socio-economic reasons (the Maternity Protection Law of Japan), and the embryo population represents the total intrauterine population (normal and abnormal) of Japan.”

Mitsubishi, and ultimately the Japanese government, are directly tied into this evil. Both Mitsubishi and the Kyoto University direct the Incubation Program Committee which, according to Kyoto’s own website, consists of “Kyoto University, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital and Sumitomo Corporation” and “aims to put advances in medical research” with “funding from Mitsubishi UFJ and Sumitomo Corporation”.

The Incubation Program Committee is under the Kyoto University Medical Science and Business Liaison Organization which is directed by Masatoshi Hagiwara, a director at Kyoto’s human embryo collection. In a document from Hagiwara, it says that one of the projects of the embryo collection is the “Pathological and molecular cell biology analyses of human malformations … the genes of abnormal embryos are analyzed by molecular methods.”

Masatoshi Hagiwara

The ideology behind this “center” is not to better humanity, but rather to advance the eugenist movement, and if it were not for the current laws, these evil scientists would do exactly what their Unit 731 Japanese fascist predecessors did during the Second World War. The same document boasts:

“This Center has the largest collection of human embryo specimens in the world comprising of over 44,000 therapeutic abortuses.”

Moreover, the same document states that “a 3D database of normal and abnormal human embryos is in the process of being established” and that “This database will be useful not only in the study of human embryology but also for future gene mapping studies in human development.” The funding for this research, the document states, comes directly from the “‘Bioinformatics R & D (BIRD)’ Project of the Japan Science and Technology Agency” which is a scientific wing of the Japanese government.

According to the agency’s Linked page, “The Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) is one of the core institutions responsible for the implementation of science and technology policy in Japan, including the government’s Science and Technology Basic Plan.”

All of this proves the link between eugenist industrialists and the Japanese government. 



Since Mitsubishi was involved in human atrocities during the Second World War, and that their predecessor, Green Cross, was headed by a mass murderer, Kitano Masaji, reveals that these Japanese industrials would not hesitate to partake in genocide for profit again. Today, just like in the Second World War, Mitsubishi is at the center of Japan’s military industrial complex. As Mitsubishi was behind the creation of the Zero military aircraft, today Mitsubishi is developing military technology for the Japanese defense forces, all in the midst of the current government working to remove the order of obligatory pacifism from Japan’s constitution. Mitsubishi is also instrumental behind the rise of the Turkish military industrial complex, so it is supporting both the rise of Turkey and Japan, and together they are working more and more to becoming militarily efficient without dependence on the United States. 

As we wrote in 2014, “Japan will be building its own fighter jet in order to become more independent of the United States.” Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, worked with the US company General Dynamics, in the creation of the Mitsubishi F-2. In July of 2016 it was reported that Japan will be creating stealth fighters for its air force, with a prototype, the X-2, already created by Mitsubishi. As we read in one periodical:

Japan joined the exclusive stealth jet club Friday with the successful test flight of its first radar-evading aircraft — a prototype called the X-2.”

The test pilot described the flight as “extremely stable,” according to manufacturer Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. … The Japanese X-2 that flew Friday “integrates an airframe, engines, and other advanced systems and equipment all adaptable to future fighters” Mitsubishi said.

But all of Japan’s current combat air craft is produced in conjunction with American companies. What Japan is fixating on right now is creating its own air force arsenal independent of American industry. Japan’s objective of military independence is obvious, given Abe’s determination to remove Article 5 (which obligates Japan never to be involved in warfare) from the constitution, and also his using of North Korea as a boogyman to justify reviving Japanese militarism. “I’m convinced our discussions on constitutional revision can go forward in our collective wisdom as we strive to find answers to the difficult issues confronting Japan,” Shinzo Abe said just this month.

When the fascist face of Japan does fully show itself, who will be instrumental in its military technology? The technocrat company, Mitsubishi, alongside the plethora of other Japanese companies.

But of course the revival of Japan’s militarism is not happening without American help. Japan’s next fighter jet, the F-3, is being developed with the help of the American defense company, Lockheed-Martin. This stealth fighter jet is being created under the false pretext of defending Japan from China. As one military periodical states:

“This aircraft is widely known in Japan as Shinshin. Japan wants to field a stealthy fighter in light of China’s rapid military modernization.”     

Mitsubishi is also central in developing Japan’s tanks.

Japan’s military capacity is only going to increase. This is further presaged by Shinzo Abe’s recent statement that, “We will strengthen Japanese defense power, including missile defense capabilities, in order to protect the people’s lives and peace,” and of course North Korea is being used as the boogyman to justify the intensification of military production and industry.

Japan’s militarism is being encouraged by the Trump administration which is, not surprisingly, also using North Korea as the justification. During his visit to Japan, Trump told Shinzo Abe that Japan is a “samurai” nation that should have shot down North Korea’s missiles that launched towards it before they crashed into the ocean. Trump’s visit to Japan was not some nice gesture, it was an arms deal. Trump said:

“He [Shinzo Abe] will shoot them out of the sky when he completes the purchase of lots of additional military equipment from the United States …The prime minister is going to be purchasing massive amounts of military equipment, as he should. And we make the best military equipment by far.”

Trump with Shinzo Abe




The Kyoto embryo collection calls the murdered unborn babies “specimens,” and says that many of them were fetuses with deformities. As we read in a document published by the Kyoto Center:

“This Center has the largest collection of human embryo specimens in the world comprising of over 44,000 therapeutic abortuses. Most of the specimens are between the 3rd and 8th week following fertilization, which is the critical period of teratogenesis. In the Kyoto Collection of Human Embryos, an appreciable number of malformed embryos are included, which provide a unique opportunity to study the early stages of abnormal morphogenesis.”

In the same document there is mentioned one Takashi Hiiragi, a medical professor at Kyoto University, and a statement from him addressed to students planning on studying in the “Developmental Biology” department, in which he states that researchers must be prepared to “study in an international environment, collaborating with laboratories in the Max-Planck Institute … and European Molecular Biology Laboratory”. Hiiragi wants to spread genocide globally. 

In 2007, the EU’s European Commission established the European Research Council. In the same year, the newly created European Research Council gave a grant to Takashi Hiiragi, the same scientist who works for Kyoto University and who operates within the same facility of its embryo collection.

In 2013, a Max Planck Institute director, Wieland Huttner, worked with a Japanese scientist, Yasuhiro Takashima, in a project for human embryonic stem cell research, funded by the German Research Foundation, the very foundation that funded the Eurasian studies for the Nazis. This is global Nazism beginning to have a comeback. 

Yasuhiro Takashima

In this experiment, “Human cell lines were derived with written informed consent by the donors with respect to taking the samples and making the cell lines.” In other words, human life was destroyed for cells. According to a document on the study, Huttner provided advice for the “research” while Takashima provided the “human iPSC line” or “induced pluripotent stem cells,” or stem cells that are taken from an adult and then reprogramed into their embryonic state. 

Wieland Huttner

It turns out that Takashima is in deep with human experimentation. In 2014, Takashima led an experiment in which “Supernumerary embryos donated from in vitro fertilization programs with informed consent were thawed and cultured to day 7 postfertilization.” The experiment was funded by the “European Commission projects PluriMes, BetaCellTherapy, EpiGeneSys, and Blueprint, and the Wellcome Trust.” The Wellcome Trust is a place in England where human embryos and fetal tissue is kept for experiments. 

This further reveals that the European Union — and thus Germany — is a major participator in eugenic atrocities, and there is no doubt that there are people within the EU who want to see the next rise of the German reich. The experiment was also funded by the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), which is partially headed by Takashi Hiiragi who works with the Max Planck Institute and is a professor at Kyoto University, where the largest collection of murdered human embryos in the world is stored.

Takashi Hiiragi with Max Planck Institute scientist, Melina Schuh

The embryos were provided for through one Sally Marchant, as the report states: “We also thank Sally Marchant (Barts Hospital) and couples who donated embryos.”

Snapshot of the document on the experiment, showing that the human embryos were provided for by Sally Marchant

Marchant was involved in a 2012 experiment in which, according to the report produced by Marchant and her team, “Human embryos were thawed and cultured in standard IVF medium until they formed cavitated blastocysts, upon which they were moved to N2B27 medium.” The report states:

“We performed experiments with human embryos, adding inhibitors from the 6–8 cell stage.”


The report recounts that “Embryos were obtained from Bourn Hall Clinic, Cambridgeshire.”  This is very significant, given the fact that the Bourn Hall Clinic was founded in 1980 by Robert G. Edwards, a major leader of the eugenist movement in Britain. This reveals the network between eugenics, the higher echelons of the German government and the European Union, and major eugenist scientists in other countries. 

The fact that the laboratory, Bourn Hall Clinic, founded by this eugenist, Robert G. Edwards, is providing embryos for human experimentations funded, not by just some private institution, but by the European Commission itself, and the experiments are conducted by a Japanese scientist, Yasuhiro Takashima, who works directly with a Max Planck Institute director, indicates the network between the German government and the conglomerate of eugenists who hate the Church and want to orchestrate genocide for the cause of their demonic utopia. Thus, the German government is still as Nazi as it was before the end of the Second World War. Only this time, we are not dealing (at least now) with men in SS uniforms, but sophisticated demons in suits and lab attire.



Robert G. Edwards

Edwards was the pioneer behind in-vitro fertilization, and his whole plan behind it was to create the perfect human. In in-vitro fertilization, multiple human eggs are fertilized, the embryo with the most preferred genes is put into a womb and allowed to live, while the rest are destroyed solely on account of their genetic makeup. The in-vitro fertilization labs are mini concentration camps, and the doctors are but demons in white suits. One child lives, the rest are thrown into the trash: this is in-vitro fertilization.

It is a killing field in which the eugenist can fantasize about being God. In fact, this is exactly what Edwards said. In 1993, Edwards stated that in-vitro fertilization “was about more than infertility … I wanted to find out exactly who was in charge, whether it was God himself or whether it was scientists in the laboratory. … It was us.”

This is the agenda of the eugenists, at the end of the day, it is the very words of Satan in the Garden: to be gods. Edwards described embryonic stem cells as “The amazing immortality of embryo stem cells”. Now why would he use the word “immortality” when describing the destruction of human embryos for their stem cells? Because the grim reality is that behind this process of using embryonic stem cells, is the idea within the minds of these eugenists, that they can use human flesh to live forever.

Edwards wrote that embryonic stem cell research

“overturned existing beliefs on limited lifespans in mammalian cell lines … Immense proliferative and colonizing characteristics of stem cells promise repairs to deficient human organs, avoiding graft rejection, migrating via fetal pathways and target damaged tissues without invoking inflammation or cancer, or any need for surgery.”

Simply put: through the flesh of babies, we will live forever. In their diabolical view, scientists can take embryos, genetically modify them so that they will have the genes that will prevent death or disease, or abnormalities; they can make embryos, murder the ones that have bad genes and keep the ones that have genes of immortality, to create a super race; they can murder unborn babies for their stem cells by which they can regrow organs and body parts. It is all part of the demonic fantasy of living forever, to become gods and be in awe of themselves upon the peaks of mountains of human corpses, the sacrificial victims of their anti-human religion.

Christ said, “Take, eat; this is my body. And he took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, Drink ye all of it; for this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.” (Matthew 26:26-28) Whereas these eugenists say, “I take the flesh of this baby, and live forever.” This is their eucharist, one of innocent blood shed by evil hands, not the animal sacrifice of Abel, but the murder of Abel under the hands of Cain. 

The true Eucharist


The eucharist of Satan

While people were disturbed by Planned Parenthood’s selling of organs of babies murdered in their clinics, very few people know that one of the evil minds behind this murderous idea of trafficking the organs of unborn babies, was Robert Edwards. In 1992, Edwards edited an entire manual, published by Cambridge University, on the process of taking organs from murdered babies, entitled, Fetal Tissue Transplants in Medicine.

In the book, Edwards recounts on how the idea of taking fetal tissue or the organs of human embryos came into his mind in the early 1960s, and his experiments and research on conducting in-vitro fertilization was driven by this very idea of taking body parts from murdered unborn children:

In the book there is an essay entitled, Experimental human hematopoiesis in immunodeficient SCID mic engrafted with fetal blood-forming organs. The list of the names of essay’s authors really reveals the interconnection between major pharmaceutical companies, industrialists, conglomerations, and eugenics. One of the authors is Reiko Namikawa, who has served and continues to serve as a biotech consultant for multiple pharmaceutical companies in Japan and in the San Francisco Bay Area. In this essay, Namikawa gives instructions on how to cut to pieces unborn human babies, ages 9-23 weeks in development. Specifically, she teaches on cutting the thymuses of the babies into pieces, and placing the chopped up thymuses inside of lab rats. Here is an image of this sick writing from the essay itself:

Reiko Namikawa

Many Japanese scientists are involved in these evil experiments. Its all reminiscent of Unit 731, the scientific team of the Japanese empire who during the Second World War, conducted some of the most horrific human experiments on Chinese, Koreans, Russians and others. Well, its Unit 731 all over again, but this time it is being done on the most ignored people of humanity: the unborn. But the evil eugenists will soon be doing these horrors on already born people.

For two years Namikawa worked for Regimmune, a major biotech company that, as we read in one report, “has one foot in the U.S. and another in Japan”. The co-founder of Regimmune is Yasuyuki Ishii who, in 1994, partook in a study on stem cell extraction from a human placenta in which the tissue of an aborted human embryo was studied. The document from the study states: “Chorionic tissues were sampled from artificial abortion. Total RNA was extracted from the sampled tissues, using the guanidiumcecium chloride method.”

Yasuyuki Ishii

From 1993 to 1997, Namikawa worked for DNAX Research Institute, which was founded by Alejandro Zaffaroni, a serial entrepreneur who founded several biotech companies in Silicon Valley. In the 1970s, Zaffaroni invented a “Device for suppressing fertility,” or a device used to administer a poison into the uterus to murder a baby in the womb. The device was invented for Zaffaroni’s company, Alza Corp. In the patent for the extermination device, it reads:

“Anti-fertility agent is used herein in its broadest sense as meaning any chemical agent that will suppress development of the fetus.”

In another document for the same device, entitled, Biotransformable intrauterine device, it describes in callous words the killing of the unborn baby:

“The term interceptive agents as used herein refers to those agents or drugs which treat the tissue components of the uterus itself and/or the fertilized egg or embryo at various stages of its development to bring about or facilitate a termination of pregnancy such as by promoting expulsion or absorption of the embryo.”

Alejandro Zaffaroni

The document describes the use of sodium chloride to exterminate the child:

“Interceptive agents include materials like sodium chloride and fatty acids which induce expulsion of a fetus by causing uterine tonicity and pH imbalance respectively.”

In 1958, Zaffaroni, Edward Tyler, who was the director of Planned Parenthood in Las Angeles, and Carl Djerassi, the Bulgarian born Austrian scientist who was one of the main contributors to the invention of birth control pills, travelled to Japan to help introduce the contraceptive, norethindrone (which was developed in Zaffaroni’s company, Syntex) to the Japanese. Zafarroni and his eugenist crew were being supported by the Japanese Pharmaceutical Society, and in a very short amount of time, the major Japanese pharmaceutical company, Shionogi & Company, became the distributer of Zaffaroni’s contraceptive chemical in Japan.   

Carl Djerassi

The DNAX Research Institute eventually became Schering-Plough Biopharma, being under the umbrella of the Schering-Plough Corporation, a major American pharmaceutical company that was purchased by Merk in 2009.



Schering-Plough Biopharma funded the work of Dallas M. Hyde, Professor Emeritus at UC Davis. Dr. Hyde wrote a study on behalf of the American Thoracic Society and the European Respiratory Society, in which he and other scientists wrote instructions on how to extract lungs from human embryos:

“Small lungs (rodent, embryo, early postnatal pup).

To obtain uniform and reproducible lung fixation as well as accurate morphometric measurements in small lungs, a number of issues must be considered:

(a) The small luminal diameter of the trachea (< 1 mm) requires narrow plastic or glass tracheal cannulas that show high resistance or capillarity forces during instillation of the fixative. Combined with a lower content of connective tissue fibers, the small trachea and lungs are prone to rupture when stretched.

(b) The liquid that fills embryonic lungs may dilute the fixative and impede its proper distribution. Partial removal of lung liquid by gently massaging the thorax, by careful suction with a syringe, and by using slightly hyper-osmolar fixatives may help to overcome this problem (83). The fixed lung sections should be carefully assessed for rupture artifact and, if present, the fixation approach should be modified.

(c) Caution is needed when measuring volume of small fixed lung by liquid displacement, because any liquid that is carried with the lung, including liquid trapped between adjacent pleural surfaces, will falsely elevate the estimated lung volume (Section 5.1).

(d) Even small lungs exhibit marked regional differences (84), which require multistage sampling just like larger lungs. Because of a high surface-to-volume ratio of small lungs, the subpleural region with its airway tips perpendicularly oriented to the pleural surface represents a higher volume proportion than in larger lungs.

(e) For initial sampling of larger lungs, macroscopic methods are convenient to create slabs, slices, and cubes. For small lungs, microscopic methods are the choice; use a microtome and/or ultramicrotome to cut uniform serial sections and select tissue samples according to the principles of systematic uniform random sampling (Section 4). Assumptions or forerunning morphometric analyses may have to be made about structural similarity between the right and left lung, or among lobes (84).”

At the bottom of this document it reads that Dr. Hyde received thousands from a number of biotech companies, including Schering-Plough Biopharma:

“D.M.H. was a consultant to Genentech (up to $1,000). He received grants from Ligocyte (>$100,000), Schering-Plough/Biopharma (>$100,000); he was on the Board of National Jewish Health (up to $1,000).”

Taking the lungs of embryos is something that these evil scientists do, but this is not something from Hollywood. This is the industry of human slaughterhouses, a presaging microcosm of what such evil people will do in the future, only then it will also be on already born people.

Dallas M. Hyde

A co-author of this document was one Ewald R. Weibel, a Swiss biologist on the faculty of the University of Bern and a member of the United States National Academy of Sciences. In 1996, Weibel supported a study in which the lungs of human fetuses were studied on. The document on the study, which was communicated by Weibel, states that the lungs of human embryos that were examined were taken from the lab’s storage:

“Formaldehyde-fixed and paraffin-embedded human embryonic and adult lung carcinomas (five squamous cell carcinomas, five adenocarcinomas, and five small cell lung carcinomas) were obtained from our archival files.”


Ewald R. Weibel

Here we see a network of evil scientists, European, American and Asian, all working together to push the cause of genocide. 



When we think of eugenics, we usually think of it as a Western evil. But, so few know that eugenics is finding a center right in the Muslim Wahhabi Arabian peninsula, and it is deeply rooted in the insidious activities of the German Max Planck Institute. Since Islam teaches that the soul does not enter the fetus until after 120 days (4 months) this gives Muslims the alibi to consider that life does not begin at the moment of conception.

The eugenist Bourn Hall Clinic has a network with the Max Planck Institute that spans all the way to Dubai. In Dubai there is Techno Venture Management Capital (TVM) Healthcare which is, under the umbrella of TVM Capital, a $ 1.8 billion global private equity and venture capital firm in Germany. According to Bloomberg, TVM Capital Healthcare is “a shariah compliant private equity firm specializing in growth capital, small buyout, and PIPE investments. …  it seeks to invest in small hospitals, hospital and supply management, providers of outsource services to health care delivery facilities, clinics, clinical trial management, medical laboratories”.

TVM was founded in 1983 as one of the first venture capital firms in Germany, and is headquartered in Munich. The CEO and Chairman of TVM Capital Healthcare is a German scientist, Dr. Helmut M. Schuehsler who, according to his bio, is “a long-time director of Max Planck Innovation, he contributed to the translation of leading German science into commercial projects. … During his tenure with TVM Capital, Dr. Schuehsler has raised more than $1 billion in committed capital for life science and healthcare investments from global investors and has led or overseen around 100 investments in the sector.”

The founding partner of TVM Capital Healthcare is Hoda Abou-Jamra, an Arab feminist who, while working directly with a German director of the Max Planck Institute, Dr. Schuehsler, is on the board of the eugenist “Bourn Hall International, a chain of fertility clinics in Dubai and Delhi, the international arm of renown Bourn Hall Clinic in the UK who invented the IVF [in-vitro fertilization] procedure.” What further deepens the network is the fact that Dr. Schuehsler, the Max Planck Institute Director, is also a chairman for the eugenist Bourn Hall International. This further reveals the network between the Max Planck Institute, the Bourn Hall Clinic, TVM Capital, and the technocracy’s push for eugenics. 

The medical director for Bourn Hall International is Dr. David Robertson, who currently works in the United Arab Emirates. Robertson is another one of these diabolical eugenists who conducts in the evil practice of killing embryos while sparing one embryo solely because it has the preferred genetics, while the others have inferior or undesirable genetics. Robertson believes in growing humans like farm animals, killing those unborn children that don’t have the desired genetic makeups, while continuing to grow the ones that do. In a 2017 interview, Robertson stated:

“Technological innovations such as specialized incubators have allowed us to grow the embryos to a more developed stage so that we can choose better quality embryos and achieve higher pregnancy rates simply by being able to identify those embryos that are more likely to secure a pregnancy in a couple.” 

Dr. David Robertson

It is quite interesting how the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become a center for eugenics. The Bourn Hall Clinic in Dubai conducts embryo selection, in which one embryo is chosen to be implanted into the womb while the other embryos are destroyed, all because of their genetics. More and more people are choosing embryo selection in the UAE, to choose the sex they want their child to be, and to make sure that they do not get a kid that has any abnormalities. Doctors at Bourn Hall Fertility Centre in Dubai, said in 2016 that they have seen a 53% increase in the demand for embryo selection or pre-genetic implantation screening. Dr. Carol Coughlan, Specialist in Reproductive Medicine at Bourn Hall Fertility Centre, Dubai, said:

“Over a short few years, gender selection has become quite popular among couples. It’s only natural that parents want children of both sexes, and when this procedure is on offer, people like to avail it. At Bourn Hall Fertility Centre, Dubai, we’ve found that the trend is more popular among the local population, even though a sizeable number of expats also request gender selection, particularly in their second or third pregnancies”.

Carol Coughlan (left)

Amin Neghabat, Group CEO for Bourn Hall International added:

“While the PGS and PGD –Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis – procedures are an added expense to IVF, we are seeing a number of organisations in the UAE that cover the cost, making it easier for most couples to opt for them. In Abu Dhabi, for example, among 2000 cycles, 80 to 90 percent of couples ask for gender selection, possibly because we have a convenience, such as Daman Insurance, which gives a 100% financial reimbursement for assisted reproductive techniques. As more such offers come up, we can safely claim that more people will opt for screening, both for the sake of choosing the sex of their baby, as well to ensure that they are free of any numerical chromosomal abnormalities (aneuploidy)”.

Amin Neghabat

There is another agent of TVM who works with eugenists as a major player for the pharmaceutical industry: Alexandra Goll, a senior advisor for TVM. She represents the interests of TVM Capital with Addex Pharmaceuticals SA (Geneva, Switzerland), MediGene AG (Martinsried), Newron Pharmaceuticals SpA, (Bresso, Italy) and Wilex AG (Munich, Germany). In 2013, Goll spoke for the 6th Annual European Life Science CEO Forum for Partnering & Investing, in Zurich, Switzerland, organized by Sachs Associates.

Alexandra Goll

Goll shared a platform with Florian Schödel, a German who is the founder of Philimmune LLC, “a consulting firm which provides strategic advice in the development of biologics, vaccines and pharmaceuticals.” Schodel served as a researcher for the Max-Planck Institute for Biochemistry, and he is also a funder for Planned Parenthood, being recognized by the major infanticidal organization as a donor. 

Florian Schödel


The devil never stops, he adapts; his evils ever present in the minds of men. The devil never ceases, his systems and principalities never die, but vanish in the face of defeat, only to show up again with new faces. And here the masses rally up, ever so ardent to follow that new face as it appears in the summit of power that dissipates like smoke, chasing glory, chasing a moment that ends just as fast as it becomes popular, only in the end to look back at the mountains of dead bodies that their fickleness created, and ask, “How did we let such a thing happen?” Let us not be those people who in the future will ask such questions, but rather let us be amongst the prudent, knowing that the devil lingers and goeth about seeking whom he may devour. (1 Peter 5:8)

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