Turkish Ministry Of Religious Affairs Gives Away 20 THOUSAND Korans In Central And South America- This Is Part Of Their Plan To Revive The Ottoman Empire

The Turkish Diyanet Foundation (TDV), which is administered by the Turkish Directorate of Religious Affairs, is the official “charitable” arm of the Turkish government for promoting Islam. Recently the TDF gave 20 thousand Korans to people in Central and South America attempting to propagate Islam:

The Turkish Diyanet Foundation (TDV) has donated a total of 20,000 copies of a Spanish-language version of the Quran for distribution in Latin American countries, a written statement by the foundation said on Feb. 7.

In the statement, the Diyanet Foundation said the copies of the Quran were to be distributed among Muslims in Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Haiti, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Uruguay as part of the campaign “Let my gift be the Quran.” Each copy has a Spanish translation adjacent to the original Arabic.

As part of the campaign, which was launched to meet the “Quran needs of so many Muslims across the world,” more than one million copies of the Holy Scripture have been distributed so far, according to the statement.

“The project continues with support from charitable citizens,” the statement said.

İlyas Serenli, the vice president of the TDV board of trustees, was quoted in the statement as saying the campaign was a response to numerous requests from Muslims all over the world.

Serenli said so far 8,000 copies of the Quran had been sent to Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia and Haiti, and these copies were now being distributed at Islamic Cultural Centers.

He also said another batch of 12,000 copies would soon reach Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Uruguay, adding that the Diyanet was now working on a Portuguese translation of the Holy Book with a group of Portuguese-speaking Islamic scholars from Brazil.

“The project serves as a bridge between Muslims.”

The Diyanet Foundation has been organizing and promoting projects to translate the Quran into various languages and so far the Holy Book has been translated into 17 languages, including a number of local ones. (source)

The spread of religion is often linked to economic moves and the subsequent political consequences that come from it, and comes both before and after the link between economics, to politics, to culture, and back:

This is a simple diagram showing how religion plays in all societies an all-encompassing and embracing role whose influence is always felt no matter where she goes. When I speak of religion here, I refer not simply to mere religious sentiments, or what people believe to be true among a multiplicity of opinions. As St. Juan de Ribera has noted, religion when properly applied in society is the philosophical axis around which the economic, social, and cultural units revolve. This is not to say that problems do not exist or that people are moral or not, because human sin can be both personal or social (that is to say, the difference between a person seeking to have an abortion in a nation that bans abortion versus a person who does not want an abortion but the ability to have an abortion is permitted by legal institution- the former is a person who commits a personal sin even though the same sin is not formally permitted/promoted by law, whereas the latter is a person who does not sin but the society gives legal license to and encourages sin).

It is true also that all men are accountable for their deeds. God became man in order to save the human race from punishment after original sin, but God’s free gift must be accepted and persevered in. As history shows, there are many men who have either refused to accept salvation in Christ and so never embraced the faith or sadly decided to give up what they received for a deception, such as with the infamous Julian the Apostate. No law in a society can stop people from committing personal sin, and likewise a law is only as good as the will to enforce its provisions, for the force of law is the force of the will of the people applied towards its commands. As the old saying goes, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink,” and so no matter what a society may proclaim to be law, without enforcement it is but mere words on paper.

But when religion is established in a society, it provides at the very least, a basic guiding philosophy for people to follow. As it is the protocol for establishing the determination of what is right and what is wrong, it so influences all the functions of a society, which as broken up above are economics, politics, and culture in that order. Economic exchange between people leads to the formation of protocols for order and standards of behavior, and from these exchanges and accepted forms of behavior rises culture, and from culture eventually comes decisions and ideas that affect men’s choices of consumption and production, which influences economics. Religion is found at and between any one of these points providing influence.

America loves to speak of the “religious freedom” that the Constitution imparts, but this is a deception, for religious freedom does not exist and cannot exist in any nation as there can only be one philosophy for guiding a nation. If there is more than one philosophy, then the philosophical differences will inevitably attack each other because only one can serve in a primary capacity, and any disagreements would be subject to the provisions of the dominant philosophy.

There are three ways to solve this problem.

The first is to pronounce one of the two (or more) philosophies as the dominant and to suppress the second one.

The second way is to break off into separate groups and choose to be governed by two separate philosophies, which results in two separate entities.

The third way is to denounce or give equal status to both groups, recognizing them as separate but equal and subjecting their differences to a third philosophy that is acknowledged by both.

This third way is what America has adopted for the purpose of being able to promote “religious freedom” and at the same time to maintain a unified nation. It is acknowledged that all religions are equal so long as they accept the superiority of the government in social and political affairs. This is interesting, because it is the creation of a separate religion without calling it a religion complete with its own creed (Americanism/American First, corporatism, perpetual growth, etc.), cult (the “average American”), code (American law), holidays (4th of July, President’s Day, Veteran’s Day, etc.) saints (Veterans, “the Founding Fathers”, police/firemen/working men, etc.), priesthood class (big business leaders/Donald Trump, successful people, famous robber barons, etc.), warrior class (“the Military”), sacred music (think “Proud to be an American” by Lee Greenwood), and more. It is also not just America who does or has done this- Russia, China, the UK, Germany, and many other nations and kingdoms going back to antiquity with the Romans and before have as well because the formation of a quasi-religion based on patriotism and a sense of nationalist identity is an excellent way to unify people under a common philosophy when otherwise they would balkanize.

There are many potential problems with such a system, because while it remains the dominant philosophy over other religions (philosophies), it will inevitably with time enervate other religions because it IS the religion that is first recognized in society. Pseudo-religions based on nationalism all eventually force an identity crisis because either one persists in the nationalist religion and therefore adopts nationalism as a new religion (which is simply another form of paganism), or one will begin to abandon the nationalism in search of another religious identity.

The former Christian countries of the Western world have chosen apostasy and embraced nationalism. The results have been clear, for five centuries after the formation of the first national churches under Luther, Calvin, and Henry VIII that subjected the authority of the Second Estate (the church) to the First Estate (the government), the churches have reached their inevitable end, which is that of a club visited by select people who want to go, and for which morality is but an echo of the national ethos, for to be a “good Christian” is no different than being a “good citizen.”

Turkey on the other hand has chosen a different path. A century ago the Ottoman Empire was dissolved and secularism became the formal state religion, reflecting a turn towards “Europe” at that time (as the continent was already firm under the yoke of religious indifference leading to secularism). However, Turkey’s subjugation of Islam as second-class religion in society will go into history as but a mere interruption to her inevitable ways similar to how the Muslims view the period of the Crusader States in the Holy Land. Turkey is aggressively returning to her Islamic past and seeking to revive herself as the “protector” and propagator of Islamic doctrine worldwide.

It is not an accident or just for “humanitarian” reasons that Turkey is giving out Korans in the Spanish-speaking world to spread Islam. This is about establishing Turkish economic, political, and cultural power abroad through religion as she strives to return to imperial status, for while one may think of the Ottoman Empire as limited to Anatolia (modern Turkey) and her conquests of the Balkans and parts of Eastern Europe, at her height she controlled an empire that stretched all over the Middle East and into parts of sub-Saharan Africa on both the western and eastern ends of the continent, and she controlled trade across the Indian ocean and in the islands leading to and around India. If she is anything like her past, she will want to expand her domain even further than her previous empire.

This becomes very clear with a visit to the TDV’s website, located here. If one goes to the “Mosques Projects” section, one can click on the “mosque catalogue” of all the mosques that the Turkish government through the foundation is building or working on in Turkey and around the world. The list is formidable but telling because the list indicates that Turkey is either building mosques in (a) historical areas once under Turkish dominion or (b) nations that have Muslim populations or which Turkey has a historical rivalry with. For example, the TDV has been building mosques in former Ottoman possessions or allies such as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Gaza, Kosovo, Cherkessia, Lebanon, Romania, and Macedonia. There are mosques going up in Russia, Belarus (which is close to Poland, a historical Ottoman rival), the Philippines (where there is a large native and convert Muslim population in the south, mostly due to Saudi influence), England (which now has a very large Muslim population) and the USA and even Haiti.

The TDV also oversees a considerable amount of Islamic educational funds and other resources for promoting Islam and “charitable” outreach around the world as well as promoting the Islamic family and family education both within Turkey as well as abroad.

At Shoebat.com we have long warned about the emergence of a German-Turkish alliance based on history’s past as a guide to the future in conjunction with current events. Nothing of this has changed, but the aggressive promotion of Islam around the world that Turkey has been doing should raise even more concern in the light of what is history repeating itself again.

Recall that during the three closest times when the Muslims nearly conquered Western Europe, two of those were at the hands of the Ottomans, when they besieged the gates of Vienna. It was the Catholic Church who rallied European powers to come to the defense of the city for the common good, and both times the Ottomans were driven back into the Balkans. This does not include the countless other wars fought against the Ottomans in Europe, the Mediterranean, and around the world. If anything, it was Germany and her French neighbor who gave the Ottomans the support they needed in terms of alliances and even attacking fellow Christians for gain at these same times.

Last century, the Ottoman Empire was called the “sick man of Europe.” To the contrary, all of Western Europe is sick today, suffering from a centuries-long decline that by the abandonment of the Faith by the people has hollowed Europe out like an apple that has been eaten by a worm- it has the facade of its past but there is nothing that is supporting it, and it could easily collapse.

Turkey, on the other hand, is growing in strength. She never gave up on the pursuit of “Othman’s Dream,” which was the dream had by Othman, founder of the Ottoman Empire in 1291 (the same year the Crusades ended) and considered the Patriarch of the Ottomans.

We know that Turkey never forgot her “former territories.” What is to make one think that she will not want to try to “get” them back?

We know that Turkey was always militaristic and wanted to conquer western Europe in pursuit of fulfilling what she believes are her religious duties for Islam. What is to make one think this desire ever disappeared?

We know that Germany under the Third Reich praised Islam excessively, with Hitler himself saying that it was a religion suited to the disposition of the German people more than Christianity:

“You see, it’s been our misfortune to have the wrong religion. Why didn’t we have the religion of the Japanese, who regard sacrifice for the Father- land as the highest good? The Mohammedan religion too would have been much more compatible to us than Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness?” (source)

Is this not something that Turkey is aware of, especially in light of her alliance with Germany and the decline of Christianity and rise of Islam, including many German converts to Islam?

Germany has been promoting socialism and nationalism, and twice in a century the experiment has failed. What is to think that it will not fail again?

Wherever Turkey goes, Islam will surely follow as she will bring it as part of her economic, political, and cultural goals. Islam, as evil and heretical as it is, is a real religion that has something concrete to offer people- a defined creed, cult, and code that billions live by and that were it not for the Catholic Church may have overtaken Western Europe more than once.

“The West” is the deceased remains of Christendom, long since dead for centuries, killed by nationalism. It does not matter what country, there are no concentrated efforts being made by any European nation to oversee “religious affairs,” for the only religion that is being preached is a secular nationalism as a substitute religion in order to ensure power in the current moment for the government.

Make no mistake, Islam is a threat to the European people, but this is because the Europeans have nothing to live for, as they gave up their Faith for the allure of nationalism.

Turkey has not done this, and as Turkey shows by its actions, they are willing to use government money to travel to the ends of the Earth to attempt to expand Islam into nations Christianized by the same Europeans who have now embraced secularism. Likewise, Turkey will be happy to offer an “European” Islam to Europe in the future, especially if it is done in the name of restoring past glory and ethnonationalism, for there is no vice in Islam that does not have a loophole to transform it into a virtue.

If Islamization does happen in Europe, it will not be at the hands of the Muslim “refugees” that are being trafficked in- they are disorganized, chaotic, and cannot even feed themselves without public assistance.

The real dangers are those peoples who are organized, have a history of violence, and a desire for power which they have not forgotten and are already planning to retake and expand, even to the corners of the Earth, what they believe is their divinely given inheritance.

There is a reason why the Ottoman Empire was once called the Turkish menace.