How AIDS Research Is Being Used To Justify Experiments On Aborted Human Fetuses

By Theodore Shoebat

AIDS research is being used to justify experiments on aborted (murdered) human human fetuses. And the US government actually wants this evil to continue on. The US government’s most high ranking research agency, the National Institute of Health (NIH), is working to extend and resume this diabolical research on a disease that is behavioral (most people with AIDS are sodomites).

The National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, has made it very clear to researchers that it intends to extend a $2 million contract with a certain scientific agency to continue a particular plan of experimentation in which human fetal tissue is used to test drugs against HIV. The scientists doing these experiments are operating in the most sodomite city in America, San Francisco, at the University of California of that city (UCSF)

Usually the contract is renewed every December, but this past December the NIH extended it for another 90 days. This extension was a response to NIH’s review of research being done with fetal tissue. “We are working with NIH to extend the contract. We remain confident that the critically important work of the lab will be continued,” UCSF said in a statement.

The research using murdered babies was impeded last fall after the Trump administration commenced a review of all research in which the body parts of aborted embryos are used. The scientific institution that the NIH made the contract with was the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases’ Rocky Mountain Laboratories (RML) in Hamilton, Montana, which is a department of the NIH.

The sodomites and their acolytes want research on the disease that their sodomite actions cause, and they want children slaughtered as sacrifices for the cause of their religion. God allowed AIDS to develop as a curse against the sodomites, and these same insidious sons of the devil want children murdered so that they can find a cure, so that they can continue living as citizens of Sodom.

That the NIH is backing research on murdered human embryos is really no surprise once one knows that this very entity is backing a huge collection of human body parts taken from murdered unborn babies, the Birth Defects Research Laboratory.

The Birth Defects Research Laboratory is in fact the oldest fetal-tissue lab in the United States and was founded by Thomas H. Shepard in 1964. One encomium for Shepard says that he was a man who “pioneered the collection and study of fresh human embryos and fetuses in the United States, a process made possible by relatively liberal laws in the State of Washington.”

The use of human flesh, and boasting about how one has “fresh human embryos and fetuses” is truly an exemplification of evil, of the perpetuation of pagan savagery and of the sinister spirit of Darwinism.

Thomas H. Shepard

In a paper authored by Shepard, the butcher describes how “Five hundred fifty-eight fresh human embryos and fetuses were obtained from the universities of Washington and Michigan following spontaneous loss, elective termination, or neonatal death within 2 days of delivery.” Shepard founded the Teratology Society which revolves around “birth defects research.”

Looking at a record produced in 2010 by the Teratology Society (and authored by Shepard) documenting past officers for the society, one can see that they were all high ranking members of either academic, governmental and medical institutions, or major corporations, further evincing how the state, academia, medical industries and corporations are behind the eugenist network that has so much power in the world.

Perusing through the list, one’s attention is caught by several employees for Hoffman-La Roche, a major pharmaceutical company in Switzerland which, not surprisingly, was heavily involved with the Nazis and capitalized on their despotic policies to direct their own slave labor camps for their corporation. One president of the Teratology Society was Richard M. Hoar who, according to the report authored by Shepard, “trained as an anatomist and has worked in the Department of Anatomy at the University of Cincinnati and at Roche Pharmaceuticals.”

So several presidents of a society that worked to experiment on the tissues of aborted fetuses were also part of a company that conducted slave labor camps with the Nazis. This is not to our surprise. The roots of a corporation reflect its present spirit, and such present actions reflect what lies for the future, and that is genocide for the cause of Darwinism. More proof of the state’s support for eugenics is the fact that the National Institute of Health (the NIH), funds the Birth Defects Research Laboratory, as we read in the report from the Seattle Times:

“The UW receives nearly $700,000 a year, including overhead costs, from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to fund the lab, which has a repository of nearly 2,000 fetal samples from 370 individual donors.”

By playing God and striving to create human life, one hates God and brings death.

But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death. (Proverbs 8:36)