The Government Of Italy Takes Away Steve Bannon’s Rights To Use Monastery To Plan Nationalist Uprising In Europe

By Theodore Shoebat

The government of Italy just revoked Steve Bannon’s right to use an ancient monastery as a headquarters to conspire a nationalist uprising in Europe. According to a report from Vox:

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon’s plans for a far-right nationalist school have been halted by Italian authorities. Bannon hoped to run the school out of an ancient monastery near Rome, but officials say they are revoking rights to the grounds for failure to maintain the site and pay fees.

In a statement released Friday, Gianluca Vacca, an official with Italy’s cultural ministry, said that it was the government’s “duty” to revoke the rights to the Certosa de Trisulti monastery that the Human Dignity Institute, a far-right Catholic think tank that Bannon partnered with, had obtained. Vacca cited the fact the group failed to pay proper concessions and said it was determined that the institute did not have any experience in cultural heritage custodianship. The ministry also voiced concerns that repairs had not begun that would make the historic property available for public use.

“Political opinions have nothing to do with us,” Vacca said. “We are interested in respecting the law and protecting the national cultural heritage, of which the Certosa is obviously part.”

Bannon, who once served as President Trump’s chief strategist, had hoped to train mid-career students “looking to do something different” in the rhetoric and strategy of far-right nationalism at the school. He promised the monastery would become a “gladiator school” and planned to call it the “Academy for the Judaeo-Christian West.”

In response to the Italian government’s statement, Bannon signaled that he is not ready to give up on his dream of opening the school and said, “The fight for Trisulti is a microcosm of the fight for the Judeo-Christian West.”

No, this has nothing to do with fighting for Christianity, and everything to do with conspiring for a tribalist and ultra-nationalist surge in Europe. That he describes his school as one for political “gladiators” makes one reminisce on the Operation Gladio, (which was being done by NATO to spark nationalism in Europe) an Italian word meaning “sword” which is the root word for “gladiator (swordsman).

Steve Bannon is praised and revered as a savior figure for the West against Islamic immigration. While the cult lives on, what his followers do not know — or do not want to know — is that Bannon is really a globalist lobbying not just for European nationalism, but also for nationalism in Islamist Pakistan. Bannon is also lobbying for Viktor Orban of Hungary while Orban is currently collaborating with Turkey to strengthen Hungary’s military. Lets first deal with Hungary and then we will discuss Bannon and how he is a part of a global conspiracy to spark nationalism. 

We warned of a rising Turkish-Hungarian alliance. And we are today seeing this collaborating materializing, rhyming with history when Hungary was an ally with the Ottoman Empire during World War One (more on this later).

Hungary will be boosting its military capacity at a substantial level, and Turkey will be a major player in the upgrading of the Hungarian military. As we read in one report from Hungarian Spectrum:

“We know little about the conversation that took place between Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Viktor Orbán during the Turkish prime minister’s visit to Budapest a few days ago, but in the joint press conference Orbán talked about improving the Hungarian armed forces with Turkish participation. He explained that because of the poor economic conditions he faced in 2010, he was forced to curtail military spending, but now the Hungarian army is on track for a major upgrade. He intends for Turkey to play a major role in this endeavor. He added that Hungary is planning to embark on developing a robust armament industry with Turkish help.” 

Orban also stressed that Turkey is essential for controlling illegal immigration in Europe and for strengthening Hungary’s military. As we read in a report from Hungary Today:

“Hungarian security and Turkish stability are directly linked, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said after talks with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Budapest on Monday. “A stable Turkish government and a stable Turkey are a precondition for Hungary not to be endangered in any way due to overland migration,” Orbán said at a joint press conference after the talks.

It is Hungary’s interest that Turkey should remain strong and able to maintain peace in its region and control illegal migration to Europe, Orbán said.

Orbán expressed appreciation to Turkey for accommodating several million refugees that arrived via neighbouring countries and thanked the Erdogan for “fully meeting” Turkey’s agreement with the European Union, which he said was another precondition for European security.

On another subject, Orbán said that Hungary and Turkey would raise the level of military cooperation and build “powerful ties” in the military industry. He added that in recent decades “there have been no money or energy left to develop the military” but “we will make up for that now; Hungary’s goal is to build a modern and effective national army”.”

Orban also talked about major Turkish investments, worth over a half a billion dollars, being done in Hungary. As Xinhua Press writes:

“Talks are underway regarding Turkish investments in Hungary worth 500 million U.S. dollars, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Tuesday.

“Currently, negotiations about eight Turkish projects are underway, and hopefully the result of these will be an investment package worth half a billion dollars,” Orban told a Hungarian-Turkish business forum held during Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Budapest.”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan also praised the cooperation being conducted by Hungary and Turkey. As we read from the Hurriyet Daily News:

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Oct. 9 praised cooperation between Ankara and Budapest, describing it as “exemplary.”

““We are working hard mutually with Hungary, with which we have deep and rooted ties, to improve our cooperation,” Erdoğan wrote on Twitter, following his two-day official visit to the country.

“Our cooperation with Hungary within the scope of international organizations such as NATO, the Council of Europe and the European Union is exemplary,” Erdoğan added.

Erdoğan said relations between the two countries boosted after a high-level strategic cooperation council was established in 2013.

The bilateral trade volume between the two countries climbed to $ 2.6 billion in 2017, he added.

“We will move forward with concrete steps to reach $5 billion trade volume,” Erdoğan added.”

Why is Hungary collaborating with Turkey, when for years we have been told by right-wing claptrap fantasizers that Orban was the great hope of the West? The protest against “illegal immigration” and “the flood of Muslim migrants into the West” is a big show for the hopeful dreamers who easily fall prey to propaganda and are anxiously waiting for “a hero” to save “Western civilization”; this is being done as a distraction from the real conspiracy, and that is the use of Muslim immigration as a way to spark European nationalism à la Operation Gladio (a CIA operation that planned to use terrorism as a means to igniting nationalism in Western Europe). Notice what Orban did: he thanked Turkey for impeding Islamic migration.

Well, when Germany and Turkey collaborated to bring in the Islamic migrants it was Turkey who absorbed the majority of these migrants. There was a “Muslim migrant crises,” and Turkey acted as the main solution to this “crises,” which gives politicians like Orban the green light to praise Turkey and further conspire with him. Turkey is an international powerhouse that maintains one of the largest militaries in the globe (thanks to Operation Gladio under which the US made Turkey one of the most armed countries in NATO). Hungary, on the other hand, is a lot poorer than Turkey. Turkey’s GDP is over eight times the GDP of Hungary. Thus, Hungary would need a country like Turkey to collaborate with in order to strengthen its military.

Moreover, let us not forget that Hungary was an ally of the Ottoman Empire during World War One in their fight against the Russians. Hungary was at the time part of the Dual Monarchy of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and thus a member of the Axis of which the Ottoman Empire was also a member. So, there is an historical precedent behind Hungary’s collaboration with Turkey. There is also a sense of ethnic kinship that Hungary has with Turkey. Both of the countries’ main demographic are a mixture of Turkic (Hungary was invaded by Turkic Huns and Turkey by Turkic Seljuks from Central Asia) and Indo-European peoples. Orban has, numerous times, made mention of the ethnic similarity between Hungary and Turkey, because he is a pan-Turanian, or an ethno-nationalist for the Turkic races. Last year, on September of 2017, we warned about the coming Hungarian-Turkish alliance and wrote how pan-Turanianism would be the underlying ideology behind it. 

In June of 2017, Viktor Orban delivered a speech at the Hungarian-Turkish Business Forum in Ankara, to talk about the importance of relations between Hungarian and Turkish industrialists. In his speech, Orban talked about both the racial relations and the need for deeper economic ties between Turkey and Hungary:

“Turkey is in a good location, and although there are now wars on its borders, strategically it is in one of the world’s most important locations. It has an enormous private sector. Why should it pay any attention to the Hungarians – aside from friendship and the intellectually intriguing question of common origins lost in the mists of ancient history? Why should any member of its business community divert their gaze to Hungary? I believe that there is one fact which even the most successful Turkish businesspeople would be wise to consider: Hungary is a country of ten million, and we are capable of generating exports worth 110 billion dollars; meanwhile Turkey is a country of eighty million, which is capable of generating exports worth 145 billion dollars.”

Later in the speech Orban again brought up a common racial origin between Hungarians and Turks:

“To sum up, we have the legend of common Turkish-Hungarian origins. We have mutual respect. We have an outstanding political and personal relationship between the leaders of the two countries. We have an enormous Turkey and a strengthening Central Europe. And we have a Hungarian investment and business environment without rival in Europe.”

In 2012, Orban described Hungary as “half-Asian” and stated that Hungarians are the type of people who will unite together only by force:

“Cooperation is a question of force, not of intention. Perhaps there are countries where things don’t work that way, for example in the Scandinavian countries, but such a half-Asiatic rag-tag people as we are can unite only if there is force.”

Orban has even stated that the Hungarians also have a racial and cultural relation with Japan. In a talk that he gave in the Suzuki building, he said:

“Our clothes are slightly dingy, we are a little more disorganized, we have let ourselves go a bit in the past eight years, there are signs of decadence here and there, but we believed in the values on which your world is built, in honour, in diligence, in responsibility and in respect, and we can prove it. We, as members of the European Union, sail under western flag, but as you also know, we are an eastern nation, and for us, just as for you, the principal commandment is that every agreement has to be kept.”

In 2012, in the National Economy of Hungary, Minister György Matolcsy, expressed this belief even further, stating:

“We are proud of having come from Asia. On the bottom of our infants, in about 30 out of 100 cases, for six weeks there is a small red dot, just like in the case of Japanese babies. I have been told about this by Japanese scientists, I didn’t know before.[…] My point in mentioning this is just that sometimes others know more about us than we do. While talking with Chinese delegations many times a week, they all begin their talks saying that, well yes, between us there is some deep, deep, deep… maybe even kinship.”

This interconnects with the pan-Asianism of Turkey; for the Young Turks declared Turkey to be the “Japan of the Near East” (I wrote an article on pan-Asianism which can be read here).

Stephan Bannon has been currently spending his time intensely lobbying for Orban and other nationalist parties in Europe where he is promoting “economic nationalism.” As we read in a report from Bloomberg:

Former White House strategist Steve Bannon said that European states should abandon the euro over time and lauded nationalist leaders including Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban as “heroic.”

So Bannon is lobbying for Orban who is working to collaborate with Turkey. Bannon is not cultivating some healthy patriotism, rather he is working to usher in the international world order of the Antichrist.

Orban has also been backing Germany’s plan to create a pan-European military force which would be headed by the Germans. Orban stated:

“We should list the issue of security as a priority, and we should start setting up a common European army”

There are players who are using the fears of Europeans to generate consent for their own political agenda. They will speak about ‘defending European culture,’ or preserving the indigenous ‘White’ population in order to either stoke fears about an almost apocalyptic takeover. I call this white fright, or the use of fears that are amongst White populations for a particular political end. For example, the ethno-nationalist organization, American Renaissance, utilizes white fright and will point to legitimate concerns about terrorism, rape, etc. But, they will use these issues as a way to push their ultimate agenda, and that is eugenics, Darwinism and racism, as their own website declares eugenics to be “the obvious solution” and points to “embryo selection” as part of that solution:

“Eugenics is the obvious solution, but it is notoriously difficult to accomplish. There have been a few attempts to pay intelligent people to have more children, but they have not been widely successful. It would be possible to pay people of less than average intelligence not to have children, but Prof. Lynn argued that no democratic nation would ever have the firmness of will to restrict reproduction by the unfit.

Embryo selection—the fertilization of many of a woman’s eggs and implantation of the most promising—has the potential dramatically to raise intelligence, but Prof. Lynn predicted that the practice would be banned in the West for “moral” reasons.”   

White fright is a very real thing; and it is being used by politicians and armchair revolutionaries for very dangerous and insidious objectives. One of these armchair revolutionaries is Steve Bannon, the political strategist who helped to meme Trump’s way to the Whitehouse. While Hungary and Turkey collaborate, Bannon has been spending most of his conspiring time to lobby for Orban and other nationalist politicians in Europe. Just days ago, Bannon lobbied for Orban and “economic nationalism” and exhorted European governments to throw away the euro and return to their local currencies.

Bannon is saying this in the capacity as a director of his pan-European nationalist organization, called “the Movement,” which is based in Brussels — the same city where the Counterjihad was solidified as an international movement by Filip DeWinter and Christine Brim. The Movement was actually founded by a Jewish politician from Belgium named Mischael Modrikamen (which is not surprising since there are numerous Jews, from Pamela Geller to David Horowitz and Bob Shilman, who are backing European nationalism today). As we read in a report from Bloomberg:

“Former White House strategist Steve Bannon said that European states should abandon the euro over time and lauded nationalist leaders including Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban as “heroic.”

Bannon, one of the architects of Donald Trump’s presidential victory, said his support of “The Movement,” a Brussels-based organization promoting populist political groups, is aimed at turning the European Union back into a “collection of sovereign nations” rather than an economically and politically-integrated bloc.

“I’m a huge believer that you should have control over your national currency,” Bannon said in an interview at the Bloomberg Invest summit in London on Wednesday. “I think it’s a fundamental part of economic nationalism.”

Mischael Modrikamen

We have been told that Bannon is about “putting America first.” Why then is he putting so much effort in Europe? Because its not about “Americans first,” but an agenda, an agenda of nationalism, of tribalism, of egoism and militarism, because that is exactly what this surge of nationalism is leading to.

Nationalism is about domination.

No group of power players do not take over a government and a society without  some sense of desire to make a name for themselves at the international level. Men with power want only more power, and this aspiration does not get satiated at a state appointed border. The unquenchable thirst for power knows no borders, and thus the preachers of the religion of national egoism seek to proselytize their faith throughout the world.

A good example is Ukrainian nationalism. The Social National Assembly of Ukraine was a very strong and violent nationalist movement that partook in the Euromaidan revolution in 2014. One of its goals was to make Ukraine into a world superpower that would extend to the Balkans and the Caucasus. In the manifesto for the Social National Assembly it reads: “The ultimate goal of Ukraine’s foreign policy is world domination.”

Expansionism was not just the goal of the Social National Assembly, but of another Ukrainian nationalist organization, the Ukrainian National Assembly — Ukrainian People’s Self-Defense (UNA-UPSD) which played a major role in fighting and attacking the police during the Euromaidan. The UNA actually showed their expansionist agenda when they attacked people outside of Ukraine. For example, in 1993 UNA fighters fought the Russians in the Georgia-Abkhazia conflict. In the fall of 1994 to 1995, UNA militiamen fought for the Chechen mujahideen and their leader, Dzhokhar Dudayev, against the Russians (See Byshock & Kochetkov, Neonazis & Euromaidan, pp. 108, 118). These militiamen called themselves nationalists, but they were fighting for the Chechen Muslim cause. What is this? Nationalism is a social-construct, a means by which to rile up the masses and get them to back up the agendas for the powers that be. 

Ukrainian nationalists

Bannon himself admitted that his movement is not about just one country, but about a global movement. As we read in a report from Bloomberg, Bannon’s Movement:

will cater to “populist, nationalist movements” rising in countries as far apart as Brazil and Pakistan. “It’s not just about the EU; it’s global in nature,” he said.

Bannon does not want to limit his nationalist cult to the EU, but wants to go as far as the Muslim world, as we read in a report from the Independent:

“He argues that nationalist and populist forces, in part inspired by Mr Trump, are poised to claim political power in capitals from Pakistan to Japan to Australia, Brazil and Colombia, and he stays in contact with all of them. … His crew acts as his road family – as security, schedulers and advisers on everything from how to contact Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan to the best backdrop for video interviews.”

What type of nationalism would arise out of Pakistan? It would be an Islamist nationalism, given that that Islam is the main religion of the country. So, Bannon is working to revive nationalism in Europe, which would be ethno-nationalism, and to help drive nationalism in Pakistan, which would be of an Islamist nature, and also — quite obviously — of an anti-India sentiment. Bannon is not looking to ‘protect the white race,’ — he doesn’t give a fig about that — he, really, is pushing to usher in a global surge in militarist and national frenzy. Bannon is working with nationalists like Filip DeWinter, who is a Flemish ethno-nationalist and a Nazi.

The Counterjihad was first launched in 2007 when the EU parliamentarian, Filip DeWinter, the leader of the Vlaams Balang (previously known as Vlaams Blok) party of Flanders, organized the Counterjihad summit in Brussels, to which many leading figures of the movement — such as Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and Lars Hedegaard,— were invited. When studying DeWinter, one will find his Nazi roots. DeWinter is an admirer of Staf De Clercq, the co-founder and leader of the Vlaamsch National Verbond (Flemish National League) who collaborated with the Nazis and happily welcomed them when they occupied Belgium; he also supported the Nazis’ rounding up and deportation of Jews. De Clercq once declared: “We are faithful to Adolf Hitler. The Flemish are Germans … That is why we will be racist, anglo-phobe and anti-Jewish.” (See Roni Stauber, Collaboration with the Nazis, ch.6 p. 93) A journalist once told DeWinter:

“Gustave ‘Staf’ de Clercq, the Flemish nationalist leader during the war, openly collaborated with the Nazis. After the deportation of Jews began, he was said to have remarked: ‘Now we can breathe easier.’ Nevertheless, many members of your party revere his memory and participate in ceremonies to mark the anniversary of his death.”

To this, DeWinter responded:

“He is one of the historic leaders of the party. This is part of the history of the Flemish nationalist movement and it is impossible to deny this. We are the descendants of this movement. Some of the members of the party attend these events because they want to honor the heritage of the Flemish movement. This does not mean that they agree with Nazism. Not at all. I understand that this is hard to understand as a Jew. I respect very much that Jews have a problem with this. But Jews must also understand that this is not as simple as it seems. Not all of the [Nazi] collaborators wanted to kill the Jews in Europe. Most of the collaborators had other motives. I think that if they were living today, most of them would be ashamed of what happened to the Jews. The only thing I can do today is to say that I respect very much the suffering of the Jewish people, to express my sympathy and condolences about what happened and to try to move far away from this. But the Jewish people must understand that not every collaborator was necessarily anti-Semitic.”

There is a video of Filip Winter in which he is screaming out: “Yes, Vlaams Blok will put our own people first and yes, Vlaams Blok will have a Flemish Flanders and YES, the Vlaams Blok will have a white Europe!”.

In 1988, Filip DeWinter, joined a demonstration of a hundred or so Nazi sympathizers (himself included). The plan of these neo-Nazis was to enter the Lommel German war cemetery where 40,000 Nazi German Wehrmacht soldiers were buried, and put flowers on their graves. With Filip DeWinter was the Nazi, Bert Eriksson. Eriksson was a member of the Hitler Youth during the Second World War, and a Nazi fanatic who received media attention in 1978 when he travelled to Austria and dug up the remains of the Nazi collaborator, Cyriel Verschaeve, and brought them back to Alveringem. Here is a photo of DeWinter at the Nazi rally:

The fact that Bannon is working with a Nazi, Filip DeWinter, is an indication of his true agenda, and that is the rise of a global and violent nationalist uprising. Banon himself is really an internationalist who simply wants to disintegrate the current internationalist system for another internationalism. And if you think Islam will be excluded, then you are a tool of the propaganda.

Marine Le Pen is another politician whose party is being lobbied for by Bannon. As we read in a report from the Times:

“President Trump’s former chief strategist has won the backing of Marine Le Pen for his European think tank to help nationalist and populist parties.

Steve Bannon met the French far-right leader in Paris and she later expressed support for his Brussels-based foundation called “the Movement”.

“I renewed our interest in the emergence of this structure,” said Ms Le Pen, whose party changed its name from Front National to Rassemblement National (National Rally) this year.”

Marine Le Pen’s father, Jean Marie Le Pen, was a lobbyist for a Nazi party in Ukraine called at the time the Social-National Party of Ukraine (SNPU. Today it is known as Svobodoa). In 1995, the SNPU made a presentation at the Maria Zankovetskaya theater in Lviv in which it was declared:

“In light of the prospects for mass degradation of people, whole peoples, we are the last hope of the White race and humankind in general”.

The SNPU believed that the Ukrainian race was a “big family” and that the Germanic and Central European peoples were all part of the “White race”, as opposed to the Mediterranean European peoples who are more like Arabs. In one statement from the SNPU it reads:

“There are nations that have created their own states and while there are state systems that have artificially sculpted ‘nations’, it is more accurate to say pseudo-nations or quasi-nations. A true nation is a big family — a community of people who are blood relatives. The same race, the same blood, the same ancestors. Such nations are Ukrainian, Polish, Slovak, Czech, Swedish, Danish and other peoples, whereas representatives of some other ‘nations’ are people of completely different anthropological types and it makes no sense to talk about their full blood kinship. They are united by literature language, culture and common historical myth fabricated by the state. Moreover, not all Europeans could be fully considered White people. For example, the population of southern regions of some European countries are European colored people who resemble in their genetics, say, the Arabs or Caucasians. In this way the Russians are, in fact, a variation of colored Turanian ethnic groups.” (See Byshock & Kochetkov, Neonazis & Euromaidan, pp.28, 30)

Notice the words they use: “anthropological”, “ancestors,” “kinship,” “full blood,” — these people are Social-Darwinists. And it was these Social-Darwinists who were conspiring with Jean Marie Le Pen. In the year 2000, the SNPU began collaborating with Euronat, a confederacy of Right-wing European parties that was established by Jean Marie Le Pen’s Front National. On May 21, 2000, Jean Marie Le Pen paid a visit to Ukraine where he took part in the SNPU’s 4th convention. Two of the parties involved with Euronat were the Sweden Democrats and the Vlaams Blok (which changed its name to Vlaams Belang in 2004), both of which are now being supported by Steve Bannon. The Ukrainian Nazis who were being backed by Jean Marie Le Pen were in fact fighters for the Chechen jihad against the Russians in the 1990s. There is much talk about the Mujahideen of Chechnya, but little talk on how they were helped by Ukrainian Nazis.

Oleh Tyahnibok, the head of Svoboda, in the 1990s fought alongside Chechen separatists, against the Russians. Other Ukrainian nationalists, also part of the SNPU, fought for the Chechens, such as Igor Mazur, Valeriy Bobrovich, Dmytro Korechynsky, Andriy Tyahnibok, Dmytry Yarosh, Vladimir Mamalyga, and Olexander Muzychko. They fought for Chechen jihadist leaders Shamil Basayev and Ibn al-Khattab. The Ukrainian fighters trained at the base for the Ukrainian National Assembly, in Ivano-Frankivsk, and the base was called “the Ukrainian People’s Self-Defense.” The Ukrainian fighters were sadists, being known to cut throats, pull out finger nails, break fingers and gouge out eyes. The Chechens even gave one Ukrainian fighter, Okexander Muzychko, an award for bravery.

Okexander Muzychko with Chechen Muslims

So, Front National — the party being lobbied by Bannon — worked with Ukrainians who were literally part of a Muslim jihad against the Russians. So it is not surprising to find out that Bannon is collaborating to spark a movement in Muslim Pakistan. But it appears that the powers that be are pushing the world into this sinister direction. John McCain, like Jean Marie Le Pen, also backed Svoboda in the 2014 Euromaidan. McCain collaborated directly with Svoboda’s leader,  Oleh Tyahnibok, the same Nazi who fought for the Chechen Muslims. Let us not forget that the Neoconservatives like Frank Gaffney, Richard Pipes and Zbigniew Brzezinski — all connected with government — backed the creation of a Chechen state and the Chechen separatists, the very separatists backed by the Ukrainian Nazis supported by McCain and Le Pen. The US government backed the Ukrainian nationalists as it backed the Chechens. So it looks like we are seeing the continuation of Gladio in Ukraine.

McCain with Oleh Tyahnybok

So what is happening here? You are witnessing a world revolution planned out years in advance.

People will praise Bannon and say that nationalism is good for the purpose of ‘fighting internationalists’ and ‘globalists.’ But, such a movement for nationalism will never remain within the confines of one border. Even if a plethora of nations get entrenched into nationalism, there will always be that one country with the preponderating influence and strength over all of them, around which other nations will revolve. A supranationalism rises with the one country of superior military and economic power controlling a body of nations.

Nationalism becomes internationalism.

Even if the EU gets destroyed, and all the countries that were formerly a part of her no longer have the euro and return to their original currencies, Germany will still be the dominating country because it is the economic and military powerhouse of the continent. If you dress a monkey with a suit, its still a monkey. If you remove the euro, Germany will still be the dominant European country, and the Deutsche Mark the dominant currency. In fact, before the euro European currencies were based on the value of the Deutsche Mark.

The German currency was made powerful thanks to the United States through the Bretton Woods agreement which appointed the Deutsche Mark to be the economic “shock absorbers” for the American dollar in Europe. Germany was the most industrious country in Europe. Even though it was smashed with bombs, by 1945 Germany was producing twice as much goods as France was. The German Deutsche Mark was going to be the dollar’s fortifying currency in Europe. Even though the European Union is under the euro, Germany is still dominating. If the euro is no more and countries go back to their former currencies, then nationalism will become even more explicit, demarcations more emboldened, old rivalries more intense, and an aspiration for countries to dominate each other more real. Once a confederacy fragments, then the prospects for war become very high. As Yanis Varoufakis wrote in 2016, on the breaking down of the euro:

“The moment a monetary union between different nations begins to fragment, and as the fault lines expand inexorably, only serious dialogue and a readiness to return to the drawing board can mend the fences on which peace and shared prosperity must rely. The lack of such dialogue in the 1930s led to the disintegration of that era’s common currency: the gold standard. Eighty years later, it is happening all over again in a Europe that ought to know better.” (Varoufakis, And The Weak Suffer What They Must? p. xvii)

The movement to get Germany to return to the Deutsche Mark has been being led by some quite influential people. In June of 2011, the Austrian nationalist Freedom Party, with its leader, Heinz-Christian Strache, held a conference with the major German economist and banker, Wilhelm Hankel, in which he made a firm prediction that the EU will fragment and that the euro will be replaced by former national currencies: “Even better, we’re all going back to national currencies and forming a European Exchange Union… a single EU economic space would not work anyway and would be similar to the Soviet Union, a step towards non-democracy.” Hankel was calling for the revival of the Deutsche Mark in a meeting organized by an Austrian nationalist party. The agenda is obvious, and that is revival of Germanic nationalism.

What makes this meeting even more interesting is that it took place in the Vienna Stock Exchange, which is mainly known as Wiener Borse. It is not coincidental that such an event would happen in the Vienna Stock Exchange in 2011. According to a document from Wiener Borse, 2011 was a year in which “the Vienna Stock Exchange faced an extremely harsh market environment in 2011 especially in the second half of the year. In particular the sovereign debt crisis caused major turbulences on the financial markets.” The debt crises that erupted in Europe in 2010 helped spark the boost for nationalism, and it seems that this falls right in line with a deliberate plan to fragment Europe.

The economic crises in Europe was, in the words of Lord Mervyne King, the former Chief of the Bank of England, “almost as a deliberate act of policy which makes it even worse”.  In fact, that the financial crises in Europe was a deliberate part of policy, was confirmed in 2008 by Bernard Connolly, a global strategist for Banque AIG and AIG Trading, who worked in the Industrial Trends and Forecasting Unit of the Confederation of British Industry, and who worked for years for the European Commission in Brussels, where he was head of the unit responsible for the European Monetary System and monetary policies.

In his 2008 lecture entitled, Europe – Driver or Driven?, Bernard Connolly said that the EU wants a “global financial crises”. By allowing the 2010 financial crises, and the migration crises of 2015, the EU sparked its own fragmentation. The Germans wanted the system to crash. They know that regardless of however many systems crash, they will be supreme. One can cry about how they want their country ‘first,’ but the nationalism of one powerful country will not change its international status. Nationalism will only make internationalism more violent; for with tribalist egoism the most powerful countries will only oppress the weaker countries. Nationalism does not remove internationalism, rather, it only makes internationalism even more despotic. “For nation will rise against nation” (Matthew 24:7).

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