Major Government Official In Mexico Tries To Fully Legalize Abortion And Homosexual Marriage In Mexico, But Fails Because Most Mexican Officials Refused To Support Him

By Theodore Shoebat

A major government official in Mexico, Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, tried to get abortion and homosexual marriage fully passed in Mexico, but he failed, according to a report from Catholic News Agency:

The portion of a constitutional reform initiative seeking to legalize abortion and same-sex marriage in Mexico did not advance last week in the nation’s legislature.

A gender parity bill was debated and approved in both houses of the Mexican Congress May 23. The bill would require that half of the country’s public service sector be women.

Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, president of the Chamber of Deputies and a member of the National Regeneration Movement, had proposed that the bill establish rights to abortion and same-sex marriage. These proposals were not included in the bill’s final version, however, for lack of widespread support.

The bill would have to be approved by at least 17 Mexican states to take effect.

Muñoz Ledo tweeted his disappointment that the measure “fails to strengthen the comprehensive rights of women such as the right to decide about their own bodies.”