Cardinal Sarah Supports The “Amazonian Rite”

Cardinal Sarah has been praised by many people in the Catholic world for his public stances on a number of very important and good issues. However, has taken a very different approach to him, for while acknowledging his notable words when they are notable, we have also noted a far darker side to Sarah that nobody either wants to address or is able to see is in need of being addressed, and that is his connections to the eugenicist and racist Steve Bannon and the rise of the European political right in regards to the neo-nationalist movement.

However, according to a recent article from a Brazilian Catholic news source, it has come out that in spite of the public claims of opposition to Francis, it was Francis himself who has entrusted the legitimization of a pagan rite in the Catholic Church with nobody other than Sarah:

For those who feared that the Church might approve of a crushed indigenous rite, there could be no better answer than this! Who will study and give an opinion on the Amazonian rite is Cardinal Robert Sarah , Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship.

Born in the Republic of Guinea (Africa), Sarah is well known for her great zeal for the church’s doctrinal and liturgical tradition. So… calm your little heart!

If an Amazonian rite is actually approved, believe it: it will be good for the Church, and in accordance with the dignity that the royalty of Our Lord Jesus Christ deserves. The Church will not accept the insertion of aesthetic and folkloric elements that do not communicate sacredness and transcendence .

Catholics who have a love for the sacredness of the mass have a backlash about these things, because there are people who commit certain liturgical abuses and say that they are inculturating. Like… Fathers entering Mass over ox cart, priest playing loudly at Mass, priest consecrating the Holy Host beside a barbecue skewer, altar adorned as if it were a marble table, faithful dancing and spinning as if they were in a church yard. candomblé…

But “Do not be afraid of them”: we should not be afraid of certain changes . It is worth remembering that the first church council (St. Paul’s meeting with the elders in Jerusalem) gave victory to the “progressive” proposals, not to “conservatism.” And that was good! (source)

The next question is to see if Sarah “approves” of such paganism. However, at the same time, one should not be surprised.

The “left versus right” conflict is a classical strategy of tension used in the western world where enemies are not truly enemies, and one’s friends are not who they would seem to be, in order that they both work together to direct a certain series of actions to a specific end.

The fact is that neither the left nor the right is the “friend” of the Church, because the Church partakes of yet exists outside of either. There are times in history when the Church will tend to associate more with one than another, but the fact is that neither side is objectively good and there is no one “better” side than the other, yet being that the Church must be in the world but not of it, and that she is not a nationalistic, tribalistic, racialist, or otherwise connected to any particular race, tribe, or people save for the human race, she is bound to look for the good will of all people, not just one particular system.

We know that Sarah’s ties to Bannon and the new right are very close and disturbing. We also know that Francis has too close ties to Freemasonry, the extreme left, and all things against the Catholic Faith, including open paganism.

Could it be that we are witnessing, in the struggle right now taking place in the Church, something that is of historic importance, a mass of well-meaning Catholic people who have been genuinely deceived by a complex web of deceit into supporting Cardinal Sarah and those who are close to Bannon under the impression they are truly fighting against evil such as the open sodomite and liberal wing, when those who they are supporting are in fact best friends with those on the left who they claim to oppose and at the same time are facilitating the current destruction?

The concept of the “great apostasy” is not something of an intellectual creation, but is a reality warned against by many of the saints that will affect many. Naturally, it will have to involve massive deception at some level in combination with a series of other sinister events, and as the saints also have stated, this will begin at the highest levels of leadership in the Church, and will be so damaging that it will force the second coming, for Christ has promised that His Church will not be prevailed over by the gates of hell.

In the meantime, as St. Don John Bosco as noted, the way to survive the future will be to anchor oneself between the Eucharist and the Blessed Virgin, and trusting in Christ’s promises given to His Church, to hold on tight for a very wild ride but knowing that all will be well in the end, for just as the hour of Christ’s passion was not the time for evangelization or missionary work when Christ was walking to his death, now is not the time for “evangelization” and “missionary” work except by fire and suffering.

The situation of the Church is what it is, and it is not going to get better. However, it is also not a time to run away, for when the clergy refuse to do their job, it is the laity who always steps up and does what needs to be done, as well as what are usually local priests and a few bishops who genuinely care, and it is their memories and actions who shine forever through history and are commemorated for all to see as models for the Faith for those in the future.

So if you are surprised that Cardinal Sarah may not be all that he seems to be, do not be disappointed, but also do not be surprised either. A man is always known by his deeds, and while some people may have open problems, it is not always those one has to worry about, but rather those who claim to help but are actually wolves internally, just as Sacred Scripture always warns about.

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