Catholics Around The World Stand Up To Violations Of The First Commandment At The Amazon “SINod”

Many people have been very angry or sad about the heresies coming from certain prelates at the latest “Amazon Synod”, perhaps better called a “SINod” because of the violations of the first commandment emanating from it. However, in response, there have been many Catholics of good will who have attempted to stand up to the evils before them.

The first of these has been the video of throwing the pagan idols into the Tiber River. The man who did this has recently exposed himself as a Catholic man from Austria who traveled to Rome with a group of friends to see the idols, then thought about it, and returned to throw them into the river for the world to see, as he has explained in a following video.

A second video of opposition has just come out from Mexico, where a Mexican priest and his congregation said a prayer before a image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and then having done this, took effigies of the pagan idol from the Amazon and burned it before Our Lady while saying prayers. This was also captured on video.

These are great things to see, and they are an encouragement for all the Faithful everywhere.

There have been people who are opportunists, some of them claiming the title of Christian to say that because of the evils taking place in Rome, this is the “end of the Church” and therefore people need to leave it for atheism, secularism, or other forms of ethnonationalistic Christianity that are in terminal decline because they not only equivocate religion with race and government, but also can barely separate their concept of Christianity from a particular race and while quick to attack and hold eternal grudges against “DA POAP” over questions of doctrinal emphasis as opposed to objective truth, they will ceaselessly fight with each other over politics and slaughter each other. Indeed, many of them would rather be ruled by an Islamic Sultan than to confess that the Pope, for all of his failings, really is the direct spiritual heir and ruler of the Church founded by Christ on St. Peter that Sacred Scripture clearly states will never be overcome by the gates of hell, something that was never said about Churches founded in cities not limited to but including Constantinople, Alexandria, Moscow, Belgrade, Bucharest, Kiev, Tblisi, Yerevan, Aleppo, Beirut, Athens, or other cities.

There are few things more repugnant then when the going gets tough, to not just run away and whine, but to try to get other to run away also to justify one’s own foolishness and cowardice.

Christ said the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church, but He did NOT say that they would not temporarily occupy even the holiest places in the Church. It is the same with the destruction of the world, for God did not say he would never destroy the world again, but just by water, which obviously does not include fire.

Do you know priests who are sodomites and perverts and who are promoting perversity? Then do something about it, for if one cannot physically remove them, then one certainly can expose their deeds for the whole world to see.

Do you know about serious evils that are not coming out? Then reveal them for the world to see and criticize, for at this point, the one who truly loves the Church will not hesitate to expose the evils that he sees, and even to let the pagans know, for they do even greater evils, and if the members of the Church will uncover her sins, then while she will suffer in the immediate time, the exposure will force them to be healed as opposed to worsen, and this truly is a blessing.

Do you see an idol in one of our churches? Then ask yourself, what would the saints of old have done, based on the examples of Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition?

The people have their role in the Church, but they also have power, and while power can be used for evil, it also can be used for good. This is not the time to run away, but to use one’s power that he has for good, to stand up against all that would sully the Faith, including from within the ranks of those who have been entrusted to care for the Faith. This is because the Faith ultimately does not belong to the people, or to a bunch of men in Rome, but to God, and it is the collective responsibility of all to care for it.

Some people say this is the start of a “resistance”. To the contrary, I view it as the start of a serious persecution, and it is going to be very difficult. However, it is in these times that the great saints are made, that there is the most hope for those who would otherwise be hopeless, and the greatest potential exists for good to come out of what is something terrible.

So in the meantime, take notes, have hope, and never give up because Christ promised that He would be with us until the end, and instead, take the examples of the recent days an use them in one’s own context to respond appropriately to what one will inevitably encounter within his own sphere of influence.

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