American Senator Calls For Veritable Vigilantism At The US-Mexican Border

An American Senator from Arkansas has called for a veritable vigilantism and military action against Mexico following the recent murder of citizens on the border.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) said that the United States may have to take unilateral action against Mexican drug cartels after nine U.S. citizens, including small children, were killed in northern Mexico.

Cotton criticized socialist Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s response, saying that he doesn’t want war.

“It’s plain that the Mexican government can’t handle this,” Cotton, a member of the Senate Committee on Armed Service, told Fox News. “President Lopez Obrador came into office almost a year ago saying that his strategy for dealing with the cartels was going to be more hugs, not bullets.”

“That may work in a children’s fairy tale, but in the real world when three American women and six American children were gunned down and burned alive, the only thing that can counteract bullets is more and bigger bullets,” he explained. “If the Mexican government cannot protect American citizens in Mexico, then the United States may have to take matters into our own hands.”

Following the slayings, located near the U.S.-Mexico border, President Donald Trump offered to declare “war” on the cartels and “wipe them off the face of the earth.” He added: “We merely await a call from your great new president!” (source)

I explained yesterday, as I have done before, that border politics is not about the country, but about manipulation of the people and foreign geopolitical games with major nations.

Some people were very upset when I wrote yesterday “Will Americans Start Caring About The Cartels Now That It Was Some White People And Not Just Brown People Who Were Murdered?

I have no animosity towards either group- we all have to work together for the good of each other, and to love each other, and help each other. There are differences between the societies, and there will be issues. However, it is difficult to look at a man with a straight face for those who are fleeing forms of death worse than ISIS, or who are coming following invitation from the government to work on farms as a part of agriculture policy, to ignore the serious situations that their country is in, and then only to care when a few Americans are killed.

It is very bad what happened to this family, and their loss is not added to or detracted from by any other issue. At the same time, one has to ask, where were all of the people talking about cartel violence and exposing how the cartels are objectively worse that ISIS in how they behave when it was only people of Mexican origins who were being killed?

I remember writing about Tennessee congressional representative Marsha Blackburn’s advertisement about how “THE CARAVAN” coming from Central America- which they do every year -was said that it “may” have been filled with “drug dealers, people from the Middle East, and possibly even terrorists”.

Did anybody stop to seriously consider that many of these people were basically either trying to get away from cartels, or that they were traveling to a land where they know they can earn two years worth of wages in a matter of a few months at minimum or lower wages- something that most Americans would do if the chance was given to them?

This is NOT a race issue, and it should NEVER be made into this.

It is simply an issue of care.

We need to care that people were murdered in a terrible way near the border.

We also need to care about the people- thousands of them -who have been terribly murdered near the same border because of US-backed cartels.

Allusions to vigilantism or “military intervention” into Mexico is just rhetoric that will stir up the worst tendencies of people in the US. It will encourage people with genuine racial hatred against Mexicans and Hispanics, possibly to violence, and it will encourage Mexicans and Hispanics- immigrants and citizens -towards hatred of Americans of all colors and backgrounds who they perceive not to stand up to what happened here.

This rhetoric is intentional, and it is important for the good of all people that it is ignored, for it will only stir up trouble that, just like the “migration” issue, will be used for more political gain at the loss of the many.

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