Will Americans Start Caring About The Cartels Now That It Was Some White People And Not Just Brown People Who Were Murdered?

Three American mothers and six children were slaughtered in a bloodbath by cartel members while traveling in Mexico, and only one child survived.

Harrowing new details have emerged in the slaughter of three Mormon mothers and six of their children after cartel gunmen opened fire in a grisly ambush in Mexico on Monday.

Nine members of the LeBaron family were attacked eight miles apart on Monday while traveling in a convoy of three SUVS on a dirt road.

One hero mother died shielding her seven-month-old daughter who survived, it has since emerged. And a 13-year-old boy hid his siblings from gunmen in bushes and walked 13 miles for help, loved ones say.

Police confirmed they have arrested a suspected drug lord after the killings which left one vehicle torched and riddled with bullets.

The state prosecutor’s office said one person was detained on Tuesday in the Mexican border state of Sonora and they were investigating whether they were involved in the massacre.

The mothers were driving in separate vehicles with their children from the La Mora religious community where they live, which is a decades-old settlement in Sonora state founded as part of an offshoot of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Rhonita Miller and four of her children – her six-month-old twins, Titus and Tiana, her 10-year-old daughter Krystal and 12-year-old son Howard – were all killed.

Another two mothers, Dawna Langford and Christina Langford Johnson, as well as Dawna’s sons, aged 11 and three, were also all killed.

Christina’s son Devin walked 13 miles to get help from relatives. He covered his injured siblings with branches before trying to make out where the shots were coming from to avoid the gunmen as he walked away.

Relatives say he reached the community six hours later. Family members alerted authorities before arming themselves with guns to go out searching for the injured children.

His mother Christina saved her seven-month-old baby Faith’s life by throwing the infant to the floor of their SUV as bullets tore through the vehicle. (source)

It is very tragic that those Americans were murdered by the drug cartels. However, I have to ask an equally serious question, and it is not meant to imply any sort of racial animosity, or to encourage tensions, or to make people upset in so far as it would encourage racism or racial division.

My question is: Does it matter that these people were “white” and “native-born American” citizens?

Something that Ted and I have discussed for years is the situation with the drug cartels. It has been known since the 1970s that they were creations of the US government as part of geopolitical proxy wars with the Soviets, and there are direct connections from the cartels to the highest echelons of the US Military, US Intelligence, and also that of Israeli Intelligence and the IDF.

Think about how for centuries, there were no “drug cartels” running around Central America murdering people in heinous ways, and yet, it is during the 1970s- the height of the Cold War fighting with the USSR -that these groups appear and being their reign of terror.

For all the criticism that one may say about people in Mexico, the US, Israel, and Russia have a lot to answer for by creating a hellish conflict that has turned Mexico into the most violent nation on Earth after Syria.

People in the US will talk about the horrors of ISIS and the cartels, yet what about the ISIS terrorists just south of the border- the narcos -who were trained by our own government.

Shoebat.com has shown extensively in the archives how these cartels are not just as bad as, but many times worse than ISIS, for not even ISIS filmed themselves ripping people’s beating hearts out of their chests, or making videos of themselves slowly sawing a man’s limbs off as he cries in pain and begs for help only to beat him with his own severed limb while insulting him. The level of savagery is worse than ISIS, but unlike the Muslims, who are thousands of miles away and so many Americans run scared of “terrorists on our southern border coming in from MEXICO because they sneak in with ILLEGALS”, here you have thousands of people every year who are running across the border trying to get away from these monsters that US tax dollars created.

There is also an aspect of economic migration, but this is not the fault of the “illegals”, since it is directly encouraged by US farmers and the US Department of Agriculture in order to run US farm policy, which is tied to both domestic policies at keeping people pacified as well as controlling foreign nations by making them dependent on US food imports.

The US border policy is a complete farce because it has nothing to do with helping people in the US or Mexico, but it is all about making a political show by which to control other nations and keep the people in a state of tension with each other so they cannot unite and confront the traitors in finance and industry who have bought, sold, and loaned the nation and her people many times over.

This woman and her family who were murdered is very sad, but one must ask, when basically poor brown people are having their arms and legs sliced off, their organs pulled out, and their children dissolved alive in acid or raped to death by sick cartels for years, why did nobody care at all except to say “THIS IS WHY WE NEED TO ENFORCE BORDER LAWS?”

The US Border issue really is a crime. It’s a major problem, but the fact is the problem was created by those entrusted with the security of the border. People are upset right now because it was an “American” that was killed, but there is not only nothing said if it is a Mexican, but scorn given many times for people trying desperately to get out of the hell they live in that they did not create.

Nobody deserves to become a victim of the drug cartels or other forms of heinous violence. Likewise, there is a responsibility that has been gravely lacking in talking about the reality of the cartels, what they do, and instead promoting US-created tools for geopolitical destabilization such as ISIS when not only are the cartels right on the border with the US, but more importantly, they were created by the very scoundrels in D.C. who salute the American flag and will declare that they are proud American patriots.

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