Major US Politician Declares To Donald Trump: ‘You Are Doing Nothing To Stop Turkey’s War Crimes And Ethnic Cleansing In Syria’

By Theodore Shoebat

A major US politician, diplomat  William V. Roebuck, chastised Donald Trump for not doing anything to stop Turkey’s war crimes and ethnic cleansing in Syria. As we read in a report from Turkish Minute:

A top American diplomat on the ground in northern Syria has criticized the administration of President Donald Trump for not trying harder to prevent Turkey’s military offensive there last month and said Turkish-backed militia fighters committed “war crimes and ethnic cleansing,” according to The New York Times.

In a searing internal memo, the diplomat, William V. Roebuck, raised the question of whether tougher American diplomacy, blunter threats of economic sanctions and increased military patrols could have deterred Turkey from attacking. Similar measures had dissuaded Turkish military action before.

“It’s a tough call, and the answer is probably not,” Mr. Roebuck wrote in the 3,200-word memo. “But we won’t know because we didn’t try.” He did note several reasons the Turks might not have been deterred: the small American military presence at two border outposts, Turkey’s decades-long standing as a NATO ally and its formidable army massing at the Syrian frontier.

In an unusually blunt critique, Mr. Roebuck said the political and military turmoil that upended the administration’s policy in northern Syria — and left Syrian Kurdish allies abandoned and opened the door for a possible Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) resurgence — was a “sideshow” to the bloody, years-long upheaval in Syria overall.

But, he said, “it is a catastrophic sideshow and it is to a significant degree of our making.”