Will The Next Development In Technology Will Be A Regression From It?

The progress of technology has become startling to the point that science fiction of a few decades ago is now becoming reality. This is very noted in the biomedical, nanoelectronic, robotics, and artificial intelligence fields, which are being done for the purpose of pursuing a philosophy of a new darwinism and also a revival of eugenics.

A recent development in drug testing has taken place, where with the touch of one’s finger, even after washing one’s hands, it can detect if a person has used heroin.

Advanced technology that can tell whether a person has used heroin even if they wash their hands could help police identify drug users and dealers.

A forensic test developed by scientists in the UK is able to distinguish between those who have taken the Class A drug or unintentionally come into contact with it by shaking hands with someone else who has handled it.

Researchers from the University of Surrey were able to build the tool using fingerprint samples from 10 patients seeking treatment at a drug rehabilitation clinic who had used heroin or cocaine in the previous 24 hours.

Participants were asked to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water before putting on disposable gloves for ten minutes to make their hands sweat and provide another fingerprint sample.

Our results have shown that this non-invasive and innovative technology is sensitive enough to identify Class A drugs in several scenarios – even after people have washed their hands using varying methods. (source)

There are good things that can come from the use of a technology such as this. However, the evils that this could bring, as well as other technologies, will certainly be used more frequently than anything for good.

All scientific, cultural, or advanced discoveries almost without except have this duality of a risk and a reward. For example, the Internet can bring all kinds of filth to a person, but can also deliver communication, education, and business requests faster than ever in human history. There is a positive and a negative side.

A trend that is coming up in the development of new medical-related technologies, barring those used for curing diseases or specific physical ailments, seems to be the “negative” overall use for the purpose of control, with a “test” such as this being one of many examples. Another common test that is said will be coming up are toilets that identify diseases or potential illnesses in a man’s feces as it exits his body, and then “reports” them back to him. These technologies have been openly admitted by their creators that they will be connected to the Internet and medical records for doctors to see.

But who benefits from this information, really? Some will say it is to “help” people, but it will first be used to gather information into databases that insurance companies will use to deny people insurance or raise their premiums, which is also another upcoming trend as technology becomes more invasive and the calls for “saving” money as well as eugenics become louder.

This is just a sample of the coming technologies that will make what was considered private for most of human history something of “public” knowledge, and if one resists it, he will be violently opposed and ostracized.

Modern society for all of her benefits is driving man to a point where he is going to find himself having to do, as some of the people who are very wealthy and powerful in Silicon Valley are doing, which is to “disconnect” from the very technologies being shoved upon people because they are objectively unhealthy and destructive. The creators themselves have realized this, and they are trying to get away from their own creations, so those in common society should take note of this and, at least to some extent, follow alike.

There is nothing wrong with embracing technology. However, it is a tool that is meant to make man’s life better, and when it ceases to be this and becomes a tool of enslavement, this is no longer good.

Technology will continue to grow, and there will be certain benefits from this. However, could it be possible that the next “advance” in technology will not just be a step towards embracing new tool, but choosing not to use them, and to, at least for a time, choose to live in a more “natural” way?

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