FDA Allows Company To Infuse Old People With The Blood Of The Young

Cannibalism is a trend that is becoming major around the world. However, it does not have to per se involve eating people outright. It can take other forms, such as vampirism, where one “sucks” the life out of another for its benefit. This was the story behind Dracula, the fictional character of literary fame, who drank the blood of his victims to live.

A similar process has been taking place with blood plasma for wealthy individuals in Silicon Valley and around the world, who believe that it will help them to live longer. Now, the FDA has approved for a company to infuse the blood of young people in to their bodies to help them slow down aging.

Less than a year after the FDA warned old people against infusing the blood of young people, Stanford graduate Jesse Karmazin says his company, Ambrosia, is back in business despite the agency issuing a ‘buyer beware,’ according to OneZero.

Jesse Karmazin, the CEO and founder of Ambrosia, told OneZero in an interview that the company had resumed giving customers transfusions of plasma, the colorless liquid part of the blood, from young donors about a month ago. “Our patients really want the treatment,” he said. “Patients are receiving plasma transfusions from donors ages 16 to 25 again.” One-liter transfusions cost $8,000, and two-liter transfusions are $12,000. -OneZero

Karmazin, who isn’t a licensed medical practitioner, stopped treating patients following the FDA announcement earlier this year and disabled his website.

Now, young blood is back on the market – you just have to get it “off-label,” meaning a doctor can prescribe it for something other than its approved use.

“We’re a company interested in making you young again,” he said at a 2017 conference. The company says that “experiments in mice called parabiosis provided the inspiration to deliver treatments with young plasma.”

That said, while plasma can help blood to clot or to manage excessive bleeding during surgeries, experts say there is no basis for using it to slow or reverse aging-related diseases as Karmazin has claimed. (source)

Shoebat.com has written on this grotesque practice, called parabiosis, and are a major part of the transhumanist agenda, which purports that through a new kind of “hipster Nazism” where technology, biomedical advances, computers, and eugenics intersect, some have the idea that man can become “divine” by medical treatments such as these. Yet since these treatments require the blood of another young person, it becomes a modern form of vampirism and cannibalism that is but a contemporary twist on the blood sacrifices of the ancient world including the Aztecs, the pagans of old Europe before the missionaries, the Middle East, and all around the world.

Blood sacrifice and cannibalism is so common because the truth is that there is a blood sacrifice which men need to partake of in order to live. However, this very extreme act has already been done, and it is the Sacrifice of Christ on the Cross. Likewise, there is an act of men eating each other which has to happen, yet this too has been done, for when Christ said in John 6 that “[He is] the Bread of Life” and “He who [eats Him] will live because of [Him]”, and then Sacred Scripture reads that the Jews quarreled saying “How can this man give us his flesh to eat?”, is because Christ was fulfilling and perfecting that which is written in the hearts of all men, that the true flesh- the flesh of God given for the live of the world -must be eaten. Cannibalism, vampirism, and related practices are just a poor attempt to mimic this, either by direct influence from fallen angels, or out of a quest for God by men meaning well but lacking the True Faith and the true knowledge, are naturally lead into error and misguidance but are unable to correct it on account of Original Sin.

What is happening today is not something novel, but a continuation of a very ancient practice of man going back to his creation. It is the attempt to live forever by his own powers and become like what his heart longs for, which is perfect union with God. Yet all of this is possible in Christ, because this is why He came.

This is why cannibalism will increase, because as the True Sacrifice is scorned, rejected, and put away, the false one will return to bring the world to a second darkness again. Yet it is also not a time to be afraid, because Christ says that He has conquered the world, and just as the world was ready to receive Him when He came as a baby with mercy, in the future it will be to bring justice to the world.

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