Scientists Create Robot That Insults Humans

Robotics will be crucial for the future, but as always, they will be immediately employed to control and manipulate people on behalf of those with evil desires. Some of the developments in robotics have been very shocking, and now there has been a robot created which “insults” people as it plays a game against them.

Engineers ensured the robot, named Pepper, used mild insults such as; “I have to say you are a terrible player,” and “over the course of the game your playing has become confused.” Even though the robot used such mild language, humans who played a game with the robot performed worse while being insulted and better when being encourage.

Psychological manipulation has been taking place throughout history, but this is a new level of mental manipulation. People know this from bad bosses, but how can one imagine what it will be like when a non-human thing is insulting a person and attempting to influence their psychology?

The research team discovered that human performance ebbed regardless of the individual’s sophistication. “This is one of the first studies of human-robot interaction in an environment where they are not cooperating,” said co-author Fei Fang, an assistant professor in the Institute for Software Research.

Fang continued: “We can expect home assistants to be cooperative…but in situations such as online shopping, they may not have the same goals as we do.”

Robots exist to serve man, not man for the robots, yet the idea that robots can be used to influence human behavior, especially by manipulation such as this, should disturb anybody. If a tool is not cooperating with a human, then the human can just put it down or turn it off. Yet will this be allowed to happen with a robot?

Likewise, what does this say for the principle that robots are supposed to obey human beings? This suggests the creation of “autonomous” type robots who can do things without regard to human input and act independently based on what their processors “calculate” is the greatest good. Yet this was also the theme of the Terminator film series, where a robot decided that it was better to exterminate the human race and so did it while ignoring human input to stop.

The researchers of this study wanted to explore the uses of game theory and bounded rationality in the context of robots. They designed a study in which humans would compete against a robot in a game called ‘Guards of Treasures’. This is a typical game used to study defender-attacker interaction in research on security games. (source)

And here it is being admitted that the first use will be used in “defense computers”, not directly, but by the very design of the experiment, it is already being done in a situation of military defense contextualized in a video game.

A robot can never replace a human because a robot does not have a soul. As it does not have a soul and it is a machine, it runs strictly on programming, which is just a binary output. It cannot distinguish nuahces, it cannot have mercy, and it does not know justice, because it is just a calculator.

These things give the illusion of morality, justice, and fairness yet provide nothing of the kind while legally absolving their creators of responsibility because as they will be classified likely as legal non-human persons, the robots will be treated as separate entities and thus the companies and people who program them to do evil things will say that “it is not our fault what the machine did” even though they told it to do such things.

When one puts this into the greater compendium of reports that describe the creation of advance AI, bio-mechanical research, the connection between the abortion industry and silicon valley eugenics programs also with funding by DARPA, the creation of autonomous energy system for robotics, and other advances in robotics and related technologies, the future becomes clear. For the wealthy, it is about integrating themselves into machines to attempt another step in their “evolution” to live forever and become living deities, while for the common man it will be the creation of cyborg-type robots to be used as the next generation of soldiers in the armies of the future. Human soldiers will be proportionately phased out to what they are today and replaced by machines.

This is not science fiction, for what was told in science fiction is happening right now in reality, and few are able to realize the consequences and magnitude of it, as this is a global phenomenon.

The question remains, what becomes of man?

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