Georgia May Go Democrat

The southern state of Georgia is known for voting Republican in modern history. However, following many changes to the state driven largely by migration from within the US, the once consistent Republican state is becoming a swing state similar to Florida.

“Georgia is at a turning point,” Moore said. “We have enjoyed a lot of economic success over the years that has kept native-born Georgians here and has attracted new Georgians from all over the country and all over the world. Those years of success have led to a new voting bloc in the South that is hungry for change.”

Indeed, growth and urbanization over recent decades has made Georgia’s population younger, less native to the state and less white. That, combined with President Donald Trump’s struggles among previously GOP-leaning white college graduates, has put Georgia on the cusp of presidential battleground status.

The question is how close.

“The road to the White House runs through Georgia,” Democratic state Chairwoman Nikema Williams said matter-of-factly.

Republicans counter with skepticism, even as they acknowledge demographic trends.

“Only in the event of a landslide nationally does Donald Trump lose Georgia,” said GOP pollster Whit Ayres, pointing to Trump’s 5 percentage point win in Georgia in 2016. Arizona, Ayres said, is the likelier Sun Belt state to flip to Democrats, while Texas and Georgia are a tier below, still a few election cycles away from tilting. (source)

Georgia has been a large recipient of migrants from northern states and even as far away as California, fleeing high taxes created by generations of selfish voters choosing selfish polities and then being disappointed with the results, only to attempt to replicate them in another person’s location because they do not want to live in the mess they created.

Many of these same words have been applied to foreign immigration, and while there is certainly something to be noted about culture, behavior, and society, the fact is that foreign immigration is not causing the changes in many former “red” states. Rather, it is almost entirely an internal issue, resulting from generations of parents raising their children under a particular ethos or simply just permitting others to raise them in the social climate of the age, and then being surprised with the results.

Did anybody cause Americans to stop reproducing? For one should remember that once upon a time it was the lands of the south that sent people north as migrants looking for work in the factories near or within major cities. Texas sent many migrants west, and many of the people in California today are descended from those in Texas and Oklahoma, and in that sense they are simply “returning” to their “native land”.

Did anybody make people vote selfishly? This is something that many have spoken about, especially with regard to the boom generation, and is a source of severe millennial anger with them, as they knew nothing but prosperity, it was not difficult comparatively speaking to be successful, and having made their money, they removed many of the ways which they used to help themselves, left their children and grandchildren with an empty shell, and then said that they are the problem and they just have to figure it out.

Likewise, many of the southern states want to have these people and businesses to come. They are inviting migration with the hopes of bringing in tax revenue, and for those who know Georgia, the state is infamous for corruption stemming from financial greed. She may invite as many people as she wants, but if those people have ideas or beliefs that are very different than those she espouses in theory, what else could one thing would happen other than the state would significantly change in the future?

In all of these changes, while there are people from foreign lands who can and certainly have influenced policy, the main driver of all of this is not “foreigners”, but “fellow Americans” who would rather choose selfishness, socialism, and a love of government over self-discipline, family, mercy, and ultimately, God.

Both parties are to blame for this. However, one cannot fault the Democrats, because while they support degeneracy, they are openly in support of it, whereas the Republicans will preach against degeneracy and then return just as fast to support it should said support be politically expedient.

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