DC Confirmed As A ‘Gay Disco’ With Highest Concentration Of Sodomite Couples After San Francisco

The Catholic writer and thinker E. Michael Jones refers to the US many times as a “gay disco” in that the nation is controlled disproportionately by sodomites and forces the rest of the nation to bend over and accept the sodomite agenda. This can be demonstrated through the laws, systematic propaganda, and passive submission to the domination of all things that support perversion so horrible that it is implicitly clear that Christ Himself (as the Old Testament speaks of using the language of the times and which Shoebat.com has commented on strongly suggests this in the light of the revelation of the New Testament) executed divine judgement on that wicked place and those around her by means of a new deluge from Heaven by fire.

Now it has been confirmed that the US is not only influenced by sodom, but that DC has the second highest concentration of sodomites in the nation next to her sister city of San Francisco.

San Francisco, Calif., and Washington, D.C., ranked No. 1 and No. 2 on a newly published Census Bureau table that lists eighteen U.S. “selected cities” by the percentage of households living there in 2017 that were headed by same-sex couples.

“The Census Bureau collects data on same-sex couple households by asking how each person in the household is related to the householder (who owns or rents the home),” says the bureau. “Households are identified as same-sex couple households if a spouse or unmarried partner is the same sex as the householder.”

In San Francisco, which ranked No. 1 in the Census Bureau table, 3.0 percent of households were same-sex households in 2017.

Thus, 97 percent of the households in San Francisco were not same-sex households.

Washington, D.C. came in a close second, with 2.9 percent of its households deemed to be same-sex households. (source)

San Francisco is not a surprise, for that city been known as the largest of the American centers of sodomitic perversions along with her smaller sisters of places such as Provincetown (MA), Asheville (NC), Atlanta (GA), and even Ferndale, MI, which also happens to be the same place where the pederast-defending Gary Michael Voris runs Church Militant from.

The concentration of sodomites into DC is a relatively “new” phenomenon, and it indicates a shift in the thinking and policy of the government.

While it is not “officially” legislated to its full logical extent, the contemporary support of sodomism and being a “good American” are now one in the same thing. I have calculated that when one considered that a minimum of 75% of all people aged 38 and under (the combination of the Millennial and Zoomer generations) support sodomite marriage (the numbers are 62% for the country as a whole when all generations are counted), if these numbers are expanded into the support of the sodomite act (as there is no clear recent study I have been able to find that measures the support of sodomite behavior), then one can reasonably declare that at least 93% of all people in the previously mentioned bloc support sodomism. These numbers are beyond a simple majority (>50%), those needed to veto a bill (>=67%), or to pass a constitutional amendment (>=75%), but this is at the point of complete social acceptance.

At this point, it would not be wholly unreasonable to replace the current US flag with the sodomite flag because there is no difference between the two in terms of what they represent for values.

The fact that there are so many sodomites in DC means that their influence also is not something that is going away. Barring a major and catastrophic event, or a miraculous social change, then there will be no change because they have rooted themselves into the society and only will grow in further.

If people complain now about what is happening with “gender identity” and “bathrooms”, they have not seen anything yet.

Based on my observations of trends, if one has children, one must be extremely careful because the trend right now is rapidly moving towards the decriminalization and legalization of outright pedophilia.

This has been going on for some time, and has been driven by many factors, but right now the sodomites are the strongest bloc advancing it because this is what the sodomites want to do, for out of their insatiable lusts by which they define themselves, they want to legalize their own perversions. Nobody is going to stop them because they have so much social support and because people don’t want to be perceived as “outsiders” or “causing trouble”, and so they will continue to make major advances with their aims, and those who do attempt to stop them will be not only shut down, but if the laws continue to incline in favor of them, eventually will criminalize the mere criticism or disagreement of sodomite behavior.

Consider that in 1987, when the Gay Manifesto was written, sodomite behavior was accepted by some but in a private manner and was mostly laughed at. Then came the abolition of the sodomy laws. Then came the legalization of all kinds of heinous pornographic material. Then it was sodomite marriage and declarations of just wanting to “love”. Then it became “bake the cake or we will sue”. Then it became “helping sodomites to stop sodomizing each other is wrong and progressively illegal”. Then it became “if you don’t want to have sex with xir/xee/xem you are an evil person”.

Now we are at the level of sodomite pederasts like Milo Yiannopoulos talking with allegedly “former” sodomites such as Gary Michael Voris saying that the age of consent should be lowered.

Make no mistake, eventually it is going to be “if you do not lower the age of consent you are an evil person”, then it will be “pre-teens have gender rights too”, then “toddlers can choose to express their feelings with adults in an intimate way”, then it will eventually say that babies are fair targets too.

I do not say this to exaggerate or disgust. I note this all as a warning because the patterns of past experience are unmistakable, and the future pattern is highly ominous.

Morality is the foundation upon which any nation is built, and for while all nations struggle with morality, there are issues in terms of the spread, intensity, and ability to replicate following resistance of evils within it. The sin of sodom is no more evil than it was in the days Lot, but today the US and entire world is in a uniquely intense, widespread state that is able to replicate despite resistance from many people of moral right and good will, and one of the major centers of this is DC because its spread is related to policies whose purpose is to retain political control by corrupting people.

Christians need to take note of this and prepare, for if God destroyed Sodom by fire, what will He do to the world when she has become sodom, and especially to one of the major capitols involved in spreading such behaviors?

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