Sodomite And His Girlfriend Arrested For Taking Turns Sodomizing Fifteen-Year-Old Male Dressed Up As A Goat In Bestiality Fetish

“Furries” are people who dress up as cartoon animals and then “roleplay” as that animal. As I have written before, the “furry” phenomenon was started during the 1980s by two sodomites, and ever since its inception, the movement has been dominated by sodomites who use the cover of cartoons and costumes to engage in a sickening combination of sodomite behavior and pretend bestiality. While the two are not absolutely dependent on each other, the overlap is unmistakable and cannot be separated from the group, and given the proclivity of sodomites towards child sexual abuse as well as lowering the age of consent for this purpose, one must assume (unless definitive information can be given to demonstrate the contrary) that all furries are sodomitically inclined and as such are also inclined to sexually abusive behavior against children.

A horrible case in Pennsylvania illustrated this recently as a man and a woman who identify as “furries” in their twenties were arrested after “adopting” a fifteen-year-old male as their “pet goat” and then took turns sodomizing him as well as “training” him like an animal, including eating food out of bowls.

A Pennsylvania couple involved in the ‘furry fandom’ community have been accused of having sex with a teenage boy they met playing Dungeons and Dragons beginning when he was just 15 years old.

Emily Javins, 22, and her boyfriend, Jacob Becker, 26, of Penn Township, were arrested on charges of corruption a minor on Saturday, after the alleged victim’s father discovered sexually explicit messages from the pair on his son’s Facebook Messenger

The boy, now aged 16, told police that Javins is a ‘furry’ who takes on the persona of a cat.

Furries are people who dress up as animals and identify as the chosen animal, often as a sexual fetish.
During his alleged encounters with Javins and Becker, the teen said he would take on the persona of a goat.

Just before the boy’s 16th birthday, Javins said Becker instructed her to sit in his lap and kiss him. The following day, Javins said she had sex with the juvenile, and then Becker engaged in sexual acts with him.

The court papers allege that the pair swapped nude photos with the minor via Facebook Messenger, invited him to move in with them and offered to adopt him as a ‘pet.’

When questioned by police, Becker admitted to engaging in ‘racy role play’ with the teen that he characterized as ‘pet training,’ which entailed putting the child on a leash and having him eat a piece of birthday cheesecake out of a bowl. (source)

The “furry” movement is indeed objectively deranged, but it should not be considered surprising that it should exist in the light of contemporary movements supported by the sodomites, especially the idea that one can “choose” to be of a particular gender or other form of “identity”.

The concept behind furry fandom is demonic, and represents those found especially within African paganism through what is called a nkisi, or an object onto which a spirit is called down and is “attached” to through the performance of a ritual. After doing this, wherever the nkisi goes, the spirit follows like a dog on a leash, and it is from this that a person who wants to work “magic”, such as a witch, can harness the power of the spirit attached to the nkisi for a particular end. These rituals can include everything from not just working “good” or “evil,” but how the witch, sometimes called a “nganga,” works with the nkisi, including up to being possessed by the spirit attached to the object. This is almost identical to how in furry “culture,” when the “furry” puts his “fursuit” on, he stops being himself for that moment and takes on the personality of the “character” in the fursuit and in so doing goes through a ‘metamorphosis’ into the creature he is pretending.

In the 1991 horror film Silence of the Lambs, the concept of “metamorphosis” was a critical theme that Clarice Starling, played by actress Jodi Foster, used to solve her case against the sodomite murderer Jame Gumb, played by Ted Levine. In the film, Gumb is a sodomite murderer who places the cocoon of a particular moth species into the mouth of each victim. This species, known as the “death’s head moth” (Acherontia Atropos), is meant to represent Gumb’s “metamorphosis” from a man into a woman, from powerless to a sense of power, just as a helpless larva becomes a living moth through death and being reborn. In the words of Ted Levine during his character study for the role of Gumb:

To find the character, Levine frequented transvestite bars. “Some of the people there had hormones and augmented stuff, but they all had penises and they’d all get out there and lip-sync to Barbra Streisand and the latest thing,” he recalls. “They were female impersonators and they were wonderful.

“I talked to a lovely, probably 5-foot-1 Hispanic boy-girl and bought him a drink,” he continues. “I asked, ‘Why do you do this?’ He said, ‘When I’m a dude on the street, I’m just a little Puerto Rican motherfucker. When I’m here, I’m a hot Latina mama.’ It struck me that it was about power. He was a pathetic excuse for a man on all kinds of levels. But by trying to become a woman, he gains power, and hence the moth – the larva turning into the butterfly, the whole thing blossoming – it was the same impetus as a female impersonator, but it became psychotic. It was donning the cloak of feminine power.” (source)

The entire concept of “metamorphosis” is that of a sinister, false spirituality that is an attempt to seek and acquire power for one’s own means through a transformation from one state to another, representing a death of the previous self and the assumption of a new identity. It is one form of the same ideas found in African paganism with the nkisi and spirit possession that spread with the slave trade to the Western world and still exists today with practices such as Santeria, Macumbe, and Palo Mayombe. The difference is not in concept or degree of evil, but in the particular cultural context, for what Ham shows and does in the open in full violence to see, Shem and Japheth do the same but in a way that is not immediately obvious but no less sinister or less effective in realizing the exact same ends.

A similar form of occultism is also found in the American music and film industry, where celebrities or musicians claim they “connect” to outside forces in order to “channel” their character into themselves. One of the most famous songs discussing this was The Door’s song “Break On Through To The Other Side,” in which lead singer Jim Morrison, who was described as a “shaman” by his band, was talking about the attempt to “connect” to the supernatural:

Noting this, one must ask about the fact that given that the male in question was pretending to be this particular sodomite couple’s goat, one cannot help but wonder if there was a ritualistic component to their sexual activity, and what else this may connect with. It will be interesting to see what details come out.

Nothing has changed from the past, except the means and presentation, but maintaining the same philosophy with the same ends as before. Be it “furry fandom,” the legitimization of sodomy, or outright sodomy, there is an unbreakable union between sodomite behavior, occultism, and the pursuit of power at all costs and with respect to none because all are forms of power seeking by all means. Whether one seeks the absolute domination over another in a physical sense, the domination of another by sexual means in a way that is outside of the genitive purpose of sexuality and for selfish reasons, or through attempts to harness those preternatural forces on the other side of the veil that is this world, because they are roads that lead to the same destination it is inevitable that they not just cross, but become but a series of lanes on the same highway leading into hell.

The “furry” phenomenon is not merely a bunch of homosexuals indulging in bizarre animal sex fetishes, in spite of what they say to the contrary. It is a manifestation of the revival of the occult that is a natural growth of the acceptance and legitimization of the LGBT as well as the absolute legal and personal removal of Christian morality and her replacement with the ideas of darwinian naturalism. It is legitimizing the same evils but by a means particular to the current place, time, and cultural context.

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