Political Violence Will Significantly Grow In The Next Decade

As the 2010s comes to a close, one can see the rise of nationalism, extremism, and the rebirth of a new eugenics movement taking place that models herself on the old one. These things are all warnings of the future.

Another trend that Shoebat.com has noted began during the 2016 Presidential election and is becoming a global one for all parties, and that is the re-emergence of political violence by physical means as a result of charged political rhetoric declaring one side absolutely good, the other absolutely evil, and no possible way to find good in the other side except by “conversion”, and that the best thing the other side deserves is severe ridicule and derision of their personal dignity.

The original Trump campaign was unique for many reasons, but from the viewpoint of a political agitator Trump broke all of the “rules” associated with political discourse. While it has been becoming toxic for some time, the 2016 campaign resulted in the grassroots mobilization of people to rhetoric demanding national supremacy and attacking Democrats as “traitors”, persons who migrated from Central America or the Middle East (be it illegal and even at times legally) as “invaders”, demanding the jailing of his political opponent (“Jail Hilary”/”Jail Killary”), and insulting people and their families who said things about him that he disagreed with in his speeches and on social media. It was a unique campaign, and while political demagoguery is not any sort of innovation, Trump significantly raised the standards of acceptable behavior to a new level of extremes.

While there is still a possibility that he will not win, the favor for the current election is heavily leaning towards Trump for 2020 because the Democrats have not put forth any viable candidates, nor have they attempted to build a serious platform. This seems to be intentional, for as I have noted, a Trump 2020 victory almost guarantees a Democrat 2024 victory.

It is not this election, but the 2024 one that one will have to watch the Democrats carefully, especially in the lead up to it. If Trump attacked his candidates the way that he did, and now that said behavior is acceptable, one can expect the Democrats to respond with a like and even more severe rhetoric, possibly calling for and supporting open violence against Republicans or Republican supporters.

Political violence and the “left” is well-known and blatant. This has been seen for over a century throughout the “old world” in Russia and China, be it the (disproportionately) Jewish Bolsheviks or the Maoist legions, the “left” and Communism makes no attempt to hide her desire to impose rule by violence. It was none other than “Chairman” Mao who said “political power grows from the barrel of a gun”.

There is already open political violence from leftists in the US. This is not to say that the right does not do this, but that the right tends to be more selective, descrete, or clever in how she executes the same will. This is lacking from the left, whose members can and do turn on even their own for as much as a small disagreement over a tangential point within a series of points, and do so to the same severity of violence that they would do to a person who is declared to be a public “enemy”.

Right now most serious political violence from the left takes place outside of the US, and in places such as Europe or Latin America, where these groups integrate political strategy with terrorism and intellectualism. These groups were supported by both the USSR as well as the US during the “stay behind” and intelligence/counterintelligence operations of the Cold War, and these fights nevertheless still continue today with both the US and Russia participating, albeit the the US has been clearly far more effective in her execution to the current point. However, one should not believe that political violence such as that which is seen in other countries could never come to the US. Arguably, the US is very close to that point already, especially in states such as Oregon or Washington that have heavy concentrations of people on both the extreme left and extreme right, where political violence does take place, and given the knowledge of how polarization is used as a “strategy of tension” by the intelligence agencies of major imperial nations, that such could happen, as possibly begin in the Pacific Northwest.

While I do not support many of his views, the sodomite journalist Paul Joseph Watson (PJW) of InfoWars fame has pointed out a new show from Amazon Prime media that appears to depict mobs hunting down people who are Republicans and wearing “MAGA” hats, with a character portraying an elderly Jewish man saying that it is not “violence, but mitzvah”.

A new Amazon Prime show starring Al Pacino features a group of “diverse” vigilantes who hunt down and kill “Nazis,” some of whom are depicted wearing red MAGA-style hats.

Called Hunters, the trailer for the show, which is set in New York in 1977, is dominated by Pacino’s character, a Nazi-hunting Jewish ringleader named Meyer Offerman who justifies the killings by asserting, “This is not murder, This is mitzvah.”

“For eons, people like us have been degraded and exterminated. But no more,” says Pacino as images of Jews and black people are shown.

The clips featured in the trailer portray numerous acts of violence against the “Nazis,” including stabbings, a woman being punched in the face and a car containing the victims being blown up. (source)

Things that are produced by PJW, just like media that comes from other sources directly tied to nationalistic or ultranationalist outfits, should always be viewed skeptically. Likewise, I do not want the mention of this story to be seen as either a reason to support the “right” as opposed to the “left”, or to say that this is a reason for voting for a particular candidate or not.

Rather, a more sober approach to this is, as noted before, to place this into the context of past and contemporary history about political violence, noting that as the sentiments of the current age change, and given the increasing economic instability, we are entering into a time when both sides- right and left -will likely push for more violent rhetoric that if not stopped will eventually lead to physical violence, and if that expands far enough, to an open war between nations, the latter being a macrocosm of the former.

While politics is important, there is also the need to prepare, which must have the greater part. The scene for a global conflict has been in progress since the end of World War II, and when placed alongside the trends of prophecy, economics, history, and sociology, the signs indicate that the 2020s is a time of escalation that will likely end with or start the 2030s with a major war.

This is your warning, and a counsel to prepare oneself, one’s family, and one’s possessions physically and spiritually for what is to come.

It is still summer, but the seasons are turning towards fall. The plants can grow, but one must work quickly, to harvest the crops, can the fruits, store the vegetables, slaughter the animals, fix the cabin, repair the fence, and patch the roof before closing the shutters, firing up the heater, and going to rest as the winds blow and the snow falls across the fields.

My question is, will you be an ant, or a grasshopper?

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