Disgusting Foundation Now Seeking HIV Infected Men For Sperm Donations

The existence of in-vitro fertilization is an abomination due to its inherent eugenics mindset implied within it. But this horrendous practice just became even more deviant as a foundation is now seeking HIV infected men to donate to their new sperm bank.

New Zealand is now home to the world’s first HIV-positive sperm bank. Founded in the hope of destigmatizing the process for those who wish to become parents, it already has three donors willing to donate to the cause.

Sperm Positive—a co-production between New Zealand Aids Foundation, Positive Women Inc. and Body Positive—has three donors who are HIV positive but have an undetectable viral load—the amount of virus in their blood is too low to be detected by standard testing methods. The virus is not gone, but it cannot be passed on through childbirth or sex with a condom.

While it will not operate as a fertility clinic, it will match the two agreed-upon parties—donors and those seeking a donation—with a fertility clinic.

Sperm Positive is also leading a social media campaign to destigmatize HIV diagnosis, and explain the myths surrounding the disease through social media campaigns. (source)

On the surface, this is clearly an attempt to legitimize sodomite behavior and further policies in favor of that horrendous practice in general. However, the article makes an interesting note, which is that the business is seeking donations from men whose “viral load”, meaning the concentration of HIV in their bloodstream, in unable to be detected.

This is a very serious issue that I covered in May 2018, as a man accused of spreading HIV by a dozen women had charges dropped against him because his viral load was found to be undetectable due to his use of HIV medications.

This does NOT mean that he does not have the disease. It just means that it cannot be seen in his blood anymore because the concentration is so small.

However, one knows that just because one cannot see something, that it does not exist. Viruses cannot be seen with the eye under normal conditions, but they are very real and destructive. The spiritual world cannot be seen, but one is bound by the laws of God just as much as one is restricted by the laws of nature, such as that of gravity, and there are consequences for violating either.

The fact that a sperm bank admits that they are seeking HIV-positive men for “donors”, yet say they only want those with an “undetectable” viral load, while at the very same time the concept of “undetectable” comes to be translated as a veritable man who does not have HIV without stating such, is a direct threat to social harmony because it threatens to re-define people who are infected with a disease and possibly “not” being infected with one.

The issue here is less of science, and one of philosophy, as is the entire sodomite movement. However, what is happening is that the advancement of this particular philosophy is coming at the potentially serious consequences of other people. Given that in many places how sodomites are able to donate blood, and considering their tendency to disease because of their actions, this should be considered as a part of this same trend.

There has been legitimate fears expressed that due to the abuse of medicine, especially by the sodomites and agricultural industry, that the world might find herself in a situation as it was in the days before medicine, where simple illnesses could become deadly. Likewise, when coupled with the enforcement of an evil and anti-Christian philosophy as a new form of veritable religious and certainly social orthodoxy, it is but time before somebody may contract a disease such as HIV due to a situation such as being exposed to be bodily fluids of a person infected with HIV, then being told that because the person’s “viral load” cannot be detected it is not a problem, and then having later test for the same disease the person was told not to be concerned with.

This is not an issue of “sex”. It is an issue of public health that is using sexuality and charity as a cover to advance the spread of disease, something which the sodomites have openly admitted is a practice that some engage in for their own personal gratification.

It will be a trend to watch for the future.

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