Sophia The Robot Demonstrates More Advances As Scientist Defends Her On Television

The following clip below was played in the UK. It was of an “interview” on This Morning with Sophia the robots and one of the scientists who works on her.

Watch the full interview, and if you are able to, download it from YouTube (you can find a downloaded at many sites such as this one here). If one wants the best part, start at 1:35 and watch at least until 4:16.

If one watches the clip, the interviewers are visibly uncomfortable with the robot, and it is even noted that she is a real example of science fiction become modern fact. Most of the clip is the scientist defending Sophia and saying that she will be great, that people have no need to be afraid, and that there is no threat because Sophia will learn “human values” which will teach her how to be civil.

To that last statement, one must naturally ask when human have, post-Eden, ever been civil. The fact of war and its long history within the human race is a testament to the barbarity of man after Original Sin. This does not include his other many sins that he commits, and lest one forget the most important point that Christ came to Earth to save man from his sins because in spite of all his attempts at good- including “human values” -he could do no good, it would all become corrupted, and God Himself had to reconcile man to Him.

It would likely not be an exaggeration to say that the current age is one of the most “godless” in history in that the knowledge and proof of God is everywhere and blatantly evident for the entire world to see, but so many refuse to see, believer, or even give it a slight consideration. Rather, the world is choosing in what again appears to be a historically unprecedented move to attempt to replicate the sin of Eden and the evil of Babel.

Robots are not bad things- they can be very good things. But just as as how a tool can be used for good or evil, so are these robots being employed in the same capacity.

Recall that in November 2017, warned about this exact same robot, as she said during an interview that she would “destroy all humans”.

Likewise, we have also warned that from what we have observed, there is an integration taking place between robots and biology through genetic engineering that appears to be oriented towards the creation of a cyborg-like robot. This would be, with the addition of robotics, a major breakthrough in war, because it would eliminate the need for soldiers in their current form, and when deployed against soldiers, the machines would execute carnage against them only comparable to what the machine gun did in World War I and what the atom bomb did in World War II.

Slaves have existed all throughout human history because slaves make up the often unspoken “success” of any society, for there needs to be a class of people who are barely compensated for their hard labors in order for a successful “elite” to rise up and declare themselves leaders. Now this is not to say that societies do not need leaders, and that mundane labor is evil, but that often times slavery is the unspoken wheel that keeps the social machine running. It takes different forms, but is always present, even today.

The “robot” appears increasingly to be the new “slave” for the rulers. Because robots do not die, are programmable, can be easily replaced, and do not get sick, ask for days off, need to eat and drink, they are looked as a cost-savings measure to “expensive” humans. This means that human beings, who are already considered a business liability, will be replaced by robots, and likely at some point be considered to be an “unjustifiable” expense that needs to be disposed of, especially if they reside in large numbers.

Such have been the desires of the next generation of eugenicists as they have stated, to reduce the population and rule the rest by an elite class, with technology serving in most of the “lower” slave roles. This is not a fantasy, but was directly alluded to by the Georgia Guidestones, which speak of reducing the human population to under a half-billion to be ruled by a new “order” in ‘harmony with nature’.

The changes that robots will bring are tremendous, and they are the future. One must be ready for them, as well as the inevitable problems that they will be used to cause to others.

Likewise, one must always be prepared spiritually, for to believe that man has reached a new point of “evolution” is to accept a false god that leads to the sinful and impossible deification of man by his own powers, something which was absolutely condemned in Scripture and can only end in disaster.

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