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‘Muslim fundamentalists are killing our priests, kidnapping our women and burning our churches.

From Angella Johnson of Mail Online: The mob converging on a church on the outskirts of Cairo were armed only with sticks and stones. But their frenzied attack on a lone, elderly Coptic priest was merciless. Father Matthew Awad had refused to reveal the whereabouts of a Muslim woman who had converted to Christianity. For […]

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Hillary and Victoria

Senators inept while questioning Nuland on Benghazi

When it came to the manipulation of the Benghazi talking points, former State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland’s name surfaced in emails. In those emails, Nuland appeared to be an intermediary between the State Department and the C.I.A. On July 11th, Nuland appeared in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for her confirmation hearing after […]

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Psaki: Paid State Dept Liar calls Hamas Liars

Compromise: Release Mursi… then Extradite him

Today, State Department spokesman Barack Obama Jen Psaki said the Egyptian military needs to release Mohammed Mursi and Muslim Brotherhood prisoners. In the exchange below, Psaki quietly dropped a bombshell relative to the Obama administration’s policy toward Egypt. Suddenly, after claiming that it was not taking sides, the administration is now demanding that the Egyptian […]

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