Benghazi Bombshell Report Update

Earlier this week, we told you about a Benghazi Bombshell we’ll be releasing. Not only do we stand by that description but it may be our biggest one to date on the subject (and we’ve already begun work on a follow-up story).

Benghazi Bombshell report: Hours away.

Benghazi Bombshell report: Hours away.

Since it’s been several days since we first teased the story, we just wanted to give you an update.

The report is done and in the proverbial hopper. It is scheduled to be released within double-digit hours and it won’t just be published on this site. In fact, that’s why we haven’t posted it here yet.

To use a Jaws metaphor, the tank is in the shark.

All that’s left is…

Benghazi tank already in the shark.

Benghazi tank already in the coverup shark.

In case you’re wondering… Yes, it will make a huge addition to our original report.


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  • dahcargo

    Walid, are you kidding? EVERYTHING you post here is a bombshell! We’re talking about fulfillment of prophesy during the time that we’re living. I’ve come very close (and my thumb and index finger are about a millimeter away) to writing every “conservative” talk/TV show I’m aware of and spelling it out to them. In other words, simply pointing them to

    In you, these programs have a converted terrorist who now, loves the Lord and the truth. They also have someone who knows Islam, speaks/writes and interprets Arabic and has ALREADY done the work for them. For crying out loud, what do these crackpots want? I’m even disgusted with Hannity. He claims to know Christ and then seemingly bows to his “bosses”, one being Saudi Prince Alwaleed, you know, a resident of the “Harlot”. It always bothers me when a supposed Christian uses biblical verses out of context. When Sean says, “Let not your heart be troubled”, he never completes its context. For those who don’t know, it is Jesus speaking and HE completes the thought by saying, “believe in God and also in ME (claiming to be that very God). If Sean would spend as much time exposing what he claims to know instead of using props like that nut named “Velma” and paying tens of thousands of dollars to bring her to New York for an obvious PR stunt, He’d do a lot more in storing up treasures in heaven.

    I’ve pretty much begun ignoring what Limbaugh, Hannity, et al say mainly because they bore me to tears. Nothing of import, nothing of lasting meaning. Mark Levin has the best approach to hard-hitting radio, but it’s all political and has no REAL/spiritual impact. At least Levin doesn’t purport to be a Christian since he’s clear that he’s a Jew. WE need to pray for all those who don’t know Christ, but as you rightly pointed out in one of your speeches, “Christians want to sow seeds on stone and then guard that seed waiting for fruit”. You and I are so much alike it’s incredible. I would love to meet you someday. BTW, your latest dialogue with Janet Parshall was fantastic.


    • rich

      Yeah, the conservative talkies don’t/can’t/won’t go far enough. They don’t want to go what they see as being, “too far out on a limb” and possibly get in trouble or lose their job. The are also missing the prophetically correct pieces to the puzzle.

      I listened to Michael Medved interview an Islamic mouthpiece one day and it seemed he was ill-equipped, letting the guy get off fairly unscathed. I immediately sent an e-mail to Medved suggesting the next time he has such a guest he needs to also have someone present like Walid, Robert Spencer, Pam Gellar or Joel Richardson. Who knows if he even read it?

      • Cynthia

        And bruise his fragile male ego, I doubt it.

      • dahcargo

        That’s correct Rich! One of the reasons I didn’t send an email is for that very reason, I doubt very seriously that they would read it! The only thing that gets their attention is subject matter that positively or negatively affects their standing. They are after prestige, prominence and promoting themselves. Ego is their staple, but deny having even a hint of it, ego that is.

        Interesting though, I too have listened to Medved.


    • Cynthia

      Gee Rich, you took the words right out to my mouth. Walid has the story and the facts and needs his own show. Someone needs to find a way to fund his show. And it better not be TBN. How about TNT.

      • rich

        Unfortunately I’m Rich in name only, or else I would give him a financial push out front if he wanted to be there.
        Hey, maybe we could get Walid on MSNBC. It would give them a rating boost! Too bad they slant in the wrong direction.

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