Being Gay Is Not A Right

Theodore Shoebat on why being gay is not a right, and why the homosexual agenda needs to be band in America. It is way too dangerous to be tolerated, contrary to the Bible, and is endeavoring for the entire destruction of civilization.

It is against the natural order, and therefore does not have any natural rights. If the gay agenda is allowed to go the route it wants to take, it will pursue children, and persecute churches for refusing to hold gay “weddings.” It is just as dangerous as jihad; it is a religion that must be stopped with all of our energy and exertion.

The gay lobby wants to redefine absolutes, and make itself the absolute authority on morality, it is a movement which deserves to be repressed. Outlaw the sodomite before he outlaws you. If the reprobates had their way they would outlaw any discrimination against them. Equality toward the gay agenda, then, is an affront to liberty.

Absolute equality will lead to absolute tyranny. Toleration will lead to desecration of everything sacred and holy.

Christian fighting gay agenda

Christian fighting gay agenda

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