Egyptians (and Conservative Americans) are on to Obama

The beginning and end of the video below is in Arabic but the meat in the middle is in English. Be patient until the 1:20 mark, when the anchor is done introducing the segment. At that point, he goes to a very well done report that compares the Muslim Brotherhood to the Nazis (actually, the comparison is very real since both groups collaborated during WWII).

Murjan Salem: Egyptians are fed up with guys like this

Murjan Salem: Egyptians are fed up with guys like this

Take note at the 5:00 mark and you will see a familiar face; it is Murjan Salem. Salem is the figure identified by six Egyptian terrorists who were arrested by Libyan authorities for their roles in the Benghazi attacks. During their interrogations, Murjan Salem was named specifically. Beginning shortly after the 5:00 mark of this video, Salem tells an interviewer that all of Egypt’s statues and landmarks should be destroyed.

Once again, this individual’s views are in line with those of al-Qaeda. Yet, westerners in power would prefer to mince words or ignore the likes of Salem. It’s also worth noting that Fox News Channel’s Judge Jeanine Pirro is garnering quite the following in Egypt. One of her statements got looped a few times.

Message to Egyptians who detest the Brotherhood: Thank you for fighting them (it’s more than we’re doing).

h/t Rho (you know who you are)

Here is the infamous video of Murjan Salem with fiery Egyptian television personality Ahmed Moussa, in which Salem admits to murdering “many” Americans:


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  • Charles Nick

    Haaaaaaa! What a sick demonized lunatic. Monuments , and fascinating things of childlike wonderment were and are in danger of being destroyed by “those who destroy the earth”. What a scourge that Mohamet via the serpant unleashed on the earth. The antichrist is not Nicolai whatever! It’s these sweat stained cap wearing hellions that have as much respect in their demonic minds for a Christian, as they do a chickens neck. Imagine standing as a Christian before such a one as this or his likes in a sharia court?! Scary! God help us.

    • billo

      Charles: Most Christians are happy to allow the status quo to remain and get more rotten. Politics, like religion, is a topic that the Church leaves to the politicians, professors, atheists and Muslims WHO WANT TO KILL US AND WHO WANT TO SEXUALLY ABUSE OUR CHILDREN.

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  • Charles Nick

    Once upon a time there was a Christian. He went to church read his Bible and prayed. One day he met someone he didn’t know, that person’s name was status quo and the Christian said he’d pray for him to change. But status quo said, “you’ll see me again, unless YOU change and re-arrange me “. But the Christian was content to hide away. Many years went by, and the atheists , greedy politicians, homosexuals and Mohammadens thrived , while Christians were at home on Sunday, or in a santuary full of pep talks ,,jokes, and rock music, and were nowhere to be found in their city, state, towns, and Federal government. Then the Christian recalled, “I should have been enthralled, with the talk I had with status quo”. So he scrambled to do what he wasn’t willing to do, but stepped in something with his shoe. Only to find, it wasn’t poo that did bind , it was the status quo…quoo. The moral of the story is – watch out every day for the poo. I mean the status quo. But then again I think we stepped in it too long ago, and it is now the size of the great pyramid. But wait , those rascally mohammadens want to tear it down! The pyramid….wait I mean the status quo…. ah both actually. POOOOOOO!