Where in the World has the U.S. Gone? Muslim Mad!

By Bob Michael
LAPD Police Detective Capt. (Ret)

I have been working on a story after receiving many inquiries as to why there would be a marriage between Communist Bolsheviks (Obama), Islam (Obama) and the Muslim Brotherhood (Obama). I found Walid’s recent article very convincing as to the evidence overwhelmingly pointing to the Syrian rebels/Muslim Brotherhood as culpable in the use of gas.

Then I heard CBS News reporting on the U.S. preparation to attack Syria because of the Assad regime’s obvious use of gas against the Syrian people. Then the buffoon, and fake hero of the Swift boats, John Kerry appeared on-screen to tell America that Obama was preparing to attack Syria as Assad had gone too far in using gas and then trying to say they hadn’t (at least that is my encapsulation).

John "Jenjis Con" Kerry: Always against U.S.

John “Jenjis Con” Kerry: Always against U.S.

Then the reporter for CBS, Major Garrett, pontificated that there was no (need for?) debate on use of military resources to attack Syria, that the attack would be by missiles at Syrian command centers, it would be at night, and it would be sooner rather than later.

Obama, the Noble (intentional spelling) award winner for peace, and campaigner for peace and bringing troops out of Iran and Afghanistan, and opposer of wars, is now planning (according to his Secretary of State) to attack another country (not in defense of the U.S.), notwithstanding very convincing evidence that his justification is far worse than the WMD reasoning for attacking Iraq which the Democrats so loudly mocked.

I am ashamed to be an American led by Obama.


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  • rich

    It’s interesting to the use treatment and tolerance toward Christians as a barometer for evaluating a regime’s relative acceptability. By that I mean how relatively acceptable a regime should be in the eyes of the U.S., considering our nations background.

    I believe I heard Walid say in one of his recent interviews, that Christians could survive/worship relatively unscathed under Assad. How would they be treated if the Syrian rebels take over?

    I believe the military rule in Egypt has said they would help rebuild churches recently destroyed by the muslim brotherhood. I’m not sure that is completely trustworthy, but it is far from declaring hatred for Christians.

    In both of the above situations Obama seems to be guiding our country away from backing the regimes that may allow Christians some freedom. It doesn’t surprise me that Obama himself would do this, as I think he really is a closet muslim, but to have the administration follow him is even more mind boggling than the government that Hitler led by the nose. A few finally woke up and tried to take him out! (No, I’m not advocating a contract hit).

  • Charles Nick

    The spirit of antichrist is here and must unfortunately grow. And although I am heartened on the one hand and in agreement at Walid’s optimism concerning the beast coming against the U.S.A., and our use by God in fighting said beast. I must point out that other than the aforementioned , the old prophecy teacher’s quip about “where’s America in Bible prophecy?” is right before our eyes! Another words, we are reviving the beast! You and I are on the prophecy fulfillment express and it is , under Obama, now a functioning machine. We , the U.S.A. have been hijacked by a foreign entity and anyone that voted D doesn’t even know! And they don’t even have a clue about any ‘beast’ let alone that the train is moving! But we talk show listeners, hosts, conservatives, Christians, et al. do. I’m telling you my friends, although we are one of the “strongest fortresses” in Daniel, used as a punching bag and then steamroller, we are now all locked in the cargo room, for a time, while he…they…revive the Frankenstein monster. – Charles

  • Clare

    The social justice NGO crowds and Social Justice Religious Wings from the ’60’s no nukes Party are going, “I thought…I thought.. but… but….” They must be dashed. I wonder how they’ll justify hanging with Obama now. I can’t wait for the spin.

  • Pat

    Our church has been compelled to do a revival service (three days) just to wake up and revive the hearts of the Christians in our congregation, scheduled in 4 weeks. God has put it on the hearts of a few in our church. We are having solemn assembly prayers up to the occasion. I pray more churches will join in! Wake up, Christians! Be prepared, always be ready for the return of our Lord Jesus. Study God’s Word, holy and alive!
    Perhaps there will be an unrestricted unleashing of the anti-christ soon. Oh, Lord God! Have mercy on our souls.

  • AbuShy

    Anyone in any way united with Islam is in total disarray right now.
    They are biting and devouring each other as per biblical examples of how Israel’s enemies destroyed each other instead of the People of God. Remember Gideon, for example.

    I say “God speed” to everyone from Obama to North Korea, Russia and China—- all the philosophical fellow travelers world wide who are actually very disparate and dis-united about just about anything else except this one thing that brings them all together: Jew hate, and that of Christians. They hate the God of the Bible and His people.

    May chaos, infighting, and self destruction and self delusions resulting in destruction be visited upon these people individually and mercy and grace on all those who pray, in humility of heart and who in meekness, tremble (not before any man but) at the Word of God that is happening just as in the past, right before our eyes!